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Chapter 2:

RJ, Marlin, Nina and I are all on the karaoke side.

While Marlin and I sing a few love songs, RJ and Nina try to replicate a slow couple waltz. We’re a bit tipsy from the red wine we had with our dessert. I have the most tolerance for alcohol amongst us, due to me getting shit faced drunk a lot as soon as I was legally allowed to drink. As I hear my friends drunken chatter, I suddenly want fresh air.

I smile and excuse myself as I step out of Good Food Diner, taking a breath of the clean fresh air. I take a look at the watch on my right wrist. 1:37 am. God. I’ll have to take them all to my house since I can’t find a cab now or let them take a bus ride while they’re drunk. I close my eyes and sigh.

“You should go inside and dance again.” says a male voice. I open my eyes and jump, clutching my chest as my heart races a marathon.

“What the f**k dude?” I yell.

“Jesus I’m sorry, I didn’t know you’d be so surprised.”

My heart stops in my throat. Standing in front of me is a guy in his twenties, with blonde locks of curly hair and light brown eyes. He radiates kindness, comfort, and happiness.

I don’t know why, but I trust him.

“Okay. I believe you.” I say, trying to lower my heart rate.

He smiles, looking cute as he does. ” I’m Adrian,” he says. He holds out an arm for me to shake.

I smile at him. “Daniella, but everyone calls me Dani.” I put my arm into his and shake it.

His touch is warm and comforting.

“So, Adrian, what brings you to town?” I ask, making an attempt at conversation to get over the awkwardness from earlier. We walk away from the diner slowly.

He sees through my attempt but goes on with it, making a lump of gratitude rise in me.

“I actually came because I’m supposed to be the beta of the Crescent Moon pack,” he says.

My eyes widen.“You’re about to be the beta to Alpha Navarro’s son?”

He nods. “Tyler’s dad and my dad are friends. So Tyler and I go way back.”

I nod. “So, Dani, what do you do?”

I chuckle a bit at the question. “I’m an English and journalism major and I have a degree in psychology. I’m currently working at the Castleton Herald as a photojournalist.”

He raises his eyebrows, impressed. I blush.

We watch as a couple of drunk men stumble through the alleyway.

“Idiots,” I mutter. He nods in agreement.

One of the men apparently wanted to prove what I just said, because he came in front of me and spread his arms like behold! here I am! Revel in my drunken glory!

Apparently he expected me to cry at the sight of him, but instead, I scowled. Boy, he wasn’t good looking. Adrian tenses next to me.

I grabbed his arm and twisted it. While he was too busy blanching in shock I kneed him in his groin. “Get away from me, you son of Tartarus!” He whimpered and stumbled away.

Adrian looks at me in awe. “Son of Tartarus?” I blush.

We start to head back.


“Mar, you have to let me support you and take you to my flat.” I said, running a hand through my hair.“Come on.”

I took Nina on one hand and Marlin on the other. RJ wasn’t as sh!t faced so I let her walk.

Adrian cleared his throat.

I look at him.

“So..uh..I was wondering if you might want to meet again later?”

I smile at him. “Of course. Here, lemme give you my number.”

I gave him my number and he gave me his.

Nina chose this moment to wake up. “Dan, you should let him go to bed with you! He looks totally hawt!” she giggles. I blush a deep red, mortified, as Adrian rubs the back of his neck.

“Adrian..you should go home now.. please.” He notes my pleading tone, says goodbye and leaves.


I got all three of them home safely, and they were resting in my roommates room.

I laid down on my bed and smiled, thinking about how sweet Adrian was. I read a couple of chapters of The hunger games before drifting off to sleep.


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