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I was currently sitting in one of the plush chairs in front of Zaph’s desk in his office waiting for his generals to show up. After our little uh ‘incident’, Zaph broke the news that we were going to his office to meet his generals.

I started bouncing my leg as I stared out of the glass panels of his office.

“You can pick out a book if you want, love. The shelf is there.“, He spoke after a few moments looking up from his MacBook and I turned my head in the direction where he was pointing.

I stood up instantly without looking at him and walked off towards the shelf. I had taken it upon myself to not spare him a glance because I was still embarrassed at the fact that I was turned on by whatever he said before.

I stood in front of the shelves, my eyes roaming over the books stacked neatly. I was surprised to find Shakespeare and some other human classics. My eyes caught the sight of a war strategies book on the topmost shelf. Something about it’s leather cover was alluring and I stood on my tippy toes outstretching my arm to reach it. Now don’t get me wrong I’m a good 5′9 but the shelf was too tall. I was just about to give up and settle on Macbeth when a large warm hand settled on my stomach and another one went to grab the book. My shirt had ridden up when I lifted my hand and hence his hand had directly come in contact with my skin causing an explosion of tingles. My body stiffened as he dipped his head near my neck and inhaled in my scent deeply. A shiver ran down my spine as his nose skimmed against the side of my neck. He stopped when his lips were directly near my ear.

“Sometimes you just have to ask for things you can’t reach, my little mate.“, He said in a teasing tone and pulled back abruptly. My wolf whined in my head at the loss of contact while I stood there stunned.

Did he just call me little?

I whirled around pointing my finger threateningly at a grinning Zaph,

“I am not-”

A knock on the door cut me off and Zaph said cheekily,

’Would you look at that, love, we have some company.”

I just narrowed my eyes at him before straightening up.

“Come in.“, He ordered, his face turning serious in a fraction of seconds.

The doors opened and in walked five people, two women and three men. All their eyes fell upon me on entering the office. They bowed theirs heads greeting their king and Zaph spoke,

“Generals, as you already know you have been summoned to meet your queen. This is Scarlet, my mate and your luna.”

I offered them all a small smile as they all smiled back except for the middle aged man who looked like he didn’t want to be here.

“Scarlet, love, these are my generals. This is General Nixon Hughes.”

The guy closest to Zaph bowed his head as he greeted,

“My queen.”

“He is the head of the patrolling and security department. He ensures the safety of the kingdom.”

I smiled at the brown haired man. His buff build could easily tell he was a warrior. His brown beard made him look older than he looked and I think he is in his early twenties.

“This is General Cierra Rogers. She is the head of the taxation department. All the taxes and revenues are look after by her.” He pointed to the woman beside Nixon.

The woman with sleek black hair and green eyes grinned at me and then bowed her head. Her eyes twinkled with an erudite gleam and you could just tell she was a smart woman, good with numbers.

“This is General Maya Luther. She is the head doctor. Her department is forever ready to help the wounded,”

She smiled at me politely and bowed her head. Her wavy brown hair and petite figure explained her gentle and calm aura.

“This is general Nathan Hughes. He is the head of the tracking department.”

“You both are brothers?” I asked Nathan. They looked nothing alike except for maybe their brown eyes. Nathan had a mixture of dirty blonde and brown hair. Whilst Nixon had a buff build, Nathan was more on the leaner side.

“More like twins, my queen.“, He answered in a joking voice.

“Unfortunately.“, I heard Nixon grumble from his place. I grinned at the both of them.

“And last but not the least General Aristole Denvor. He is the war strategist. While Genera trains the armies and leads them into wars, general Denvor makes the strategies.”

He referred to the middle aged man.

Aristole had a cold, hard look in his eyes as he assessed me. He did not bow his head like the others but rather held his head high. I didn’t mind the fact that he didn’t bow his head to be honest but like who shove a stick up his ass?

“Aristole.“, Zaph called out in a warning tone, almost as if reminding him his place.

“My queen,“, He spit out coldly, bowing his head.

I heard Zaph sigh as he spoke, “That’s it for today. I just wanted to introduce you to your queen. I don’t mean to disturb you any further, you can return back to your jobs.”

They all nodded and left wordlessly except Aristole who gave me one last cold look before exiting.

“Did I do something wrong?“, I asked him as soon as everyone left.

“Not at all, love. Why would you say that?“, He asked concern swarming in his blue orbs.

“General Aristole doesn’t seem too fond of me.”

He sighed before grabbing both my hands.

“He is just a little mad I could say. His daughter is interested in me and I am not particularly fond of her. He is still a bit sore that I broke his daughter’s heart by rejecting her. He thought since I hadn’t found my mate, I would marry her and make her the queen.”

I felt an unfamiliar pang in my heart as I thought about Aristole’s daughter who was interested in my mate.

“Love, you don’t have to worry about anything. I promise she means nothing to me. My sole focus is you now.“, He consoled me, cupping my cheeks in his warm, large hands.

I heart swooned and I smiled at him weakly. He is hell bent on not making this easier for me.

His hand left my cheeks as he grabbed my hand once again and led me to the couch. He sat down beside me before speaking,

“There is something I wanted to discuss with you. It’s about your coronation.”

My eyebrows scrunched together as I asked him, “What about it?”

“I was thinking- if only you are comfortable with it. I don’t want to push you if you feel uncomfortable. I was wondering if you would mind it if we kept it on the coming Sunday.”

Sunday, today is Monday, that means after 6 days. Why is he keeping it so early?

“Again, we don’t have to. It’s just I would really like it if we kept it on my- never mind I understand it is too early-”

“Alright.” I cut him off.

His eyes widened in surprise as he said,

“Are you s-”

“Yes, what better gift could I possibly give you on your birthday. If this is your wish, consider it granted.”

A large smile broke out on his face as he wrapped his strong arms around me and whispered, “Thank you so much, love.”

I wrapped my arms around his shoulder as guilt filled my mind.

I only said yes because the sooner I leave the better. With my coronation on Sunday I would leave as early as possible.

Six days, Scarlet, better start making your plans.

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