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The Date


My eyes ran over the sentence over and over again unable to comprehend a single word as my mind raced with troublesome thoughts. It had been two days since I’ve been back from Australia. Gen stayed back in Australia with Jess while I came back. Gen decided that it would be best if she spent time with Jess in Australia before bringing her to the castle considering the fact that she is human. I think they’ll be back in a month because the mate bond is too strong and it would be a matter of time before Gen and Jess fall in love with each other.

My mind was still boggled with the fact that I met my mother’s killer two days ago. What I can’t understand is the fact that how did he know Jess was Gen’s mate? The only people who knew about it were Gen, Char, Zaphrostine and myself. It is too dumb to even consider the possibility that either one of them works for Rednax. There’s no way it could be Gen, I mean why would she risk her mate’s life. I can’t seem to think it can be Zaph simply because no king would hand over his entire kingdom. And well I highly doubt its Charlotte because why would she betray her position as the beta female.

“There you are! The king has been looking for you everywhere!”, Charlotte exclaimed walking inside the library.

My head snapped up in her direction as I set the book aside. I got up from the cosy couch located at the corner of the majestic library and approached her.

“Hey. Zaph’s looking for me?”

She nodded her head.

“You didn’t have to roam the castle to search for me. You do know that you’re pregnant right?”

“Oh, shut up! Not you too. I hear this nonsense from mate enough already. He threatened me that he would lock me up in our quarters if I continue training. I mean, Goddess, I’m just four weeks along.”, She whined.

“We just care about you, Char. Wouldn’t want you or the little munchkin inside of you getting hurt.”, I smiled at her.

“I know.”, She smiled back.

“Oh Goddess, what am I doing here talking to you! Your mate is going crazy wondering if you ran away again. Off you go.”

I laughed and left the library, making my way towards our quarters.

I had just pushed open the inner door of our quarters when I was tackled in a hug. I immediately relaxed as I inhaled in Zaph’s scent and I felt the sparks all over my body as I was pressed flushed against him

Rednax said that he would uproot the royal throne and take his place as the new king and that is only possible if he- if he kills Zaphrostine. Fate can’t be that cruel to me I-

“Rose, Rose!”

I snapped out of my panicked state and quickly composed myself upon hearing Zaph call my name repeatedly.

I pulled back and said,

“You were looking for-“

“What’s going on, Rose?”

There will be dire consequences.

“What do you mean?”, I turned around and walked inside the kitchen to get myself a glass of water.

I felt him walk closely behind me as I entered the kitchen.

I grabbed a glass out of the cabinets and stood against the island in the centre of the kitchen, grabbing the jug of water. I felt Zaph press against me as I poured the water into the glass. I took small sips of water trying to win me some time to come up with something good.

He put both of his hands on either side of me, successfully caging me in.

“Tell me what’s wrong.”, He whispered.

I kept the glass down and turned around.

“I already told you nothing is wrong.”, I said and quickly tried to duck out of his arms but in vain.

He was quick to grab my waist and pin me back to my place against the island.

His piercing blue gaze was directed at me as he spoke,

“Ever since you came back from Australia you’ve been very troubled and spacing out every now and then. I must know what happened back there.”

I sighed before slowly looking up at him.

“Nothing happened back in Australia. I guess I’m just overthinking everything. I’m worried what might happen if-“

“If he comes back.”, Zaphrostine completed for me.

I want to tell Zaphrostine everything but I don’t know how. I want to tell him so I can alert him and we can prepare for the upcoming war. We might have to make an official declaration informing all the packs about it. I need to figure out a way to tell him and I need to do it quickly because time is slipping.

I nodded my head and rested my head against his chest, closing my eyes. He kissed my head and wrapped me in his arms, resting his head on top of mine. His arms were my safe haven making me feel protected.

“Everything is going to be fine, love.”, He whispered.

I hope so.

I pulled back slightly and looked up at him,

“Why were you looking for me?”

“Well I believe I want to make up for all the time we’ve lost being away from each other and I want to take everything off of your mind for a while. So, my love, will you go out on a date with me?”


Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, I have nothing to wear!

Oh goddess! What am I going to do? Tonight is going to be a wreck because I know shit about dates. Sure, I’ve hooked up with a bunch of guys but never did I date anyone nor did I bang my head over what to wear for a first date.

