Underneath the moonlight COMPLETE

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Chapter 1:

I groaned as I hit the snooze button for the sixth time.

Then thought better of it and got up. Put on my black cat-eye spectacles.

Dragging myself to the bathroom, I yawned.

I hate Monday mornings. Saturday night was girl’s night with RJ and the group, so on Sundays I usually climbed up a mountain of articles. I sighed, regretting my decision of staying up late to finish a psychology paper.

I take a hot shower, relaxing as the hot water soothes me. After drying and brushing my short auburn hair, I open my wardrobe, scanning all my outfits; making two piles: yeah or Nah.

I decide on ripped black jeans and a grey marvel hoodie, after asking the Siri on my phone the weather.

Besides, the hoodie would be comfortable to sleep in during the journalist counselling session.

I put on some cherry lip gloss and eat some leftover pizza for breakfast.

My roommate is visiting her parents, something my wolf is grateful for since she’s tired of the guys she brings home every night.

Whereas I am the type who uses god’s name in curses, my wolf is ridiculously pious. She doesn’t like it when I’m near any guy who’s not my mate. I remember the morning after prom, I had slept with Eric Blakely and gotten devirginized, my wolf took control and sent my hormones into overdrive, making me burst into tears next to a very confused Eric.

But I’m 21 and single; I’m not about to wait around for a guy I might not meet in this lifetime.

I open my phone’s calendar app to check my schedule today. I was a total slob before I hit puberty, so my friends and family were shocked when I started to suffer a minor case of OCD.

I have photo-journalism classes until 1 pm, after which I’m supposed to be covering Nina’s shift at the cafe’. Then the alpha of our pack, the Crescent Pack, has called a meeting at 3 pm; he’s giving up his position. Castleton’s a small town and this was quite the gossip since the alpha has two sons and a daughter, who nobody has seen. Rumour has it that that they stay in Cleveland, the neighbouring town.

I locked the door and walked out.

I waited at the bus stop for the bus that goes to my journalism company. I got into the bus, ignoring the incredulous looks of the middle-aged people around me. I’m the only person around my age who doesn’t drive a car or at least travel In a taxi.

I reach the company and walk into my corner desk, greeting the occasional friendly face. I start on my work, I’m doing an assignment on a case sighting of humoungus wolves. The mayor and everyone in this town knows about wolves, so this person must be a tourist.

I smirk. I wonder if he knows a werewolf is doing his story...

I return to my work, twisting my neck now and then when it gets stiff.


After an extremely boring session on counselling, I head to the Sweet Treats cafe. It has a really lame and cliche name, but some of the food they serve here is to die for.

My wolf agrees happily; she’s a huge fan of the blueberry muffins.

I meet a familiar face by the register. Seth.

“Hey Seth.” I say, smiling at him.

“Hey Dani!” He says. “Tie your shoelaces, cos-” He starts. I roll my eyes.

Seth has been flirting with me since the day I joined. If it was anything serious or threatening, he would be dead already, but Seth is harmless. He shifted a few months ago for the first time, so he’s literally a pup.

" I don’t want you falling for anyone else.” I finish.

He pouts. “Aw Dani, life would be much easier if you would just succumb to my charms already” He grumbles.

I laugh, pulling his cheek. “Let me take the register for you, lover boy.”


I say goodbye to Dana, the owner of Sweet Treats, and Seth, before running outside and shifting.

My clothes, glasses and backpack mould into my wolf form, and reappear when I shift back.

I run to the pack meeting grounds, aware of my claws digging into the earth as I run, my ears picking up the slightest noises, and my nose twitching, getting a grip on these heightened senses.

As soon as I tune in, my head is filled with voices, kinda like opening your inbox after a month and being flooded with emails.

As I watch, wolves appear in front of me, panting from all the running. Then, the alpha comes last, walking slowly.



“Hey there Dan!”

“Hi, guys!” I reply." Sorry, I’m late.”

“Dani.” says the authoritative tone of my alpha.

I lower my head respectfully.

He nods in acknowledgement, and I look up. I see my friends RJ and Nina and Marlin, so I go and stand next to them.

“Now, as I’m sure you all know, I’m retiring from my position as alpha. I’m about to give this title to one of my children. My eldest son’s name is Ryan, my younger son’s name is Tyler and my daughter is Hannah. I ’m about to give this position to my son.”

We all listened with bated breath.

“This position is given to my son Tyler.”

A collective gasp and murmurs were heard throughout the crowd. It was really unusual for him to give it to his younger son. Usually, the younger son got all the title, glory and the responsibilities that came from it.

“My son is currently in Chicago solving a dispute. You shall all meet him tomorrow. This meeting is now dismissed.”

My friends and I walked away. I shifted back.

“Holy sh!t.” says Marlin.

“Yeah..” I agree. That was unexpected.

“I hope he’s not a creep and is a good leader.” says RJ.

We all nod.

“Wanna go to the diner?” I ask.

They agree, and we all walk to Good Food Diner, laughing and talking.


I’m finishing another slice of blueberry cheesecake as Nina looks at me in awe. “That’s like, the 7th slice you’ve had.”

I shrug. “It’s blueberry cheesecake.”

We turn to RJ, who has been pretty quite this whole time.

I stop my fork of blueberry goodness halfway at the glint in RJ’s eyes.

“Oh no. I know that look. What is it now?” I ask, praying to the moon goddess it’s nothing.

Without a word, she drags me to the karaoke stand, ignoring my cries of protest.

I look back at Nina and Marlin with a look that says help!

Marlin mouths sorry as Nina gives me a your-own-your-own look.

I sigh in defeat.

RJ opens the music book and tips through, searching for a page. She gets one and is satisfied. She hits play as a South Korean song starts playing.

I groan. Ever since middle school, RJ has been obsessed with everything to do with South Korea. Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing since I’m glad she introduced me to k-dramas. But still,it drives me crazy at times.

She starts belting out her own gargled version of a Korean song into the microphone and doing a shimmy dance. I laugh at her first, before joining in at the English parts.

We sing, and do weird steps and generally behave like complete nutters as Marlin and Nina go hysterical, cheering and laughing. I take my camera out of my bag and take a picture; of RJ making out with the mike, Nina dancing, and Marlin laughing.

I smile to myself.

There are moments like this that I will always remember.



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