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Found You


1 month later

I woke up that morning not to the irritating high pitched noise of my alarm but because of the sound of moans and screams and the slight banging on the wall against which my bed was placed. I groaned loudly before burying my head in my hard and nasty smelling pillow.

An idiot had moved into the room next to mine a week before and since then my entire sleep schedule had been messed up. My already irritated moods intensified once that little fucker moved in. The guy in the room next to mine is a fucking womanizer so you guessed it right, he has a different girl in bed every single night. Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t care if he is a player or asexual (A/N no offense to asexual people. No one has the right to judge a person who either wants to or doesn’t want to do something sexual) but the problem lies in the thin absorptive walls of the rooms. I can literally hear every fucking noise while he has sex with a girl and it’s sickening. Not to mention my nightmares have worsened.

My first week in Sydney had been as smooth as honey but it started getting bad when I started missing Zaphrostine like crazy. I even contemplated returning back to him twice. It’s not just him that I miss. I miss my family, Char, Elijah, Gen. Call me emotional or whatever you want but still at the end of the day I’m a hormonal eighteen year old wolf away from her friends and family for the first time. I pity Jess and James for having to put up with my grouchy mood.

Today is my day off from the shack and today is the day I am going to do something I will most definitely regret. Jess had invited me to the movies with her and James but I politely declined saying I just wanted to sleep in that day. They didn’t force me like other times probably because they could see the dark circles under my eyes and my slumped and tired figure.

It was currently afternoon and I was sitting in my bed staring at the new phone I brought a few days ago.

Inhaling a deep breath, I picked up the phone. I slid the lock screen up, revealing my home screen which was a goofy picture of Jess and me. I would definitely say that Jess and I had grown very close to each other in the past month.

I typed in Silas’s number and hit the call button before I change my mind for the umpteenth. I had actually got the idea of calling him last week and I had already downloaded a burner app so that he couldn’t trace my call but I don’t know how good that app is. I just hope he doesn’t trace my call. My heart thudded in my chest as I heard the rings, waiting for him to pick up.

“Hello?”, I heard his voice on the line.

My eyes widened as I heard his voice and I was rendered speechless for a moment.

“Hello?”, He spoke again but this time in an annoyed voice.

“Silas.”, I whispered.

I was met with pin drop silence and it was only after an entire second when he responded in a breathy voice,


“Yes, its me but please don’t trace the number.”

“I won’t but please don’t cut the call yet. Where are you no wait you won’t answer that. How are you?”

“I’m fine.”, I mumbled.

“Good that very good.”, He spoke in a relieved voice.

“Why? Were you worried about me?”, I joked eager to break the tension between us.

“Me, worried about you? Sureee”, He snorted and I smiled.

“How’s everyone back home?”, I asked him.

“Are you really asking me that? Everything is fine here except for dad and me but your mate, yeah well good luck with him. Just pray to the goddess you stay hidden for the rest of your plan because he is beyond pissed.”

I winced slightly.

“Has he given up yet?”

I heard him snort before answering, “Not even close.”

Well fuck.

“He’s going to find you one way or another, Scar.”, Silas says quietly.

I breathe slowly before answering, “He won’t.”

“Keep convincing yourself that.”

“Look I have to go, Silas. I’ll call you later if you promise not to tell anyone.”, I said

“Alright, I won’t.”, He said.

“Bye fat ass.”, I say

“Bye skinny ass, take care.”

I smiled before cutting the call.

That wasn’t so bad after all now was it but boy was I wrong.



“What about the arctic packs?”, I asked running a hand through my hair.

“Nothing, my king.”

“Those were our last hope.”, Elijah says and I growl out loudly before slamming my fist against the table.

The past month, every pack has updated me about any suspicious movements outside their pack borders but still nothing. It’s almost as if she’s vanished out of thin air.

I am truly running out of options now.

“I’ll see you later.”, I say before storming out of my office.

I exit the wing and shift into my wolf, entering the forest. This past month has been literal hell for me. One fucking month and I do not have the slightest of hints about her whereabouts and it’s driving me insane. I temporarily handed over my duties to Elijah one week after Rose had run away mainly because I couldn’t concentrate on anything. I’m slowly losing hope of ever getting her back and it’s driven me to the point where I want to claw out my lonely heart.

I don’t know for how long I was in my wolf form but when I retreated back to my quarters I was beyond surprised when I found out the numerous missed calls that alpha Silas had left on my phone.

I heard my phone vibrating again and his name flashed again.

I picked it up but before I could even utter a single word, I heard his frantic voice,

“Scarlet just called an hour ago. We traced her number. Thankfully it was a burner number and not a phone. My hackers were able to get past the firewalls.”, He paused for a moment but then said,

“We found her.”



“Bye! I’ll see you tomorrow morning. Good night.”, Jess said and skipped inside her building.

“Bye.”, I said and walked towards my hotel with the bags of dry snacks in both my hands.

Our shift ended an hour ago and we had gone shopping for food. I just bought dry snacks because I didn’t have a kitchen to cook for in.

The reception area was strangely empty. Usually it’s that creepy man or the grumpy grandma.

I walked up the stairs and cringed when they creaked loudly. The plastic of the dry snacks made an annoying sound as I walked towards my hotel room. I fell into a deep thinking about my conversation with Silas yesterday. Could Zaph really find me here or am I being paranoid? Probably the latter.

I was surprised when I didn’t hear any noise from my dirty neighbour’s hotel room. I kept the bags down and fished for my hotel keys in my bag but my heart soared out of my chest when the door pushed open and a pair of arms yanked me inside the room. The door closed and I was pushed against the door.

A familiar woodsy and masculine scent hit my nose and a muscular chest pressed against my own and two hands pinned my own on either side of my head.

Before I knew it the pair of lips, I had been fantasising about for the past month descended down on mine. All rational thoughts flew out of the window as I felt his lips. Without thinking about anything, I kissed him back. We kissed like starved animals, which technically we were. My body felt like it was on eternal fire and my wolf was howling like crazy in my mind. My stomach burned with desire as we kissed like there was no tomorrow. We pulled apart after what felt like a very short time but in reality, we would’ve passed out due to lack of oxygen.

He rested his forehead against mine as we both panted, gasping for air. After less than ten seconds, he started placing kisses on my jaw and trailed down my neck. I was a moaning mess as he sucked on different spots on my neck but I completely lost it when he started sucking on the spot which was at the base of the neck just above my right collarbone. I tried to release my hands from his hold but he held them firmly.

I felt his canines graze against my spot and that’s when almost like a switch was turned on, I understood what he was doing.

He was going to mark me!

I struggled against his hold but he kept me in place not allowing me to move even an inch.

“Zaphrostine no. Stop. Don’t do this. Please I’m begging you.”

He paused for a minute and lifted his head up. I could see his handsome face in the moonlight seeping through the window. Although looking like a Greek god, I could see the dark circles under his eyes and his messed up hair. His lips were completely swollen from all the kissing and I could see the elongated canines. His white shirt was half tucked out and crumpled up and the upper buttons were wide open.

“I will never be sorry for what I’m about to do but I am sorry if I hurt your feelings, love. Always remember, my Rose that you called this on yourself.”, He said in his deep husky voice.

Before I could comprehend anything, his canines sunk into the spot he was just sucking.


I screamed as excruciating pain filled my body. He released my wrists as my body went limp against him. He quickly wrapped his arms around my body to prevent me from falling. I slipped into darkness but not before hearing him say,

“I found you, Rose. There’s no more running away, you’re finally mine.”

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