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I woke up at around 9 in the morning because of the nightmares that kept me up. I was up at around 2 in the morning in cold sweat and went back to sleep at 5 again. Nothing surprising considering the fact that this is how my every night is. I was however disappointed when I woke up to an empty house.

I took a quick shower throwing on a pair of black jeans and a full sleeved grey V-neck t shirt. I brushed through my hair, leaving them hanging over my shoulder.

I stood in the middle of the living room wondering what to do when my eyes caught the sight of a white paper on the couch with my name written on it.

I picked it up, thinking it was written by Zaph because the paper smelt like him. I opened it to find a note written in beautiful cursive handwriting. It said-

I apologize if you are reading this, love. I had some work to attend to so I left early. I was going to wake you up and tell you but you were sound asleep and hence I resorted to writing the note. If you are reading this just go outside and tell the guards to mindlink me.

I walked out, complying with his instructions and soon I found myself pulling the wooden doors. Four pairs of eyes snapped at me and they bowed their heads. I squirmed uncomfortably as they waited for me to say something.

“Can anyone of you please mindlink Zaph?“, I bit my tongue as their heads perked up at my nickname for him.

“Of course, my lady.“, One of them said and I watched as his eyes glazed over.

After about precisely ten seconds his eyes returned back to normal and he said,

“This way, my lady.”

I followed the man up the stairs with another the one of the guards walking behind me. I didn’t pay much heed to it thinking they were both just escorting me.

We reached a similar pair of wooden doors with carved handles. They pushed it open and stood holding it open for me. I entered the posh dining room, politely thanking both of them. They just nodded their heads and closed the doors behind me. The dining room was furnished beautifully in a medieval way. I wonder why some parts of the castle are so old fashioned while the others are completely modern.

The table was located centrally with around twelve chairs surrounding it and there hung a massive chandelier above the table. The huge windows were pushed open and the cold morning wind kissed my face with a calm gentleness. Just as I ventured further into the room, a door on the opposite wall slammed open and Cathy bustled in with an apron wrapped around her petite figure.

“Have a seat, luna. What can I get for you, dear?”

I sat on one of the chairs and pondered for a minute before saying, “Pancakes would be lovely.”

“Alright? Anything else- tea, coffee?”

I just shook my head no. I am not particularly a fan of coffee and I hate tea.

Cathy brought me my breakfast soon after and I was halfway through it when the doors opened and Charlotte walked in.

“Good morning, Luna.“, She greeted me in a chirpy voice.

“Good morning, Charlotte and please you don’t have to call me that. Where is-um-he?”

I would be lying if I said I wasn’t disappointed when I found myself alone this morning. He could have at least told me the night before or better yet what important work is it.

She smiled mischievously before feigning innocence and asking, “Who?”

“Um you know Zaphrostine.“, I replied quickly, stuffing pancakes in my mouth to avoid further questions.

“Oh, the king! He is in his office. He is supposed to meet us in about 3 hours, until then I am giving you a full tour.”

I nodded my head as she told me.

She waited patiently as I finished the breakfast and quickly thanking Cathy we walked out of the dining room. I was, however surprised when I found the two wolves who escorted me, standing outside the doors. We walked forward and I heard their quiet footsteps behind us. I stopped walking and turned around facing them. I heard Charlotte stop in her tracks and turn around.

“Can I help you guys?“, I asked them, my eyes narrowed.

“We are you personal guards, luna. The alpha appointed us for your protection.“, One of them answered.

I listened to them with a clear shock. I understand that he is the king and that people will target his mate and the future queen but no even knows about me yet! This is so unfair.

“Let’s go, Scarlet.“, Charlotte called out to me in a mellow voice.

“Try to ignore them. I remember how annoyed I was.“, She whispered to me as I started walking beside her.

“You had guards too?“, I inquired.


“So how did you get rid of them?”

She winked at me as the corner of her full lips curled up.

“Seduction has its perks especially while convincing your mate to get rid of your guards.”

I laughed as she subtly explained to me that she blackmailed her mate with sex.

