Underneath the moonlight COMPLETE

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Chapter 4:

I stare at him, dumbfounded. Everyone else seems to be doing the same.

“E-excuse me?” I manage.

Adrian turns to her, eyes shining with an indecipherable emotion.

“I thought, you liked me too, the way you looked yesterday-as we talked and-”

I had heard enough.

“I liked you as a friend you dumbass! Plus, we met only yesterday. What, did you think I’d sleep with you or something?“I yelled, forgetting about the crowd around us.

Adrian looks down, ashamed yet determined.

Tyler snarls behind us.

I jump in surprise. I’d forgotten he was there.

Judging by Adrian’s look of surprise, he’d forgotten too.

“She’s mine,” growled Tyler.

“I said, no.” snarls Adrian.

Both the men’s eyes began to darken. They were about to lose control of their anger.

Well, that thought made me angry.

I snarled the loudest, causing them both to look at me with incredulous surprise.

“Do I look like some fricking piece of property? I’m a person, and I belong to me, not either of you. And looking at how cocky and dumbassed you’re being, I’m not keeping either of you.” I say, before running away from the ground, my anger getting the best of me. I run towards Sweet Treats, and Dana gives me a hug.


I sat, taking my head in my hands, my coffee forgotten, as Marlin rubbed soothing circles on my back while sitting next to me.“It’s okay.” she mutters.

Nina, on the other hand, is on a rant. “How dare they argue about you like that? I’m going to-”

RJ just studies me while finishing her chocolate mud pie.

I chew on a blueberry muffin, replaying the afternoon’s events in my head.

RJ finally speaks up. “Dan, how do you feel towards both of them?” she asks.

I consider my feelings for a moment.

“I think of Adrian as a brother,” I admit.

Marlin notices my hesitation about the other one. “And Tyler?”

I blush a deep crimson. “He’s my mate,” I say.

They all have mixed expressions; Marlin is beaming, RJ is concerned, and Nina looks surprised.

I groan.

Why was my life so crappy?



Hey readers! How was this chapter? I’m afraid it is a bit short, but a few people were begging for a quick update.

Team Adrian or Team Tyler?

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