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Zaphrostine’s POV

The number of twists and turns of the castle are bound to confuse a commoner but not me. I could walk through these winding blindfolded . I’ve had my fair share of getting lost when I was a young boy but not anymore. Not with all the duties lined up for me to work through my day.Majority would think being a king is all rainbows and unicorns but alas only the person himself would know what a curse this rank brings upon you.

What I wouldn’t give to exchange my life with one of my subjects, work hard all day to earn a living and go back home to a beautiful family awaiting for me. As much as I would love to do that I won’t because I was born and brought up to be the rightful king of the Werewolf empire and I would never abandon my duties and responsibilities.

I made my way towards my office on the first floor where by beta was waiting for me, ready to bombard me new problems every morning. My beta is an arse but still as much of a nuisance he is I wouldn’t replace him. For one that lad is marvelous at his job and secondly he’s one of the few people I trust.

I entered my office only to find Elijah sitting on a chair with his feet on my desk and hands behind his head. I told you, he’s an arse.

“How many times have I told you to keep your nasty feet off my desk? I asked him as with a scowl on my face.

“There’s my favorite grand sire!“, He said with a wide grin on his face, his strong British accent similar to mine.

He jumped out of his seat and engulfed me in his arms. “OH, how I missed you!”

I pushed him away as soon as he wrapped his arms around me.

" You saw me 8 hours ago.“, I deadpanned. I swear there isn’t a better drama queen than him.

I sat down on my chair on the other side.

“That is quite a long time. Of course you wouldn’t know. I am the only one who puts so much effort in this relationsh-”

“Say one more word and I’ll feed your tongue to the vultures.”

“Meanie.“, He said trying to pout by puckering his lips out like a pig’s nose.

“On with work.”

He quickly took his place at a chair and with a serious tone he started updating me on the latest rogue attacks, revolts and treaties.

At the end of our discussion, I was on my feet searching for files when Elijah called out again.

" Ros?“, His voice hopeful which I chose to ignore.

“Yes, Elijah.” I said not looking up from the file in my hand now.

“An Alpha from one of the North American packs called yesterday. He has invited you for his sister’s wedding.”

“And I assume you told him I won’t be there already.”

" No I didn’t. I wanted to run it by you first.”

“You know I don’t have time. Besides, you should know me better than to expect me to go to weddings. I’m pretty sure the alpha won’t be upset.

" There’s going to be Alphas from all over the world. Alphas, betas, their sisters,daughters and many more females.”

“What are you trying to imply Elijah?“, I turned around, staring at him dead in the eyes.

" I think we both know what I mean Ros. Don’t act as if you don’t feel the emptiness in your heart. I can see the longing in your eyes when you look at Charlotte and me. I know what you feel because I felt the same long before I found Charlotte. There is a possibility that you might find your mate at the wedding.”

“I don’t have a mate.”

“Bullshit! You just never tried. Ever since you claimed the throne you immersed yourself in work, busying yourself with the burden of the worldly affairs.”

“I am the king, Elijah. People are always trying to hurt me or the people I love to get the throne. It wouldn’t be fair to the girl mated to me.”

“So protect her, you bastard! Do you remember when I was hesitant to claim Charlotte, you promised me that you wouldn’t let any harm cross her way so I pledge to do the same.If that’s not, there’s an entire pack standing behind you ready to lay down their lives for you.Look mate, I just want to see you happy for once.”

For the first time hope sparked in my heart.

“Call the Alpha.Inform him his invitation is accepted.

I catch a glimpse of his wide grin as I exit the office.

Friday rolled on pretty fast and soon I found myself buzzing with excitement and hope. The thought of finding my mate is way too exhilarating. Tomorrow is the wedding so I leave tonight since it takes 18 hours to reach Dakota from Karasjok. I would leave with Elijah in charge as I need someone to look after in my absence.

I told Marvin, my valet, to ask the pilot to get the private jet ready. He seemed surprised which was not shocking because I rarely ask leave to the pack and that too to attend a wedding.

I bid my goodbyes to Elijah and Charlotte and made my way over to the chopper with Charlotte’s words fresh in my mind,

“Don’t you dare come home alone, Alpha. Bring her along, Goddess know how lonely I get with both of you gone!“, She said with her arms crossed and a glare fixed across my way.

And people say I’m frightening...

“Don’t scare him Char.The Big and mighty Alpha is already terrified.“, Elijah commented mocking me.

I glared at him leaving them laughing at me.

The plane ride was pretty boring with me mostly making important calls and sleeping. I sat up straight once the pilot announced that we would be landing in 15 minutes.

I went to the washroom to get changed into my suit and fix myself up a little. I changed into a black tuxedo and took my seat once again when I felt the plane dropping.

I could feel my wolf jumping in the back of my mind when I exited.

I saw two figures approaching me but the strange thing was that as they drew closer, an intoxicating smell of berries filled my nostrils and it grew stronger as the two men neared me.

Two feelings occupied my mind which were contentment and anger.

I have been very well educated on the topic of mates and I don’t need a scholar to tell me that the smell belonged to my mate.

The two men were soon standing within two feet of distance. I could literally smell my mate on the brown haired person. Rage consumed me whole and I was shaking with anger, my hands clenched at my sides.

The brown haired person emitted a strong aura, the alpha. They both bowed in respect.

" Welcome to the-”

“Why do you smell like my mate?!“, I ferociously growled, my chest vibrating unable to control my blinding rage.

A look of confusion crossed both of their faces which enraged me even further. How dare they keep my beloved away from me!

“Pardon, your majesty?“, the alpha spoke.

" You reek of my mate’s scent. Have you been in close contact of any female tonight?“, I struggled the words out of my mouth.

“Of course not- Oh wait- you mean Scarlet!”

Just her name was enough to send shivers of pleasure down my spine.‘Scarlet’, a beautiful name.

“Who is she to you, pup?“, I asked my voice low and dangerous.

He looked pretty annoyed when I called him a pup but answered nonetheless,

“My sister, Alpha.”

I let out a breath I didn’t know I was holding and a weight lifted off my chest.

“I want to meet her.“, My voice rung loud and clear.Let hell break loose but I will claim what’s mine.

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