We walked up the stairs to the fifth floor as she started speaking,

“The castle has four wings north, south, east and west. We are currently in the south wing which belongs to the king and his gamma and beta. The east wing belongs to the generals of the kingdom. The king’s office is in that wing. The west wing doesn’t particularly belong to anyone but it has spare rooms either occupied or unoccupied. That wing is reserved for new members of the pack until they are allocated homes and jobs. Besides that, the rooms are also for visitors from different packs. The north wing is basically the ball room. The ball room is usually used for special occasions when there are alphas and betas visiting from all over the world or when he has to address to the entire pack at once.”

By the time she finished giving me a brief introduction we were on the fifth floor. Unlike the other four floors this one didn’t have doors leading to it but rather it was huge hallway with different doors.

“This is what we call our ‘hangout’ floor.”

She opened the first door and I found myself staring at an open swimming pool. The view was splendid from up here. There were changing rooms on one side of it and those resting chairs on one side of the pool.

“This is the swimming pool. I come here often for the view rather than swimming.”

“Yeah the view is really good.”

She grinned at me and after spending like ten minutes there we moved on to the next amenity which was the gym. There was nothing special about it just a lot bigger than the gym we had back home. Honestly everything here is just maximized. The next room was the movie room and holy shit! There were big comfortable recliners which could fit at least two people. There was a big semi-circular couch in the front. The projector screened on the huge ass wall.

The next was the game room which consisted of a pool table, a Foosball table and several gaming controllers and different games. Charlotte proudly said and I quote, “I am the best player at COD and CT.”

“Careful there, Charlotte. I don’t know maybe best is an overstatement.“, I replied with a smirk on my face. Having an older brother really boosts your gaming skills.

She gasped and replied, “How about we decide that when we play one on one later.”

“Sure. Though be ready to lose, Char.”

“We’ll see.“, She replied with a grin.

I was definitely not ready for the next room because it was like a dream come true for my inner nerd.

I was squealing like a kid upon entering the huge library. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I glanced at the thousands of books stacked on the shelves just waiting to be pulled out. I loved the smell of pages, both old and new. Back home, I never ventured into the human towns and neither did we have a library like this so my only option was online books. I am a sucker for romance and crime novels.

After spending at least half an hour in the library, we headed to the north wing. Charlotte said there is nothing really in the east and west wings. The ball room was the last thing on the tour and after that we were going to meet Zaph’s gamma.

There was a direct path to the north wing from south wing through a bridge. There was a gateway on the back side of the ground floor which led to a permanent bridge. The entrance to the ball room through which we were entering was actually only accessible to us and that too not during the occasions.

“The ball room is huge and tons of people gather here during special meetings or any festivities. It hard to keep a track on all the entrances during times like these hence for safety measures all the other entrance gates are sealed and just the main one is kept open.“, Charlotte explained.

The ballroom was breath taking with the marble flooring, the carved piers, the chandeliers, the dangling lights everything was perfect. We roamed around the ball room, talking about the most random stuff. I never had friends back home and it was not because I was socially awkward or anything. I guess I just found bliss in the solitude but with Charlotte I think I actually could develop a good friendly relation with her. Too bad I’m not sticking around.


We walked towards the training grounds where we were supposedly meeting the gamma. The training grounds were vastly spread with numerous people training on it. There were both men and women sparring and practicing.

“We usually train out in the open but when practicing with weapons there are several training rooms for particular weapons.”

Everyone was training in groups but what caught my eye was a girl with frizzy red hair pulled up in a ponytail, barking orders at a squad. Her porcelain skin was coated with a sheen of sweat. I noticed her toned legs and arms and the abs on her stomach and I could easily tell she was an experienced fighter.

“Who is she?“, I asked Charlotte with curiosity.

Charlotte who had previously been looking around turned her head in the direction where I was looking and said,

“That’s her! That’s Genera, the king’s gamma. Good thing you spotted her, come on let’s go.”

“Its kind of hard not to with her flaming hair.“, I joked.

“Its unfortunate her personality is just like her hair. I swear she’s a pain in my arse sometimes.“, Charlotte grumbled.

I clenched my fists as my nerves went all over the place thinking what kind of person she is. I know I shouldn’t make assumptions but I just can’t help it. What if she doesn’t like me?

“Hey! No need to be worried she’s not mean just extremely annoying. She doesn’t have a filter so that can be a problem sometimes. She’s just been through a lot. But she’s a survivor.“, Charlotte smiled at me.

