His Miss Anonymous

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Kameron Mitchell is fully aware of his effect on the ladies. His voice and looks make panties drop in a heatbeat. Even so, Kameron has only one goal in mind, to find his Miss Anonymous and make her his. Miss Belle Cartier is a pediatric nurse who has been eagerly anticipating seeing her favorite singer Kameron for the first time. She's a beauty who easily grabs the attention of most men, but because it normally ends in disappointment, she chooses to remain single. When the night finally comes, things take an unexpected turn. And thanks to Kameron, Belle learns that things aren't quite what they seem. With Kameron's sights set on Belle, and jealousy and enemies never too far off, can a love blossom and survive?

Romance / Erotica
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Chapter 1

Tonight's the night! I've been anticipating this night for weeks! I'm going to see my favorite singer, Kameron in concert tonight for the first time! Tonight is going to be a stress-free, fun night to let loose with my friend and pray that I still have my voice come tomorrow. If not, luckily my vacation starts as soon as my shift ends today and I'll have all the time I need to recover. Though that may damper my surprise trip to visit my parents if I can't talk with them.

I've been spending my day working, which has proven to be a wonderful distraction from my excitement for tonight. Being a pediatric nurse is no easy task, but it is rewarding knowing that you are contributing to making sure that a child is healthy. It's also a plus to just be around children in general! I can hardly wait for the day that I have my own little ones, but since I'm only twenty-four, I know that I have plenty of time for that.

We've been quite busy lately with patients getting physicals done for various reasons, be it for sports, school or their annual. This is to be expected since it is currently May and parents are getting their children ready for the upcoming school year. Since today is Friday, our office closes earlier than the rest of the weekdays. Finished with my shift and ready for my vacation, I wish my co-workers a good weekend. They return my goodbye by wishing me a restful vacation. I head out of the door when I hear my phone ringing in my purse. I pull it out to see my best friend, Camilla, calling me.


"Hey Bells! Ready for tonight?"

I reach my Chevy Traverse, and proceed to open the door and sit down.

"Girl you know that I am! I can hardly wait to see Kameron's fine ass!"

I hear Camilla laughing as I start the car up.

"Hold on a second Milla, you're connecting to the car."

Camilla doesn't say anything for a couple seconds as the Bluetooth kicks in. I put on my seatbelt while I wait.

"Alright, I can hear you now." I inform her as I begin to back out of my parking spot and leave the parking lot.

"I know that you're ready to see him, hell I am too!"

We both giggle a bit at her statement.

"Where you headed to?" Camilla inquires. I throw a quick glance in my rearview mirror at my hair before re-focusing on the road ahead.

"I'm on my way to get my hair touched up and my eyebrows waxed."

"That's what's up, I should be home in about an hour or so, so I can start getting ready myself."

"Where are you?" I inquire back.

Knowing her, she is only at a few places. Her job, which is also at a salon, her parents house or...

"I'm here at Trev's."

There it is, she's at her boyfriend's. She really might as well move in with the guy since she's there more than her own home. They've been together long enough but she insists that she needs her space from time to time. I can understand that. I don't know when she has this alone time though.

"Of course you are, so shocking." I say sarcastically.

"Shut up! Anyways, you ready for your trip? What time are you leaving again?"

"Yep, I'm all packed and I've put my bags in the car this morning. I'll be leaving late morning tomorrow."

"Awww! Look at you being all prepared! I'm so proud of you Belle!"

"Girl shut up!"

We both giggle again, knowing my tendency to wait to the last minute to pack. I haven't seen my parents since Christmas and I wanna avoid as much traffic as possible, so I decided to prepare early. Suddenly I hear Trevor's voice in the background, then Camilla giggling even more. Knowing that she's about to forget that I'm on the phone, I decide to go ahead and wrap up the call.

"Well look, I shouldn't be more than an hour or so at the salon. Just text me when you make it home, then I'll swing through."

"Alright cool, I gotta surprise for you too! But I'll wait until I see you in person."

"Ooohhh I wonder what it is?"

"Patience is a virtue boo!"

I scoff at her statement. Camilla is the last person I'd ever want to hear that statement from.

"This is funny coming from the most impatient person I know."

"Whatever! Bye." She says while laughing.


