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Chapter 3:

I let out a moan of pain, rubbing my pounding head.

Great. Add a hangover to my list of growing problems. I remembered last night’s events. I walked over to the living room, noticing that I was still in last nights clothes. I woke RJ up first and told her to wake the other two.

Yawning, I walked to the kitchen, running a hand through my tangled hair.

I made some coffee, poured it into the ceramic unicorn cups I got for Christmas.

Passing the cups around, I opened the Find My Cab app and searched for carpool cabs to send them home in. Sighing in relief as I found a reasonably priced one, I sent them home and stepped into the shower.

Drying and brushing my hair while finishing a bagel, I rushed to my cupboard.

Shit. I’m late.

I quickly threw on blue denim jeans and an off-shoulder black top, pushing my phone into my back pocket.

Picking up my backpack and shoving my camera into it, I walked out of the door.


I smiled gratefully at Dana as she gives me some cinnamon toast. “For your hangover.” She says.

Dana is a widow mate, one of the few she-wolves who could survive the death of their mate. But she was determined to pull through for her son. Her son was now studying abroad, and Dana talked about him every day. She goes to the Young Pup’s Home every day to donate food.

My eyes flicked to Seth, who had just walked in.

“Seth! Can you take my shift for me? I need to go to the Alpha Ceremony.”

Seth nods.

Saying goodbye, I ran out and shifted.


I ran to where RJ and the others were. Marlin sent me a grateful look, and I knew it was because of what happened last night.

I opened my mindlink.

Immediately the alpha’s voice booms in.

“Thank you all for coming today. My son Tyler, is here.”

An intoxicating scent filled my nostrils. I froze, becoming dizzy with the smell. It felt as if I was drunk.

A black wolf emerged from behind Alpha Navarro, with electric blue eyes.

His eyes met mine.

“Mate.” He growled.

The entire pack gasped.

And...damn. His voice was low, deep, husky, sexy. I could have spouted adjectives mentally for an hour if I hadn’t been so shocked.

“Wh-no- It’s not possible.” I stammered.

“Shift back,” commands Senior Alpha Navarro.

I shift back, and everyone does the same.

RJ, Marlin and Nina look at me with stunned, apprehensive faces.

I dare to put my eyes on Tyler.

He has tousled, dark, straight hair, and electric eyes that seem to pierce through me. He has tattoos like me, except his curl on his arms and shoulders. His body is so perfectly shaped it could be sculpted.

I gulp, pushing away the thoughts flying in my head.

His eyes travel the length of my body. His lips twitch into a smirk, and I know he feels the anger radiating from me. My wolf, however, is already in love with his wolf.

I cross my arms. “I don’t think so,” I say coldly.

Suddenly a sandy furred wolf runs in. Then shifts.

I gasp. “Adrian!”

“Dani!” He says, smiling. He stops, noticing the thick tension in the air. “What did I miss?”

RJ speaks up. “Apparently, Alpha Tyler met his mate.”

“Really? Who?”

RJ turns to me.

Adrian’s face goes pale as realization dawns on him. “No!”

Tyler speaks up. “What’s it to you?”

Adrian’s words shook me.” She’s mine!”



ohhhhhhhhhh.myyyyyy. gawdddd.


Plot twist! What do you think Tyler’s reaction is going to be?

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