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It is All Your Fault


I blinked my eyes open adjusting to the blinding lights. I first caught a glimpse of a smooth tan chest and I slightly lifted my head to find myself half lying on Zaphrostine, both of us completely naked under the sheets. My lips lifted up in a smile at the memories of last night, we finally mated and I marked him. We had been up till dawn making love to each other. Last night had been amazing. Zaph made sure it was better than any other guys I have ever been with.

I placed a soft kiss on his chest and carefully slipped out of his hold. I put on my underwear and Zaph’s t shirt which were scattered on the floor along with our other clothes. I walked outside into the living and picked up the rest of our clothes lying on the floor. Fluffy white snow covered the forest floor and the trees. The candles had melted out overnight and the rose petals had shrivelled up.

We had finished our dinner somewhere around one in the morning when we hungry. I walked inside the kitchen and started the coffee machine. I found the pancake ingredients and measured them out, pouring them inside a big bowl. I might be the worst cook in the world but pancakes were something I never fucked up. I was in the middle of whisking the batter when I felt two arms go around my waist. I felt him press up against my back, stark naked. He buried his head inside my neck and placed open mouthed kisses on my neck. My hand gripped the whisk tightly as I stopped moving and leaned my head back against him.

“Who..”, Holy shit his morning voice!














I moaned and closed my eyes.



He stopped for a moment allowing me to catch my breath. I turned around placing my hands on his bare chest.

“I thought I could make us breakfast.”

He bent down and kissed me.

“I don’t need breakfast when I could just eat y-“

“Aren’t you getting a little bold, Mr. Dallesandro?”, I asked him with a small smirk, my eyes slowly travelling down but before it could come into my view, I felt Zaph turn my chin up to look directly into his electric blue eyes.

“Certainly not more than you, Ms. Martinez.”, He replied with a smirk of his own.

The next thing I know I am thrown over his shoulder, turned upside down giving me a gorgeous view of his butt.

“Hey! What are you doing?”, I laughed.

“Having my breakfast.”


I hopped inside the shower, letting the hot water wash over my head tailing all the way down to the floor.

“Rose! Baby, come on, you can’t lock me out like this.”, He shouted from the other side of the bathroom door, banging on the it.

“I just did, babe.”

“This is not fair.”, He whined.

“We’ll never finish showering if we shower together.”

“What’s the hurry?”

“It’s four in the afternoon and must I remind you that you are the king of an entire species.”

“I don’t care, now let me in or I’ll break down the door.”, He said and I could imagine him glaring at the door.

“You will do such thing only if you want to sleep on the couch tonight, my love.”, I said grinning cheekily.

I laughed as I heard him storming away. I could never get tired of his little tantrums.

I took my time washing my body and hair all while thinking about the matter of utmost importance at hand. The only reason I locked Zaphrostine out was so that I could decide whether or not to tell Zaphrostine about what happened in Australia.

Should I take the risk or not?

Last night had been perfect, almost like a dream. He me forget about all my worries and problems but it was time I snap back into reality and take some action. If Rednax has a special army and is planning to attack, we have to prepare our armies too and be ready for the battle.

By the time I finished my shower, I had decided to tell Zaphrostine everything. I walked out of the bathroom wearing the same clothes I wore in the morning.

As soon as I stepped out of the bathroom, Zaphrostine pushed me on the bed and climbed on top of me and attacked my lips hungrily.

“You look extremely hot in my clothes.”

He said in my mind. Now that were fully mated, we could converse in our minds. Another thing that mates can do after they have mated is feel each other’s emotions if the mate has his or her mind open.

I moaned, kissing him back hungrily.

Focus Scarlet!

Oh shit! I almost forgot.

I tried pulling away but he wasn’t having any and neither was my horny wolf giving me strength to push him away.




He ignored me.

“Zaphrostine, stop. I need to talk to you.”

I felt him stop as he heard the seriousness in my voice. He pulled back with a concerned look on his face. He pushed himself off of me and sat down beside me as I followed suit.

“What happened, love? I apologize if I did anything wron-

“I need to tell you what happened in Australia about what has been bugging my mind ever since I got back.”, I cut him off.