I shake my head as I disconnect the call. I sing along with the random songs playing from my phone as I finish my drive to the salon I often go to when Camilla doesn't do my hair. I walk in and I'm immediately seen by my normal hairstylist Renee, whose been doing my hair for years. As I sit down in her chair, I prepare myself for some gossip, laughs and to look better coming out than I did walking in.

*3 hours later*

I'm in Camilla's room checking my reflection in her dresser mirror after having showered and gotten dressed. I look over my light blue strapless bodysuit with a deep sweetheart neckline and my tight black jean skirt that falls a little bit past my mid-thigh. Focusing on my accessories, I take in my white gold bangles, my white gold necklace that has a heart-shaped diamond that falls right in between the beginning of my cleavage, and the heart-shaped diamond chandelier earrings.

I love what I see as I continue to gaze at my reflection. Taking in my cinnamon-brown complexion on my 5'7" frame, I can't help but to notice how my D-cup breast are filling up my top nicely, making my perky mounds look quite appealing to the eye. I also inspect how my skirt hugs my wide hips and accentuate my plump backside.

Moving my gaze up to my face, I take in my light hazel eyes that are now popping after adding mascara and eyeliner. I move past my little nose and focus on my plump pink lips. I conclude my makeup with pink lip gloss to add a shiny, light tint of color. I lightly run my fingers through my black hair, careful to not mess up my left part but ensuring that no hair is out of place as my hair lays in loose curls down past my shoulders.

Smiling in satisfaction, I look at my deep dimples that appear on my cheeks, then leave the mirror to sit on Camilla's bed and put on my black and light blue sneakers. As I'm tying my shoes, I look up as I hear Camilla being dramatic as her usual.

"You and your sneakers will be the death of me!"

I shake my head at her as I finish tying up my shoes. Camilla is fully aware that I prefer sneakers over heels any day, so her comment is one that I hear often. Camilla is definitely more of a girly girl while I am more on the tomboy side. Of course I like to look cute, but I prefer comfort to blisters.

I take in my stunningly beautiful best friend's appearance as she walks across her room grabbing and filling her black and gold clutch with her necessities. She is wearing a tight pink backless jumper that has criss-cross halter top with a diamond-shaped opening from the bottom of her breast to her belly button. She has on similar accessories as myself, but hers are yellow gold. She finishes off her outfit with 4 inch black stilletto heels that have a gold bow tied at the back, showing off her pedicure.

Camilla Hartwell, standing at 5'5" with creamy, naturally tanned skinned. With her blue-eyes, straight blonde hair that comes to the middle of her back and a smile that can light up a room, she has definitely had her share of admirers. She's a slim built woman with ample C-cup breast and a big enough booty to know that she has one. It's funny how a disagreement over who could do the best cartwheel in 3rd grade would lead to our friendship.

"Don't come crying to me about your feet hurting by the end of the night." I retort with an arched eyebrow. "You know how you are."

She gives me a quick glare as she closes up her clutch and walks up to the mirror to begin checking her make up. I stand up, smooth my skirt down, then grab my own light blue clutch and ensure that I have all of my necessities as well before closing it. Camilla touches up her black lipstick before she replies back to me.

"I'll have my slippers in the car smart one. On top of that, I have my baby to give me a foot massage. So shut your single and lonely ass up!"

She glances at me in the mirror with a teasing smirk. I slightly throw my head back and laugh at her. We know that there are plenty of guys I could choose from, but I've decided to be single. A relationship would be nice, but for some reason, the guys I consider dating just don't seem right for me. They may be sweet, gentlemanly, handsome, smart, rich, even have a great credit score, but something always nags me that I'm wasting my time with them, though I can't explain why.

I stay single because the nagging gets annoying after a while, but even still, I keep a couple of guys around for whenever I want some company. I try not to reach out too often though since some guys have gotten too attached in the past. I close up my clutch and throw an innocent smile her way.

"Hmm...Maybe I should fix my lonely and single problem by taking Trevor off your hands...."

I suddenly have an interest in my slightly long natural fingernails after that statement. She pauses her movement and quickly looks over at me.

"I'll kill you right where you stand Belle Cartier." She calmly states in mock seriousness.

Then we both burst out laughing. She knows that I could never take her man, even if I really wanted to. Those two have been together for about two years and they're pretty possessive of each other. Besides that, Trevor is more of her type than mine.

