Underneath the moonlight COMPLETE

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Chapter 12:

Tyler Pov:

I stare in shock as Dani sweeps her leg under Kamen and kicks him in the crotch.

As she does, her shirt’s left sleeve slips down, revealing a tattoo of a crescent-shaped moon and a skull.

A warrior symbol.

What? All the memories Sam and I had shared came whirring to my brain.

The tattoo was black and blue in colour. Assassin level.

She looks up and sees me.

“You’re a warrior?” The question falls from my lips before I know what’s happening.

She looks at me, shock and pain in her eyes.

I feel betrayed.

“No, no, no...” I mutter.

She looks at me with a pleading expression. “Tyler. Let me explai-”

I cut her off. “Please don’t use that tone to be intimate with me Ms Mills.”

Hurt and anger battle each other in her eyes, and I can see tears well up.

If not for my ego, I would already be comforting her. My wolf is already yelling at me to go back. No. I would not.


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