“So, I was right, something did happen.”, He said narrowing his eyes at me as I gulped.

“I met him.”, I said barely above a whisper but he caught it.

“You mean you met-“

“My mother’s killer, the man who is after me.”, I finished for him.

“And why am I being informed about this now, Rose?!”, He growled out angrily, standing up from his seat.

“I will get to that but will you please calm down?”, I asked him pleadingly.

He sighed and sat back down beside me, clutching my hand in his.

“Let me start from the beginning...”


I told him everything. Zaphrostine had a livid look on his face by the time I finished. He clenched his fists and closed his eyes. I put my arms around his neck and hugged him tightly.

“Imagine how furious I was. I felt pathetic because I- I couldn’t do anything. It was as if my hands were tied by an invisible rope.”, I whispered.

I pulled back and looking at him dead in the eye, I said,

“We have to be cautious, Zaph. We cannot get blinded by our rage. If what he says is true about having an army, we need to start preparing.”

He pinched the bridge of his nose and nodded.

“I can’t help but believe that he truly has an invincible army because how else was Jess not able to remember anything about her abduction.”, I confessed.

A shocked look replaced his frustrated eyes before he said,

“Are you telling me he has a witch?”

“There’s no other way you can wipe someone else’s memory, Zaph, and Rednax doesn’t seem like the guy to give empty threats.”

“But I thought witches were extinct.”

“Apparently not. Witches must’ve gone into hiding or whatever was left of them.”

He nodded in understanding.

“What do we do now, Zaphrostine?”, I asked him, laying my head on his shoulder.

“Well the first thing you must do is take your rightful place as the queen and reveal your wolf. If you reveal your wolf, the packs are going to know there is an upcoming danger and then we must start building our armies but discreetly.”

“Are you sure that I should ascend the throne in a crisis like this?”, I asked him hesitantly.

“Yes, my love. It would send the message of as powerful throne and besides the kingdom has gone long without its queen.”


Zaph and I were walking back to our quarters in the evening, having spent the entire day together at his family house. We decided that the coronation should happen as soon as possible and hence Zaphrostine was going to announce it tomorrow.

“That’s strange. Why are there no guards outside?”, Zaphrostine said out loud as we walked through our outside doors.

“They must have gone for dinner or something.”

“But there’s a timetable. When the guards leave for supper, there are other guards assigned to take their place.”

“You’re overthinking, babe.”, I said dismissively and we entered our chambers.

We entered our room and Zaph dived inside the bathroom for a shower and I was going to change when an envelope on the bedside table.

I was highly surprised when I saw my name written on it. I opened the envelope and there was a small note inside. My eyes widened and my breath faltered upon reading the note.

I told you there would be consequences, stupid girl. Now why don’t you try calling your dearest brother.

My wolf immediately kicked in and we started searching for my phone, my mind filling with increasing panic every passing second. When I couldn’t find my phone, I shouted to Zaphrostine,

“Where’s your phone, Zaphrostine?!”

“It’s in the drawer beside the bed, love.”

I threw open the drawer and with my shaking fingers, I unlocked the phone and dialled my brother’s number. My body was trembling and I could hear my heart beating as I heard the never ending ring tones.

“Hey, why did you- what happened?!”, I heard Zaphrostine walk out of the bathroom and ask me upon finding me in my state.

I ignored him and redialled my brother’s number.

“Shit.”, I heard Zaph swore and I slowly turned around to find him reading the note.

I heard him go inside the closet and quickly put on some clothes.

“I’ve mindlinked my pilot, to get the jet ready. It won’t take more than half an hour.”, He said coming near me.

I said nothing but tried contacting my brother again and again hoping by some miracle he would pick it up.

“Hey, hey , hey, look at me, Rose.”, He said grabbing my trembling body and lifted my chin.

“We’ll reach your pack, first thing in the morning.”, He tried assuring me but in vain.

If anything were to happen to Silas, I would never be able to forgive myself.


I tapped my foot impatiently as the seatbelt sign came on, signalling the Plane was landing. I felt sparks as Zaphrostine gripped my hand in his.

