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“Good to know you haven’t forgotten me after all it has been 8 years since you last saw me. I believe you never caught my name. I am Rednax.“, He said.

My fear vanished into the thin air and rage took its place. Fire burned within my veins and I panted heavily.

“You bastard! You killed my mother!“, I screamed at him and let my wolf take complete control over my body.

She let out the most ferocious growl and charged at him in my human form.

She was going to pounce on him when he spoke in a calm and unbothered voice,

“Don’t you know where your friend Jessica is, Rosie?“, My wolf halted in her tracks.

“Yeah, that’s right better think twice before you decide to harm me because I’m sure my men will have their fun in torturing and killing her.”

My blood ran cold when I he said that he has Jess held hostage.

“You little piece of shit. She has nothing to do with us. Leave her out of this.“, I said gritting my teeth.

“Doesn’t she though, she is the mate of the kingdom’s gamma. She has become a part of the world now, our world.“, He said with a smirk on his face.

I don’t understand how does he know all this.

“But no need to worry, she won’t come across any harm if you behave. I’m just here to talk, Rose. I’ll leave after I have said everything and your friend will be released.”

“Fine but I’ll make sure you die the most painful death if she comes across any harm.“, I said and crossed my arms over my chest.

He nodded his head and said, “I don’t want to beat around the bush so I’ll make this as quick as possible. There is going to be a war soon. A war which will leave the entire werewolf world shaken. A war which will uproot the throne and shatter the royal family. Blood of thousands will be spilt and all the imperial titles will be lost. There will be the rise of a new king. A big change is going to occur.”

“And how do I fit into all of this?“, I asked him.

“Patience, silver wolf. It is a well-established fact that silver wolves are the strongest of all wolves. I want you to join me, Rose.”

I snorted before saying,” You do know that I have a mate who is the king right and that makes me the queen?”

“A queen of an empire that is going to be turned to dust soon.”

“You really delusional if you think you can defeat an entire empire.”

“Oh Rose, so naïve, a structure easily collapses when its foundation is attacked. And besides, I’ve had eight years to assemble an army of soldiers, ‘invincible’ soldiers.”

“What kind of soldiers?“, I asked him.

“You’ll know soon enough.“, He said with a smirk etched on his face.

“Seven days, I’m giving you seven days to decide. I’ll be there on the seventh day to listen to your final decision. You will be welcomed with open arms and have a prestigious position in my court when I become the king. And if you choose otherwise, well let’s just say your future doesn’t look very bright. Don’t worry I won’t kill you. You’re too precious to be killed.”

“Listen here, you asshole. I have no interest in being a pawn on your chest board besides I would never betray the throne. I’d rather die the most painful death than become a part of your ‘invincible’ army. So, my answer is going to be no even when you ask me for the millionth time. You would be pretty stupid to think I would turn my back on my mate.“, I said.

“I thought you were a smart girl, Rose. Mates are nothing but your weakness and no man should have his weakness hanging on his sleeve.“, He said in a stolid voice.

“Mates are not your weakness but your strength. They are your better half, the part which makes you want to live. Mates are the part without which you would be nothing.”

Ignoring me he walked towards the door and the guy standing outside opened it for him.

“Remember, Rose, the clock is ticking, seven days. Make sure no one comes to know of this interaction of us or there will be dire consequences.“, He said in a sharp voice and went out.

My mind was whirling with everything that just happened. I just met the man who murdered my mother and I couldn’t do. l single thing to him because he held Jess- JESS!

I ran out of the room and the hotel. I sprinted towards the Jess’s building, to find Gen standing in the middle of the lobby in a dreamy haze.

I came a stop in front of her.

“She is so beautiful.“, Gen said still in a trance.

“Gen, Genera, GENERA! Snap out of it!“, I jerked her out of it.

“Oh hey- why do you look like you’ve seen a ghost?”

I was about to open my mouth and tell her when what Rednax said, repeated in my mind ’there will be dire consequences”.

“I- I just panicked because I couldn’t find her in any of the restaurants.“, I quickly came up with a lie.

“Oh, I think she had gone for grocery shopping because she came back with grocery bags.“, Gen said.

What? Wasn’t she held hostage by Rednax?

We climbed up the stairs and found ourselves standing outside her door. I knocked on her door and we heard her instantaneous response, “Coming!”

She opened the door and eyes widened at the sight of me.

“Oh my god! Where have you been? You weren’t picking up your phone and you weren’t at your hotel. I was worried sick.“, She rambled on not yet noticing Gen.

“I’ll explain everything later but where were you. I had come earlier but you weren’t home?“, I asked her because she seemed the least bit shaken by her abduction.

“Oh! I had just gone for grocery shopping in town.”

Wait what? Does that mean Rednax lied? But he doesn’t seem like the kind of person who would. I’m going to have to figure this out later.

“Oh, right yeah. Well Jess, I would like to introduce my friend, Genera.“, I said moving aside so that she could see her.

“Hi.“, Gen said with a smiling face.

Jess blushed, her shyness clearly evident in her body language as she whispered, “Hi.“.

I saw Gen’s smile become even wider.

“Can we sit inside, I need to talk to you?“, I asked her.

“Oh yes! Of course, I’m so sorry I didn’t invite you in.“, She apologized profusely.

“Oh no, its okay.“, Gen quickly said.

