Underneath the moonlight COMPLETE

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Chapter 6:

I open my eyes and turn my head.


I scream.

The beautiful creature laying next to me leaps up, arms outstretched. “Wh-who’s there- what happened?”

I beat him with a pillow and stifle a giggle as he falls down.

Giggle? Who the hell am I?

“What are you doing here? With me?” I demand while looking down to determine the fact that I’m wearing clothes.

“Tyler?” I ask. I clamber to the side where he fell.

“HA!” he says triumphantly as he pulls me down as well.

I shriek as I land on top of him.

Once again, I marvel at the smooth, hard, strong muscles of his body. We’re staring into each other’s eyes, and I watch, as his shocking blue eyes slowly travel down to my lips.

I look away, then curse myself for doing so as the moment breaks.

“I should..um get home,” I say, and he nods, eyes still on me.

I’m about to leave when I turn around. “I- uh did you give me a sleeping pill? I usually have to take one or get shit faced drunk to go to sleep.”

I wasn’t lying, last night was the best sleep I’d had in ages.

His mouth twitches when I say ‘shit faced drunk’.

“I guess I’m your sleeping pill.” He says, grinning. “Goodbye for now Dani.”

I opened my mouth and closed it again. “See you later Tyler.”


I open my phone after hearing the familiar ping of a message.

I open the group chatroom I had with RJ, Marlin and Nina.

R: Sweet Treats in 5, please!!! exciting news to share!!!

N: not sure I can make it...

R: You have to!!! It’s really important!!!

N: OK OK...geez.

M: *sends gif*

N: what’s with the gif?

M: *sends gif*

D: guys...I’m near Sweet Treats..hv news as well.

I shut my phone, bagged the table we usually sat in, ordered a latte and waited.


“YOU FOUND WHO??????” I yelled, incredulous.

I didn’t know this RJ. This RJ was blushing, and looking absolutely radiant and in love.

“My mate. His name’s Alan.”

Marlin and Nina were rendered speechless as I continued to babble.

“When? How? What?” I managed.

RJ answered.

“You remember that carpool you ordered for us? Alan was pooling with me.”

“Woah.” I managed. Then grinned. “Hey! I’m basically the one who found you your mate!”

Marlin spoke up. “Guys, we should call Allie.”

Allie was the fifth member of our group, and was currently in Germany studying air and space engineering with her CEO fiancee.

We texted her, but she was in a meeting, so instead, I decided to tell them my news.

“So, you know about my insomnia right?” I asked.

Stupid question. I was the one who slept last at sleepovers.

“Well, yesterday I spent the night with Tyler and-”

“YOU DID WHAT?!” asked or rather screamed Marlin.

I wince. I hadn’t thought about how that sounds.

“There was no sexual activity whatsoever!” I reassured. “I simply slept at his place. And I didn’t need a sleeping pill.”

“Woah,” Nina said.

“Yeah. And, also, I’ve decided to let Adrian down gently. I can’t deny how attracted I am to Tyler.”

My friends nod as I lean back in my bench.



What do you think of the little Dyler moment back there???



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