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Chapter 5:

I sighed once more, tossing against the covers.

It was nighttime, and I couldn’t fall asleep. I was an insomniac, so this was frustrating yet normal.

Finally, I gave up. I changed into a red wonder woman hoodie and wore a pair of denim shorts, then grabbed my phone and camera before walking out the door.


I stared at my blueberry cheesecake, a guilty pleasure and cheer-up food I had whenever I came to Good Food Diner.

A man steps in front of me. “Everything alright, Daniella?” asks Malcolm.

Malcolm is the owner of the diner, and one of the best people in town. He started a gay wolf petition in this town. He’s around my father’s age, so when he was younger people didn’t respect you if you declared you played for the other team. He didn’t want anyone else to feel that way, hence, the petition.

When I didn’t answer, he sat down opposite me. “I heard about today.”

I groaned. Then slammed my head on the table. “Ughhhh. Why me Mal?” I asked.

He chuckles slightly. “The Moon Goddess always has a reason for doing things, Dani.”

I snort.“Of course, she has a reason to force me into choosing either a kind, caring, angel and a sex god.” I mutter.

Malcolm nods.

I scoff. “Are you for real right now.”

He nods. Then gives me a hug. “Go home and sleep Daniella. It will all work out. I promise.”

I pay and leave.


I walked along the cobblestone path, staring at my phone. I was scrolling through the pictures I had taken before.

My foot caught on a stone. I stumbled forward, falling.

I closed my eyes, waiting for impact, yet it never came.

Instead that sweet, dizzying smell of wood musk and pine hit my nostrils.

I gasped and opened my eyes.

Electric blue eyes met my own.

I stared at them, losing myself.

Strong arms steadied me, and I could feel their warmth and strength.

I flinched as I felt the pain in my ankle. “Ah!” I let out.

Tyler pulled away a little, his arms still encircling me. “Are you hurt? Where?” he demands, eyes filled with worry.

Aw. He looks so cute when he’s worried.

I pulled my head from the gutter and pointed towards my ankle, not sure if the butterflies in my stomach would let me speak. Were they really butterflies, or a pair of thrashing eels?

His fingers skimmed my ankle, and I sprang away, shocked at the electric currents emanating from his touch.

I speak up. “It’s probably nothing, I should get home to sleep.”

He studies me. “It’s not nothing, and are you able to sleep?”

I stare at him, shocked. “H-how did you know I’m an insomniac?”

He sighs. “I just do.”

He swoops me up, bridal style, as I shriek in surprise.

My arms, almost by their own accord, go around his neck.

He walks, heading towards a building behind the diner.

“Where are we going?” I ask, trying to keep the need out of my voice.

“To my apartment,” he answers.


He set me on his bed as I looked around his flat. His scent was everywhere and it drove me crazy, but I took a deep breath, trying to get adjusted to it.

He examines my ankle, which is already starting to look better.

Being a werewolf has its perks.

He looked at me again, and I resisted the urge to kiss him. “Uh-” I start.

Damn these stupid butterflies!

He saves me by speaking instead. “I’m sorry about earlier today.”

I stare at him, shocked.

Alpha’s were strong, prideful, cocky creatures. To say that I was surprised was an understatement.

“It’s okay...I shouldn’t have lost my head like that.” I admitted.

He looks at me and smiles.

My heart stops.

“But, tell me, do you like Adrian? If so, I will step aside for your happiness.” He says, pain creeping through his face.

My heart warms. “He just wants you to be happy” cries my wolf.

I sigh. “I don’t like Adrian in that way Alpha Tyler.”

He growls.

“What? Did I do something wrong?”

’Tyler. Call me Tyler.” He says.

I grin at him, nodding slowly.

“I-do you like me? “He asks.“I mean...are you attracted to me?”

I grunt. “I thought I couldn’t be more obvious.”

A smile appears on his face, not a sexy or crooked or charming one.

A full smile, a smile that’s too big for his face.

I’m in trouble.


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