My tense muscles relaxed as soon as I heard Charlotte.

“What happened to her?“, I asked as we walked through the trainers and trainees in an intense workout session. I awkwardly walked beside Charlotte as everyone bowed to her and threw me confused glances.

“I don’t think it’s my story to tell. You should ask her sometime. She might tell you. I’m sorry.“, She smiled at me apologetically.

“No-no I understand.”

We were a feet away from her when Charlotte called out, “Hey Gen!”

She turned around and looked at Charlotte and a grin settled on her face as she turned around and quickly barked orders, “10 rounds around the field. Even if one you slow down, everyone will drop down and give me a 100 push ups.”

The squad groaned but nonetheless complied with her order and started running as she stalked towards us with a sultry smile on her gorgeous face.

“Hola Bonita, here to take up on my offer? I knew you’d get bored of Eli soon enough. So where should we do it- my room or yours? We’ll do it in mine. Your neanderthal of a mate might catch us. It’s nothing to be ashamed of, I know you left him because of his small dick.“, Gen said cockily.

I suppressed my laughter when I saw the horrified look on Charlotte’s face.

“Oh goddess! At least think of what you are going to say out loud! I swear I am going to fit a filter on your mouth one of these days. Just so you know I am very much happy with my love and sex life.“, Charlotte ranted, her face flushing red.

I couldn’t control anymore so I burst out laughing.

Both their faces snapped towards me with wide eyes, Gen because of surprise and Char because of embarrassment.

“Gen this is- ”

“Santa mierda! Definitivamente eres un regalo para la vista.“, She exclaimed in Spanish I presume. (Holy fucking shit! You’re definitely a sight for sore eyes)

Char and I stared at her in confusion.

She shook her head and seductively biting her lips she said, “What I meant to say is that I would have been more presentable if I had known I was meeting with you.”

She pulled down her Calvin Klein sports bra down, revealing her cleavage, as if to prove what she was saying.

“Too bad, she’s straight, Gen.“, Charlotte snorted.

“Oh, ciérralo (shut it), you know I’m successful in sleeping with half the straight girls Samuel brings. I am Genera and who might you be, querida (darling)?“, She asked me with a tempting smile and gently grabbed my left hand. She brought it close to her lips but before she had a chance to kiss it, I was pulled back into a hard chest and sparks ignited. My hand left from the Gen’s grip and I immediately knew who it was from the igniting sparks. His hand tightened around my waist ashe growled coldly, “Back off Genera, she’s mine. Gamma o no, te castigaré si intentas algo con mi compañera.

(Gamma or not I will punish you if you try anything on my mate).

She nodded curtly, her eyes wide in fear. Could you blame her though, my mate looked terrifying.

He removed his hand from my waist but grabbed my left hand in his, entwining our fingers, he turned around pulling me along with him. I looked over my shoulder and lip synced a sorry to Gen. She just shook her head and smiled at me. Even though I don’t know what he said in Spanish but that sounded so ho- focus Scarlet!

The entire ground fell silent after his outburst and they parted away making way for us. If someone didn’t know who I was, they most definitely know who I am now.

I walked beside him, my hand tightly entwined as we walked on the bridge but this one was in a different direction.

“You didn’t have to say all that. She was just teasing and besides she didn’t even know.“, I grumbled.

“She very much deserved it. She should have known.“, He said with a possessive and feral edge to his voice.

I scoffed internally and said,

“Whatever, I think she’s hot.”

I don’t know why but I just felt like pushing his buttons. Of course I think Gen’s hot but I don’t find her attractive in a romantic way.

As soon as those words had left my mouth, I was pushed against the parapet of the bridge, both his hands rested on either side of me, his face inches away from mine.

“I didn’t think I would have to make this clear, love, but you are mine just like I am yours and if there is something you must know it is that I hate sharing. I won’t hesitate to have the head of anyone who even so thinks of you in an inappropriate way. Besides, I can think of a few punishments for you if your eyes waver away from me to another male or a female for that fact, mate.“, My body shivered feverishly as his eyes roamed my body.

Remind me never to add fuel to the rage of a possessive alpha king.

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