“Would you like a cup of coffee?“, She asked us once we were seated on her couch.

“No-“, I was saying when Gen cut me off.

“Sure! A cup of coffee sounds lovely.“, Gen said in an excited voice.

“I’ll be right back.“, Jess said smiling like an idiot.

I guess she does feel an attraction after all. Human mates are not very common but there are a few wolves who have who have human mates. It is said that human mates don’t feel the bond as strongly as a wolf does and the bon intensifies after marking.

Jess came back five minutes later with a tray holding three cups of coffee.

Once we were all comfortable sipping on our coffee, I put my cup back on the table and broke the silence,

“Jess do you perhaps believe there could be a world besides the world of humans out there?”

“You mean like a world of supernatural?“, She asked me in a confused voice, not understanding where this was going.

“Yes! Exactly.“, Gen said.

“I mean there’s no such proof of an existence of the supernatural so I’m afraid no but why are you asking me this.”

“Jess, there’s something I need to tell you.“, I said.

“Okay what, you’re scaring me.”

“I am a werewolf and so is Gen here.“, I said slowly.

Jess burst out laughing as soon as those words escaped my mouth.

“Scarlet, I believe, it’s not the first of April.“, She said in between of her laughter.

Gen and I waited for her to get over her laughter and when she did, I spoke again,

“I’m not joking, Jess.”

“Okay then, prove it.“, She said.

“Fine. Gen if you would please shift.“, I told Gen and she quickly nodded her head.

Gen started stripping, keeping her eyes on Jess as I too stared at Jess.

“What are you doing?“, Jess squeaked, covering her eyes with her hands.

“Proving that I’m a werewolf.“, Gen said before shifting into her wolf.

Jess removed her hands away from her eyes when she heard the sound of Gen’s bones cracking.

“What the hell?“, Jess screamed when Gen had shifted into her russet colored wolf. Jess’s apartment was big enough to accommodate Gen’s wolf.

“How-what-what just happened?“, Jess asked, her voice quivering in fear.

“Jess, she’s not going to hurt you. It’s just Genera, she has shifted into her wolf. Werewolves don’t eat humans.“, I told her trying to calm down.

Jess closed her eyes and buried her head in her hands.

Gen whined, not liking her mate’s reaction.

“Jess are you okay?“, I asked her.

“Give me a moment to digest this.”

Gen flopped down on the floor as I sat beside Jess.

Gen lifted her head a few minutes later and stared at Gen who was now sitting upright.

“Wow, this is insane. Werewolves are real.“, She whispered in awe.

She then turned towards me and asked, “Are you one too?”

I smiled and nodded my head.

“We co-exist with humans preferring to live in packs away from human population.”

She nodded her head and then turned to look at Genera again. Her face looked like she was debating something when I assured her,

“You can touch her. She’s just Genera in a wolf’s body. Even though our instincts are primal in our wolf form, we would never intentionally hurt anyone.“, I explained.

Genera slowly took a step forward in Jess’s direction and after calculating her calm reaction she approached her. Genera bowed her head down, encouraging, her to put her hand on her head.

Jess slowly lifted her hand and placed it on Gen’s head. She slowly brushed her hand through Gen’s fur, her lips parting in amazement. I smiled as Gen purred in delight. Jess giggled as Gen licked her face.

“I don’t understand though, why are you telling me this all of a sudden.“, Jess said.

“Gen will be happy to explain that.“, I said and Gen nodded her head up and down.

Jess and I looked away as Gen shifted back into her human form and put on her clothes. She came and sat down beside me.

“Every werewolf has been gifted with a mate or what humans like to call as a soulmate. The moon goddess pairs each of the wolf with a suitable companion. Mates are a wolf’s other half. We can recognize our mate by their scent, touch or eye contact. Mates are the puzzle pieces bound to fit together.“, Gen explained.

Jess nodded her head in understanding.

“And I believe you’re my mate, Jessica.“, Gen said.

Jess’s eyes grew as big as saucers as she pointed at herself, “Me?”

Gen nodded her head.

“But how is that possible, I am a human.”

“Well, it is not unheard of. Very rarely but werewolves do have humans as mate.”

“I mean there could be a mistake. I-”

“Did you feel an attraction towards me when you first saw me in the lobby?“, Gen asked.

Jess nodded shyly and Gen said, “Well, it isn’t a mistake then because the feelings are mutual only for me the attraction is 100-fold.”

Jess blushed at that comment and that’s when I decided I should leave and give them both some time.

“I’ll give you guys some time to talk this out. Don’t worry, Jess, Gen will explain everything to you.“, I assured her and got up.

Both of them smiled at me and I was almost out of the door when Jess called my name, “Scarlet. Please wait for a minute.”

She came near me and said,

“I’m sorry I didn’t say anything before, Scarlet.”

“About what?“, I asked her confused.

“About me liking girls. It’s just that-”

“Hey you don’t have to apologize. You aren’t obligated to tell me everything. It’s absolutely fine. Besides, I’m happy for you.”

“Thank you, Scarlet. I was just afraid that just like my parents you would push me away after you knew that I was a lesbian.”

“I am so sorry, Jess. I would never judge you because of your sexuality. It is not something you can choose and besides how does it matter if a girl likes a boy or another girl. At the end of the day the most important thing is that you are happy with that person and I feel Gen would keep you happy.”

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