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Chapter 7:

I gave table 7 their baked zucchini tray before walking back to the register.

Seth had had his second shift last night and was nearly half-asleep due to staying awake.

I lightly tapped his shoulders to get his attention. He was asleep. I sighed, before picking him up bridal style and taking him out in the back. Dana’s eyebrows furrowed in concern. “Shift night,” I whispered. Her mouth made an ‘o’ as she understood.

I laid him on the mini vegetable garden that Dana had been trying to grow and winced as his butt landed on a ripe tomato.

He looked like he was having his period.

I left him there and took over the register, the numbers and faces blurring in front of me as I took cash and orders from customers one after the other.

I was so engrossed in the register before me I didn’t notice as the sky outside darkened.

I didn’t notice the familiar scent of pine and wood musk.

Someone cleared their throat. Looking up, I started to speak. ” Hello, I’m Dani, how may I be of assistance to-”

I stop.

Tyler stands in front of me, dressed in a light blue shirt that brings the blue out in his eyes. I look into his eyes and notice they have flecks of silver in them.

I would have ogled shamelessly at him all night had he not spoken.

“I’m assuming you want to sleep tonight?” he asks.

My eyebrows knit together. “What sort of question is that? Of course, I do.”

“Your place or mine? You obviously need me,” he says, his voice filled with self-importance.

I bristle. “I can take a sleeping pill, no need for us to be together.”

He looks taken aback.

I sigh. “Fine,” I mutter.

He smiles at me.

“Your place or mine?” He repeats.

My eyes widen. His scent was everywhere at his place. It drove me crazy. “My place” I blurt.

He nods in agreement.


I open the door and let him and myself in.

Suddenly I’m all too aware of the fact that all my just washed and dried clothes are lying on the couch, the fact that there’s are empty wine bottles strewn on the floor, and RJ’s lingerie is lying on the bed.

“Yours?” He questions motioning towards the lingerie.

I blush and shake my head. “My friends.”

Then I point towards my room. “My bedroom’s here.”

I open the door, letting his eyes travel across the room.

I have aqua and grey walls, with fairy lights hung up and marvel posters all over. A few polaroids and prints of photos that I’ve taken are all pinned on an old surfboard that is kept straight next to my door. I thank the moon goddess when I see that I had remembered the fact that ’d made my bed, it’s grey comforter, white sheets and black throw pillows are neatly tucked and placed with each other.

He took off his shirt, and my eyes checked him out. Eight packs usually existed in movies but damn this guy was buff. His skin was smooth, and fitted his muscles like a glove.

“I usually sleep with my shirt off,” he explains when I glare at him.

I sigh, before going into the bathroom and changing into an oversized Star Wars T-shirt with panda shorts.

I clambered into bed next to him. The turned to the side. I couldn’t sleep. I needed him to be nearer.

As if reading my mind, he put an arm around me and pulled me close, allowing me to rest my head on his chest.

I leaned into his touch.



“What do you like to do in your free time?”

I chuckled at the question.

“I like photography and reading...babysitting too.”

“Babysitting? What sort of hobby is that?”

“It just is. What about you?”

“Football...basketball..running...and cooking I guess.”

I turn to look at him.” Cooking?”

“Yup.” he says, grinning.” I make the best roast chicken.”

I smile up at him.

His expression suddenly turns serious.

He asks a question with his eyes, and I nod slightly.

We lean in, and he puts his hand on the side of my face, brushing away a stray lock.

Our lips meet. And-


His lips were soft, firm yet gentle, demanding yet yielding. The electricity was enough to make me gasp. When I did, he took it as an entrance, filling my mouth with fireworks and his scent.

We pulled apart, taking ragged breaths.

That kiss was beautiful.


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