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My eyes fluttered open when I felt a bright light blinding my hooded eyes. I blinked my eyes adjusting to the brightness. I squinted down to see a thick muscular arm wrapped around my waist and pinning me against a hard chest. Confusion consumed my mind for a split second when his overpowering sensual scent filled my nostrils and then everything that had happened flashed across my mind. That night, the strange silence of the hotel, Zaph finding me, us kissing and then-then the mark!

My eyes widened and my hand instinctively shot up to feel the area where he had marked me and surely enough, I could feel two small holes in my skin which were his canine marks. My heart went into a frenzy and my mind went into a panic mode. I ripped off his hand which was wrapped around waist and jumped out of the bed, running towards the bathroom. I heard him wake up with a start but I slammed the bathroom door open and ran inside, leaning against the sink, my eyes traveled to the two canine marks above my right collarbone. My heart pounded against my chest as my trembling fingers grazed the mark which look slightly red.


This can’t be happening right now. My breathing got heavier as numerous emotions blurred my mind. I could easily figure out the emotion which dominated the rest, FEAR. My knuckles turned white after clenching the edge of the sink so tightly. My insides screamed as I struggled to breathe. My head felt like it was filled with lead and my body swayed like a feather. Black spots started dancing in front of my eyes and that’s when I felt the sparks erupt as he stood flush against my back and wrapped his arms around my waist. My body relaxed as soon as it came into physical contact with his almost as if he was the medicine dissolving away my pain.

“It’s alright, everything’s fine, Rose. Breathe, my love. In-“, He whispered softly and took a breath in.




I followed his lead and soon I felt my vision clear and my breathing became even. Everything registered in my mind as I felt the sparks everywhere over my body. He marked me, without my fucking consent. Rage filled body and I clenched my hands. I brought my right hand up slightly and shoved it back, elbowing him with a full force. He stumbled back slightly due to the surprise attack and I took the opportunity to push away from him. My wolf whined at the loss of contact and tried to take over but I pushed her back harshly. She became silent once realizing, I was beyond furious. I turned around to face him and snarled despite every instinct in my body telling me to marvel at him after seeing him properly after a month,

“Do you have any fucking idea what you have done, Zaphrostine?”

His eyes hardened as he stared at my livid expression. His hands curled into fists and he closed his eyes before saying in a deadly calm voice, I already knew it was the calm before the deadly storm,

“You don’t get to be the one who’s angry, Rose.”

I stomped out of the bathroom, deciding it’s best to ignore him because we were both furious with each other.

“Where the hell do you think do you think you’re going?“, I heard him walking behind me following me as I continued to walking.

“To the fucking library to find a way to undo the mark.“, I gritted out through my teeth.

That is when, ladies and gentlemen, I fucked up.

His loud growl rippled through the air and I winced. The next thing I know, I’m pushed against his room door.

I cursed internally as I his golden eyes stared back at me. His wolf has taken over.

“What did you just say, mate?“, He growled and placed his hands on either side of my head.

“Zaph, you have to understand-”

Sparks erupted and fireworks exploded as he bent his head down and placed a wet kiss on his mark. My hands instinctively went up to entangle in his silky hair. I moaned loudly as he started sucking and nibbling on the mark. His teeth grazed against my skin and his tongue ran over it. I clenched my thighs closer as I felt the pleasurable sparks travel all the way down to my core.

Once he was satisfied with my moaning mess, he lifted his head from the crook of my neck and spoke,

“What do you want me understand beyond the fact that you’re mine, Rose? When will YOU understand that we are mates made by the moon goddess for each other? You don’t get to be mad because you weren’t the one who woke up to find your mate gone leaving behind a stupid letter which didn’t explain shit. Do you have any idea how worried I was? Did you know last night was the first night since you ran away that I actually slept peacefully with you in my arms? I had to hand over my duties to Elijah because I was so fucking disturbed, every second spent in thinking what did I do wrong? Are you that repulsed by me, love?“, He asked me in a broken voice and sad eyes.

Tears sprung to my eyes as he whispered, “Why did you leave me, Rose?”

“That’s the thing, Zaph, there’s nothing wrong with you. You want to know why I ran away?- BECAUSE I’M FUCKING CURSED AND FUCK ME FOR WANTING TO KEEP YOU SAFE!“, Sobs racked through my body as I screamed out.

