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The Crowning

Scarlet’s POV

My heart thudded in my chest and I nervously fiddled with my fingers as I stood in front of the majestic doors of the ball room. Zaphrostine had already entered the room when Elijah had announced his name formally. With a passionate kiss on my lips and a few comforting words, Zaphrostine strutted inside the room. I focused on my breathing pattern, waiting for my name to be called.

I was about to give myself a pep talk when the majestic door slowly opened inwards like they did for Zaphrostine. My head snapped up, eyes wide like a deer caught in headlight.

“His Royal highness Zaphrostine Pietro Maximus Dallesandro’s mate Scarlet Rose Martinez.”, Elijah’s voice rung loud and clear.

This is it. I can do it. I exhaled a small breath and remembered Zaphrostine’s words, “Back straight, head high, eyes sharp, my love. You have won half the battle if your enemy cowers by your presence.”

I straightened my back and lifted my head, rolling my shoulders, I confidently strode inside the ball room. Every single person stood up as soon as I entered the room. My eyes met with a pair of electrifying blue eyes and I strutted across the room towards where he was standing on the stage at the end of the room. I could feel everyone’s eyes on me. People bowed as I passed them. I thought the stares would suffocate me but on the contrary, I felt power coursing through my veins, my body lit up with fire. The power excited me. I could feel my wolf trying to surface but I pushed her back, not yet.

I neared the stage and Zaphrostine extended his hand for me. I placed my hand in his and he helped me onto the stage leading us back to the centre of the stage. On the stage were just Elijah and Charlotte who stood beside us.

“Today we have gathered here for the crowning of his highness’s mate as the royal queen. Today we welcome our new queen as she pledges to perform her duties and does right by our kingdom and people.”, Charlotte said.

The people sat down once the formal announcement was done and without further ado, Elijah called for the crown. Zaphrostine had already informed me of the order of events. First comes the crowning, then comes the blood oath.

A man then walked up the stage with a beautiful crown encrusted with diamonds sitting on a velvet maroon cushion. The man came near us and offered the crown to Zaphrostine. I turned sideways, facing my mate as he picked up the crown in both of his hands. I bent my head allowing Zaph to place the crown on my head. I felt him gently place the crown on my head. I slowly lifted my head, raising my eyes to stare at him. A small smile graced his fierce features and he slightly nodded his head. I turned back to the crowed and bowed.

Now comes the blood oath.

Charlotte called forward the goblet and knife. A woman came forward carrying a tray which held a gold goblet of beautiful medieval design encrusted with stones similar to those which were encrusted on our crowns and a knife. The hilt of the knife was beautifully decorated with diamonds.

Elijah grabbed the goblet and held it in front of us. Zaph grabbed the knife in his hand and spoke,

“Do you, Scarlet Rose Martinez, accept the crown and pledge your loyalty to the throne?”

“I do.”

“Take your oath.”

“I pledge to fulfil my duties as the Queen of the throne and protect the people of the kingdom. The decisions I take will always be for the good of the kingdom.”

Once I was done, Zaph cut his left palm and let his blood flow into the goblet. He then gently grabbed by right hand and said,

“May I?”

I nodded my head and he made a cut. He held my right hand in his left one and let my blood flow into the cup. My eyes widened in amazement as our blood lit up in a wonderful red-orange flame and evaporated from the cup. The goblet and knife were taken away and Elijah announced,

“All hail Her highness Scarlet Rose Martinez!”

Every single person present in the room stood up and bowed down before me, including Zaphrostine. A king never bows in front of anyone but he did… for me.

Once everyone had risen up, Zaph commanded in his deep voice.

“Please do not leave the ball room. The meeting will commence in a few minutes.”

We walked down the stage and I followed Char as she led me upstairs to one of the rooms. She quickly helped me change out of the gown and into a stain dress. I had personally asked for a simpler dress because I didn’t want to ruin the beautiful gown when I shifted. The satin dress was the same colour as my gown and had a slight on my right leg. It had a plunging back and spaghetti straps.

We exited the room and back to the hall where the alphas were now enjoying the drinks and interacting with each other. Zaphrostine was talking to some Nigerian alpha but his head snap in my direction and his eyes filled with love and lust as his eyes roamed over my body. He excused himself from the alpha and approached me. His hand slid around my waist and he pulling me close he whispered in my ear,

“Tonight will be a long night.”

With a smirk, I placed a kiss on his mark and whispered, “Indeed, the meeting won’t end so early.”

I pulled back and laughed at his expression.

“You’re going to be the death of me.”. He groaned.

“Come on.”, I said with a small smile and guided him towards the stage after bidding Char goodbye.

The people returned back to their tables and looked up at us.

“I hope everyone’s evening has been pleasant so far. However, we haven’t just invited everyone to attend the crowning of Scarlet. We have a pressing matter that needs everyone’s attention.”, Zaphrostine announced.

“As you all now by now, an entire pack was wiped out. Hundreds were murdered that day. I don’t think many of you know but that was my old pack, my brother was the alpha. I lost my brother, father and fellow packmates that day. The pain I experienced in the past week was worse than any physical injury could cause me. I-we know there’s a lot of confusion, fear but you must not panic. The attack on my pack was organized by a man named Rednax. You must be wondering how did he form an army strong enough to defeat an entire pack. Well, all of you must have imagined how rogue attacks have been decreased to almost nothing over the years. We were rather relieved by it because our packs were always at danger because of the rogue attacks. Have you ever wondered why that happened or where the rogues disappeared off to? To answer these questions I must say, Rednax has been gathering these angry and revengeful rogues over the years and forming an army. He has been training them over the years so that they could strike one day and take over the throne and I’m afraid the day is coming.”

I saw the room erupt into chaos as some alphas stood up in fierce anger, some too shocked to say anything some fear stricken. My eyes roamed over to the generals to see if any of them was unfazed by the news but that was not the case. They were either shocked or angry.

“SILENCE!”, Zaphrostine’s voice boomed, effecting silencing everyone.

“This is a very important matter. We’ll lose the war before its even started if we start chaos amongst ourselves. I need everyone to be calm as we figure out the next steps. This is a crucial time and if we don’t stay united, mark my words we’ll lose our freedom. A deathly war is brewing and we need to prepare for it.”

“Why did he attack the queen’s pack?”, An alpha asked.

“Is he wiping out packs one by one?”, A female alpha piped in.

Before they could question further, I answered,

“No, I don’t think he is wiping out all the packs. There will be no population to rule after if he does that. As to the reason why he wiped out my pack is because I refused to join his army.”

“But why would he ask you to join the army, your majesty? Is it because you were the king’s

mate.”, some alpha asked.

“Not really it was like a cherry on top when he came to know that I was the king’s mate. He wanted me to join his army because I’m a silver wolf.” I spoke.

I closed my eyes and let my wolf take complete control. I felt my bones cracking and the dress ripping off as I transformed. I saw my silver paws once I opened my eyes. My wolf slowly lifted her head and looked at everyone’s shock- stricken faces. There was not a single sound in the room once I had transformed.

The first person to move was Zaphrostine as he came and stood beside me.

“Now you understand how serious-“, Zaphrostine was cut off by a wolf of the pack who mindlinked in a panicked and fearful voice.


Like a Vampire’s.



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