The sparks provided me a little comfort but my mind had gone haywire. I had no sleep throughout the entire flight. I know I should feel exhausted but my mind was stressed.

I ripped apart my seat belt as soon as we landed and I jumped out of my seat, running down the aisle. I heard Zaph follow behind me closely.

A foul metallic smell entered my nostrils as soon as I stepped out of the jet. I all but ran inside the small airport connected to the tarmac. I came to a sudden halt as soon as I entered. My heart dropped as my lips trembled.

I heard Zaphrostine stop just behind me. There was not a single sound heard from him but I heard his heart race faster.

The airport was covered in bodies of the pack member both in wolf form and human form. My breathing was becoming staggered and there was a nagging ache in my chest.

I ran inside pushing open the doors everywhere.


Goddess no. This is not real. I’m just in my worst nightmare and I’m going to wake up in a few seconds.

There were bodies everywhere. Not just warriors, but women, innocent children, old men and women.

He attacked the entire pack.

My mind had entered a state of denial. I ran towards the pack house, hearing Zaphrostine shout from behind me but I couldn’t comprehend it. My ears were ringing. The entire pack house was covered with bodies, there was blood everywhere. I whipped my head around frantically, seeing bodies everywhere.

I ran towards Silas’s office to find, seven wolves dead there, none of them which I recognized.

I scoured the entire pack house for any sign of my brother and father. My legs carried me outside and if the scene inside had shaken me, the scene on the battleground had left me shattered. My breathing was coming out in short puffs as I searched for similar faces. My eyes filled with unshed tears as I almost stumbled over a few severed heads. I fell over a wolf’s body, his pool of blood now splashed on my body, fae and clothes. I got up slowly and pushed back my blonde hair which was covered in dark red blood.

I halted in the middle of the field when I saw my dad’s body in his wolf form. There was a huge bite mark on his neck and his- his left fore foot was severed off. No sound left my mouth as I knelt down beside his body. Tears streamed down my eyes as I brushed my fingers through his fur. I was stroking his fur gently when my eyes travelled a few feet over where my brother lay in his wolf for.

A strangled cry escaped my mouth as I ran over to him.

His handsome face was covered in blood and deep scratch marks. His lower body was twisted in an unimaginable manner.

“No, no, no, Silas. Stop playing these stupid games, we’re not little anymore. You promised me, remember?”, I sobbed out, shaking his body vigorously hoping to wake him up. “You promised me you would never leave me. Now, who am I going to argue over stupid things with? Open your eyes, Silas. Please, I’m begging you. I’m-I’m begging you.”

I sobbed uncontrollably as I cradled his head in my lap. My tears fell on his face as I brushed his hair out of his face.

“Get away from him!”, I heard someone shout at me.

I saw Sarah storming over to me with a tear stained puffy face.

I got up, tears streaming down my face.

“Sarah I-“

“Shut up, Scarlet! Get away from him, get away from dad, get away from me just get out of here.”, She sobbed.

“But I-“

“You’ve done enough already or do you wish me dead too? It’s all your fault. The entire pack is wiped out dead and its all because of you. If it hadn’t been for you, no would’ve been dead. Not mom, not dad, not Silas, no one. Don’t you get it is all your fault!”, She screamed at me and I flinched.

I slowly shook my head in denial and walked back as fresh tears fell out of my eyes. I felt suffocated as if someone had cut off my oxygen supply. It hurt, worse than a physical wound as she said those things mainly because I knew it was true.

Sobs racked through my body as I realization dawned on me that it is afterall my fault. An entire pack killed because of me. The blood of hundreds was on me.

My breath came out in short puffs as my vison blurred, I stumbled. My hearing was muffled as I heard someone scream my name.

My body swayed, and my mind shut down as I lost my balance. I felt arms prevent my fall and the last thing I saw were a pair of frantic blue eyes as my vison turned black.

For the first time I hoped it was death opening its arms wide open for me rather than my mate because I had no desire to be alive.

Oh my god I’m sobbing. This was so hard to write.

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