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First of I hate writing this author’s note as much you hate reading it but I figured it would be wise of me to inform you guys before disappearing again. I’m going off of inkitt for the next 15-20 days which means there are going to be no updates. The reason for that is that my term exams are from 1st to 15th October . I promise I’ll be back with updates after my exams. I could’ve updated this week or the week before but I’m just so fucking stressed for the exams and stressed me writes shitty chapters and I’m pretty sure no one likes shitty chapters. Hope you all understand:)

Here’s the link to the Reneged on wattpad:

I'm sharing the link just in case your inkitt doesn't work, you can check it out on Wattpad.

P.S Thank you for actually reading this(I’m the type of person who never bothers to read the author’s notes of other books lmfaooo).

Have a lovely day!

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