Tales of the Abused Omega

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The Omega is the lowest ranking in a pack and Emilia Snow held that rank. She was the omega in the Nightshade Pack. She was only that rank because she was the last to phase to her wolf and because she was the odd one. Emilia suffered from abuse that she endured for not only her family but also from her own pack. This is her tale as she suffers day in and day out of being abused and how someone came to save her. This is Tales of the Abused Omega. (Warning graphic scenes ahead, if you are squimish of blood or easily triggered. I suggest highly not to read this. But if you chose to do so well I hope you enjoy)

Romance / Fantasy
Cait Shaffer
Age Rating:

Chapter One: "Welcome to my Hell"

Emilia's Point of View


It was 2:45 in the morning and I was in still in ungodly pain from the beating I had taken early from the scouts. I laid on my lumpy and uncomfortable bed in the smallest and coldest room in the basement of the packhouse. I was the omega of the NightShade Pack. I was picked because of phasing to my wolf when I was 15 instead of everyone else who phased when they were 10-12 years of age. My life was consent hell and I had no place to escape besides my tiny bedroom.

I groaned as I pulled myself from bed and made my way out of my room. I walked around the basement feeling my way through the darkness until I found the doorknob that lead to the very small bathroom. I knew that if I got caught I would be in serious trouble but at this point what's the worse they can do to me then what they already have done. I gently opened the squeaky door and just as quickly I opened it, I stepped inside and quickly locked it. By locking the door it wouldn't be any use because I lived in a house full of werewolves but it gave me a sense of calming.

For extra precaution I had something heavy in front of the door to keep from someone bursting through. I quickly stripped my clothing and began to fill the bath with lake warm water. I turned on the only light in the entire basement and looked over the bruises and cuts that covered my tiny frame. I choked up when I saw the massive bruise that laid across my hips, the bruise was done at the hands of my own brother. Just before I let a tear slip down my pale cheek I slipped into the bath water. There i let the tears silently slide down my cheek.

I had learned to stay quiet when I cried, hell I have stayed quiet since I became the omega in this pack. I never speak to anyone even when they are talking to me. I'm always left out of everything and I mainly stay in the basement. My own domain, my safe place; the one place that nobody enters unless they want to beat on me which was a daily routine for many of the pack members. I sat in the bath water just letting the pain slide down my cheeks. I looked at the only other thing that takes away my pain. It glittered under the pale light, it's tongue was razor sharp and made every word burn into the back of my skull.

I picked up the blade and held it to my skin, One cut...two...three...four laid on top of the other's. Reopening old ones and forming new ones. Red crimson liquid falls into the water like rain. I only did this just enough to numb away the other pain that my "family" gave to me. After about 15 minutes of watching the red droplets fall into the water I got out and bandaged my wrist. I dried the rest of myself off and tied my wet caramel hair into a bun before changing into panties,joggers and a oversize sweatshirt.

What a long night it will be.... Welcome to My Hell

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