“Thank god you’re here!”, I sighed in relief as I saw Charlotte walk inside our room which was covered with clothes everywhere.

“Goddess! I am so excited more so than you.”

“Yeah well I feel a lot of emotions right now but I think stress dominates over the others.”

“Don’t worry, Scar, by the time I’m done with you, Zaphrostine won’t be able to keep his hands off of you.”, She winked at me as I laughed.

“At what time are you guys leaving and did he tell you wear anything specifically?”

“He told me to be ready by seven and he said to wear something warm and comfortable.”, I repeated what Zaphrostine had said.

“Alright we can work with that, its just thirty minutes past five.”, She said and dashed inside our closet.

After I had returned from Australia, Zaphrostine had moved all my stuff to his room which as he said was ‘our’ room and said that he wasn’t going to take any more chances with me running away. Well I had no objections to it probably because my wolf and I were more than eager to share a bed with him. I wish I was kidding but I get the best sleep when I sleep with him. We hadn’t yet mated probably because I have been so absent minded lately. Hopefully this date will provide me the distraction hat I need.

Charlotte had done a wonderful dressing me in a plaid wrap skirt that reached my mid thigh, a crème colored oversized cashmere turtleneck which was tucked inside from the front, a pair of basic black sheer leggings and lastly a pair of mid calf boots. Th outfit was comfortable yet classy at the same time. She put my hair in a crown braid half up hairstyle, leaving a few loose strands in the front. She did a beautiful smokey eyed look for my eyeshadow and paired it up with a nude lipstick for my lips.

“Thank you so much, Char. You’re a life saver.”, I thanked her, hugging her to express my gratitude.

“It was nothing, Scar. I- “

There was a knock on the door.

“Well looks like your date is here.”, She smiled at me.

My heart rate increased as I felt my hands get clammy. Goddess why am I so nervous!

We walked to the main door and I opened it.

My breath caught in my throat as I stared at the man who was my mate. He was dressed in a leather jacket wearing a white t shirt underneath and a pair of black jeans.

Holy fuck he looked hot in a casual attire!

We stared at each other for a good two minutes before Char cleared her throat with a knowing smile on her face.

“You can just say I’m not needed guys. Have fun!”, She said and left.

Zaph snaked an arm around my waist and pulled me closer to him. He captured my lips in his and we found ourselves in a heated make out session.

“It should be illegal to look this hot.”, He said.

“I could say the same.”, I winked at him and pecked his lips.

“Come on let’s go.”, He said with a grin and grabbed my hand.

“Where are we going?”, I asked him as we led me down the stairs.

“That’s a surprise, love.”

Good thing I love surprises.

He stopped just outside our wing and turned to look at me.

He put his hand inside his pocket and drew out a satin blindfold.

“I want you to wear this.”, He said offering me the mask.

“I didn’t know you were kinky, babe.”, I teased him.

“Let’s save that for the bedroom, love.”, He said with a smirk.

“Hey! You’re the one who started it.”, I grinned taking the blindfold from him and putting it on.

My vison was blinded as I questioned him,

“Just one question, Zaph, how am I supposed to walk like this?”

“Who says you have to walk?”, He said and in a swift moment I felt his arms go around my waist and under my legs as he picked me up.

“Such a gentleman.”, I laughed.

“Only for you, baby.”

We had no scratch that he had been walking for almost twenty minutes when he said,

“We’re here. I really hope you like it.”

I involuntarily smiled as I heard the nervousness in his voice.

He placed me down on the ground and stood behind me as I slowly took the blind fold off.

I blinked my eyes, letting my vision adjust to the bright lights. Once it did, my jaw hit the ground as I stared ahead of me. The pond that Zaph had taken me to before was completely frozen now and was surrounded by poles which supported a wire of sorts to which hanging lamps were connected. The pond which now looked like an ice rink was brightly lit by the lamps.

“This is amazing! Did you do this on your own?”, I asked him bubbling with happiness.

“I mean I had a little help but yes. I’m so glad you like it-“

I turned around attacked his lips.

“I love it.”, I said smiling at him.

He smiled down at me and steered me closer to the rink.

“Wait we’re ice skating?”, I asked him halting in my tracks.