Trevor is 6' tall with lightly tanned skinned, green eyes and short light brown hair that he is obsessed with. His hair obsession is part of the reason that he isn't my type. I can't and won't compete with my man's hair for his attention. On top of that, he tends to think that he's God's gift to all women, which is just a turn off for me. I admit, though never to him, that he can be eye candy with his muscular upper body, six pack and tattoos scattered on his arms. Even still, I take a hard pass on Trevor Wright.

"What was the surprise that you wanted to tell me about?" I question as our laughter dies down and we finish gathering our things to walk out the door.

"I don't know if you deserve to know after that comment." She mutters which receives a stifled giggle from me. There goes that possessive side.

"C'mon Mills! You know that nothing and no one can take your Trevy-Poo away from you."

I double check her room to make sure that I haven't missed anything as I walk out. I already know I won't be coming back over tonight.

"You damn right! You lucky I love you."

We start going down the stairs where I start to see Trevor looking in a mirror fussing over his hair...of course. I notice that he is dressed in slacks and a dress shirt with the first two buttons open, completely in black.

"Yes, thank my lucky stars for that." I retort sarcastically. "Now tell me!"

"Fine fine! It's all thanks to Trev by the way."

We reach Trevor who has turned around to hold and kiss Camilla as she reaches for a hug.

"You still haven't told her yet babe?" Trevor questions after finishing the kiss, and complimenting us both on looking beautiful.

"No, it seems that our Miss Belle here is full of jokes about you and her."

Trevor's eyebrows furrows in confusion as he looks between both of us. I shake my head at the situation with a hand on my hip while waiting for her to finally tell me this secret.

"Bells here was making jokes about taking you from me."

Trevor's eyebrows shoots up in surprise which he quickly recovers with a smirk as he looks at me.

'Here we go!' I think as I watch him take a couple steps towards me. As cool as Trevor can be, his ego is nothing short of annoying.

"Now Belle, I know how extremely handsome and wonderful I am. I mean let's be honest, I know other females wish I could be easily taken from my baby..."

He turns and throws a quick smile and wink at Camilla as I mentally remind myself not to roll my eyes. I forever have this battle with myself since my face has no control. Sometimes I win, others...Oh well. I won this time though. He turns his attention back to me.

"But I only belong to Camilla, no one else. I hope you understand." He ends sincerely while lightly placing a hand on my shoulder.

Like my heart is really and truly broken by this "revelation". I mimic his action with my hand now on his shoulder.

"I promise you Trevor, I would never ever dream of coming between you two..." I remove my hand from his shoulder and waggle my index finger back and forth. "Ever." I finish.

He smiles, happy about his ego boost as I once again have the inner battle that I once again barely win. If only he knew that I said the nice version of "I would never date you." I turn my attention back to Camilla.

"Now, can someone please tell me what this surprise is? We need to get ready to leave." I state as I nod towards the clock on the wall to emphasize my point.

"Yes yes, of course." Camilla says as she moves to secure her slippers in her hand and Trevor finishes with his hair. I fish my keys from my clutch since we're taking my car.

"As you know, Trevor works as security detail."

She glances over at me and I nod, indicating for her to continue. I start walking towards the door to leave the house as she starts to follow me. Trevor following her with one hand in his pocket, the other grabbing his keys since he'll be driving his own car to his own destination.

"Well, he knows where Kameron's exclusive after party is gonna be and he can get us in after the concert!"

I stop in my tracks and swing around to look at her to see if she's joking. I grab her shoulders and lightly shake her.

"What?! Are you serious? Don't play with me!" I yell at her.

Camilla laughs as she grabs my arms to stop my shaking. Trevor lightly chuckles while watching us, amused at my outburst.

"Yes Bells, I'm super serious."

I look towards Trevor and he nods to confirm the truth. I let out a squeal as I smile ear to ear. Kameron always has an afterparty after his shows, but never reveals where it is. Fans speculate where it will be and show up at random clubs or locations only to be disappointed when he doesn't show.

Rumor has it that the locations aren't always just at clubs. I've heard that one time he had one in a hotel suite, another time on a deserted beach and supposedly one time at a neighborhood park. There's even a rumor that he had one on his high school's football field when doing a show in his hometown. Though it would seem that the parties wouldn't have a lot of people therefore making it lame, I hear that they're actually really lit.

I turn towards the door and yell over my shoulder to hurry up before I run to my driver's seat. I hear them both laugh at me, but I could care less right now. Let the night begin!

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