Underneath the moonlight COMPLETE

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Werewolf Wikipedia here!


Let’s do this.

So, basically I realised that I randomly put Warrior Wolf in there without letting you guys know what the hell it is.

As you know, there are different classes, or ranks, of wolves. i.g. Alpha, Beta, Delta, Gamma, Theta, Omega. etc.

There is a type called warrior. Warriors are usually made in rogues and lones, and in this book Dani is a lone wolf. There are different levels of strength or power amongst Warrior’s as well. I’m going to start in ascending order for you guys:

Stealth, Command, Shadow, Assassin, and General.

Each warrior gets a tattoo burned on them, with the symbols of a warrior+their rank.

If you guys have any more questions, lemme know!!!

PS. This is all a figment of my imagination...



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