“Yes, why?”

“Oh goddess! My butt is going to be sore tomorrow.”, I joked.

“Hold up you’re telling me you never skated while you lived in North Dakota?”, He asked me with an amused smile.

“Yes. We don’t have any ponds or lakes in the pack.”

“This is going to be fun.”, He said with a smirk.

“Fun for you.”, I pouted.

“Do you really think I would let you fall, Rose.”


“I’m telling you we’re going to fall, Zaph!”, I yelled, skating away from him as fast as I could trying not to fall.

After 1 hour of falling around, I’ve realized that ice skating is very difficult.

“Oh, come on, love.”, He chased after me, now closer than before.

I yelled in panic as he grabbed my waist. My foot entangled with his and we toppled over.

“Oh, my goodness! That’s the fifth time I’ve fallen. ‘Do you really think I would let you fall, Rose?’ “, I mimicked him.

We’ve fallen a total of three times together while I fell two more times.

“I’m sorry, baby. I’ve just become a little rusty over the years.”, He grumbled.

“I had fun though.”, I smiled laying on top of him, not getting off the ground.

He wrapped one arm around my waist and brought the other one up to brush the few strands of hair away from my face.

“Me too.”, He whispered.

I leaned down and kissed him. The kiss was slow and passionate creating a pool of heat down my south.

“Come on, let’s get out of here. It’s getting colder and I’m starving.”, He said after we broke the kiss.

I got up and slowly skated towards the edge of the pond. After changing back into our shoes, we left. I was walking in the direction of the castle when Zaph pulled me in the opposite direction.

“You really think the date ends without me feeding my girl?”, He smiled at me.

I grinned as he entwined or hands and led me towards his family house. The lights inside the house were brightly lit and I looked at Zaph questioningly. He just smiled and we entered the house. I got was awestruck for the second time that night. The furniture had been shifted aside and a table was set in the middle decorated by rose petals and candles. He gestured me to take the lead and I went towards the table. He pulled out a chair for me and I sat down. He removed his jacket and placed it on his chair and said,

“I’ll bring the food.”

“I’ll help.”, I said getting out of my chair but I was instantaneously pushed back down.

“Absolutely not. I asked you out on this date so I get to spoil you.”, He said stubbornly and went inside the kitchen to fetch the food.

How did I get so lucky?

Zaph came back with a variety of food dishes. I served myself some of the chicken pasta and the juicy steak.


We were halfway through dinner when I decided to be naughty.

I removed my boots and slowly dragged my right foot up his leg. He tensed up and paused eating his dinner. His blue eyes visibly darkened as his gaze snapped to mine.

“Careful, love, don’t start something you might not be able to finish.”, He said his voice huskier. Holy crap that’s such a turn on.

“Who says I can’t finish it?”, I asked him playing a seductive smile on my lips.

“Are you suggesting that we….”, He trailed off his dark gaze roaming over my body. My body burned with desire as he looked at me.

I leaned in closer until my lips were right next to his ear, I whispered boldly, “Yes.”

He stood up abruptly and growled, “I’ll get the dessert.”

I leaned back in my chair and gazed up at him, fluttering my lashes innocently, “My dessert is standing right in front of me.”

The next thing I know he leaned down and slammed his lips on mine. We kissed each other like starved animals, determined to devour each other. He lifted me up and I wrapped my legs around his waist and circled my hands around his neck. He walked towards his bedroom without breaking the kiss.

He put me down on the bed and we continued kissing discarding all of our clothes. I pushed him down on the bed and climbed on top of him. I started kissing his neck, sucking and nibbling. He groaned but pushed me back, making me halt in my actions.

“Rose, there’s something you must know. I am not a virgin and I am extremely sorry I didn’t wait. You make me regret all the girls I slept with.”, He said embarrassed at the fact that he was not a virgin.

My heart swooned at his actions.

“Its okay, Zaphrostine, neither am I. You make me wish I hadn’t lost my virginity too but we can’t change that, now can we? So, we must make sure that we are each other’s last. I promise to be your last, Zaph, do you promise to do the same?”

“I promise, Rose. You’re the only one for me.”, He smiled at me and I captured his lips, sealing my promise.

Thank you to all those people who keep coming back to read the chapter despite of my tardy updates😊

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