Upon seeing his confused face, I harshly brushed away the tears and continued angrily,

“You want to know why I ran away?“, I didn’t wait for response as I pushed him back and grabbed his hand.

I walked out of his quarters determined to finally tell him everything. What other option do I have? He has already marked me and once two mates mark each other, there’s no going back. Once you are marked, it both physically and mentally impossible for them to stay away. You die if you stay away from mate after being marked. That’s the way of the moon goddess making sure the two mates stay together. I will only cause more trouble if I keep my secret from him now because there’s no more escaping for me.

Tears streamed down my face as I guided him down the stairs and out of the wing. Surprised stares, mostly directed at me, followed us as we walked by. I think I saw glimpses of familiar faces of Gen and Elijah but I ignored them with only one goal in my mind. I entered the woods and tightened my hold over his hand. The ground and trees were covered in a thick blanket of snow and we were barefooted but it didn’t matter.

I walked through the woods with no clue as to where I was going just walking with the intention of taking us deeper inside the woods.

I halted once I was satisfied with the distance I had put between us and everyone else. If I’m going to reveal my secret, it’s not going to be in front of everyone, not yet at least.

I left his hand and walked a little putting a few feet of distance between us. With jittery nerves and clenched fists, I turned around facing Zaphrostine.

“You wanted answers, Zaphrostine. Well, here they are. Hope you are ready for them.“, I spoke looking at him dead in the eye.

I exhaled through my mouth nervously, watching my warm breath condense into white smoke due to the cold weather.

I closed my eyes and felt the familiar sensation of my bones cracking and reforming. I fell on all my fours and felt my fur grow on my body. It felt good shifting into my wolf after almost one and a half months. The last time I had shifted was two days before Sarah’s wedding. I didn’t usually shift much even back home, afraid of being caught.

Once I was completely transformed into my wolf, I slowly lifted my head and opened my eyes. Even after shifting, I like to reign in my wolf because she’s too powerful to just give her full control.

My eyes found his and I stared at him from my spot. His eyes widened and face full of shock and awe. His mouth opened and closed like a fish but no words came out of his mouth as he stared at me incredulously.

After almost a ten minute staring session, he finally spoke or more like whispered in an awestruck voice,

“You’re- you’re a silver wolf.”

My nervousness vanished as I saw the look of awe on his face. I was afraid that he would not like the fact that I’m not a normal wolf but that doesn’t seem like a problem anymore.

I made the first move and took a cautious step in his direction just to be sure but he broke into a quick stride and came near me. He slowly bent down on his knees. I am bigger than average wolves hence I come to the height of his waist when he stands up.

With admiration in his eyes, he raised his hand and asked me silently if he could run his hand through my fur. I nodded my head and he slowly brushed his hands through my fur. Sparks erupted as his hand came in contact with my body. I closed my eyes and bathed in the pleasurable feeling. He brushed his hand behind my ear and I leaned into him. I opened my eyes and stared back at his blue orbs as he rested his hand there.

“You have beautiful eyes, my love.“, He complimented my eyes. I rested my forehead against his, thanking him for the compliment.

All the wolves have a golden eye color when they shift into their wolf form but I had purple eyes. You could say it’s a silver wolf thing. I have a pure silver colored metallic fur. Silver wolves or better known as the wolves sent by moon goddess herself are not normal wolves. Being a silver wolf is not genetic. We believe it’s the moon goddess who chooses the silver wolves. We don’t exist in packs unlike normal wolves and neither are we found frequently. The last silver wolf that existed was two centuries ago when the vampires were creating a problem in the werewolf community. Silver wolves are only found when there is a huge problem which is threatening to the werewolf existence arises. The silver wolves are sent to face the problem because they are more advanced than normal wolves. There’s never more than one silver wolf that exists at a time because then there becomes a power struggle between the two. Coming down to the fact as to why I’m so afraid of letting people in is because no silver wolf has ever survived the problem though succeeding in defeating the problem. The last silver wolf died and so did his family and mate.

Now you know why I distance myself. If I’m going to die, I would rather die alone than bring down with me, my loved ones.

“I think you have mistaken your blessing as a curse, Rose.”

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