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Five Days


My wolf leaped forward jumping off the stage and ran towards the doors. I could hear the hall erupt into chaos once again and a couple people running behind me.

Rose wait!

I heard Zaph through the mindlink but I ignored him.

My wolf pushed forward, increasing our pace once we were outside. I didn’t try to take control knowing a fight might occur between me and the hybrid. It would be best if she takes lead. Trees flying past me, I ran northwards, the snow crunching beneath my paws.

My ears perked up as I heard the shouts and growls of the patrol wolves in the distance. My wolf pushed forward even faster when we heard an unfamiliar growl louder than all others. The sound of the footsteps of multiple other wolves behind me let me know that Zaphrostine had ordered the military units.

I smelt the fucking hybrid before I saw it. If I thought its smell was disturbing, I was in for a treat when it came to the horrid creature’s appearance. It was half transformed, his body was covered with fur but not entirely, his claws were long and sharp, his face was not transformed but covered with fur from the sides, his fangs sharper than a wolf’s but his eyes- they were crimson colored with an insatiable hunger in them. There were three wolves at his feet, all immobile.

Two other patrol wolves leapt on him. He punched the right wolf mid air and grabbed the left wolf by her neck and sunk his fangs into it. My wolf zipped passed the other patrol wolves as I saw him mercilessly drinking her blood in. She thrashed around, trying to escape his hold but he was too powerful. I slowed my pace and circled around, stopping when I was directly behind me, a few yards away. My wolf backed up a few steps and pushed forward, trying to create as much momentum as she could before reaching him. When we were a few feet away, she jumped on him. Taken off guard, he loosened his hold on her and removed his fangs from her neck. A patrol wolf pulled the she-wolf away from us as the hybrid staggered behind due to my weight. Before other wolves could come forward, I ordered through the mindlink


The hybrid spun on his feet and tried to grab me but my wolf backed off quickly. I side stepped as he ran towards me. Due to his bulky physique, he took his own sweet time to turn around. Taking advantage of this, my wolf took the opportunity and bit into his thigh. He let out a thunderous growl and I quickly removed my teeth, backing away. His crimson eyes stared down at my violet ones and I bared my teeth. I advanced forward with full speed but this time he side stepped and quickly grabbed me by my neck, his claws sinking into my neck drawing out some blood. Before I could twist out of his hold, he bit into my shoulder. A hot searing pain erupted where he had bitten and I could feel him starting to suck in my blood but I raised my hind leg and kicked him hard, effectively pushing him back. Trying my best to ignore the pain, I quickly turned around and jumped on him, making us fall to the ground with him on his back. I pinned him to the ground with my body weight and his hand shot out to grab my neck again but before he could I raised my paw and scratched his face with my sharp claws. He growled out in pain and I kept his face pinned to the side. I sunk my teeth into his neck and ripped out his throat. His thrashing body immediately stilled under me and with my blurry vison I stepped away from his body.

The pain in my neck had increased but not to the point where it had become unbearable. My wolf gave me control and I took over glancing at the wolves to find them staring at me in awe. I saw numerous other wolves enter with a massive black one leading them and a russet colored she-wolf a few feet behind him.


My eyes snapped to the golden eyes of the black wolf as he rushed towards me. He pushed his snout in my neck and pulled back a second later upon noticing the claw marks on my neck and the bite mark on my shoulder.

I’m fine babe. Don’t worry. I assured him despite the searing pain in my neck.

Those injuries say otherwise. I told you to wait.

If I had waited, the entire hospital would have filled with injured wolves. Are there more?

No. He was the only one. What is that creature? He asked and stepped around me walking towards the dead body of the hybrid.

A hybrid. He’s half werewolf and half vampire. This is where the witch comes in. She somehow converted the rogues into bloodthirsty vampires. We’re fucked if his entire army consists of these hybrids. He managed to injure 3 wolves before I came and even I had some difficulty in killing him. But why send a hybrid now? Was he spying? But he already has a spy on the inside.

To declare an official war. Zaph said

I snapped my neck in Zaph’s direction to find him drawing out a scroll I his teeth from one of the pockets of the hybrid’s pants. Two pack members came forward and handed us clothes. We both quickly went behind the bushes and changed into the clothes. I winced as I noticed the fang marks on my shoulder. The area around it looked infected. Once we emerged out, Zaph unfolded the scroll and read it. I looked at him intently waiting till he finished reading it. His expression remained stoic but I could feel his emotions in my mind.

His blue eyes found mine once he was done reading it and said,

“He strikes in five days. We have time till the dawn of Friday. If he succeeds in killing you and me, the crown is his.”

“He won’t. We’ll make sure of that.”, I gritted out in a determined voice.

“Double the patrol duty for now. Reduce the guards inside the castle and strengthen the borders.”, Gen ordered the wolves. The wolves bowed their heads and dispersed.

Gen walked towards us and with a worried look asked us,

“What do we do now?”

“Let’s finish the meeting first. We’ll inform the alphas of the newly discovered news.”, I said and proceeded to walk when Zaph grabbed my uninjured arm and pulled me back.

“Wrong. First we’re tending to your wounds. The meeting can wait.”, He stubbornly said.

“No, I already told you it doesn’t hurt-“

The next thing I know Zaph slips his one arm under my waist and the other under my legs, lifting me up.

“Hey!-“, I exclaimed but he cut me off.

“Genera please inform Elijah and Charlotte. Tell them to read out the scroll and inform the alphas of the war till we come.”, Zaph ordered her and she nodded quickly leaving with the scroll.

“You’re not going to put me down are you.”, I sighed as he started taking me to the hospital.

“No, Rose. I’m not risking your health and don’t you dare say it doesn’t hurt.”, Zaph said narrowing his eyes, looking down at me.

The pain in my shoulder had not subsided and I could now feel the fatigue wash over me. I closed my eyes and nestled my head in Zaph’s neck.

What do we do about the spy now? We need to make strategies.

There’s nothing the spy can tell to Rednax now because the strategies that we’ll make are no secret. It’s an open war on the field.

I opened my eyes as the smell of medicine filled my nostrils and Zaph entered with me in his arms.

There were doctors and nurses running around tending to the injured wolves. The wolves around us bowed their heads and a nurse guided us to a nearby bed. Zaph gently laid me down on the bed and we saw General Maya running towards us with a panicked expression.

“Please tell me you’re not bitten!”, She said in a hurried voice coming near me, her eyes examining my body.

“Why?”, Zaph asked with wide eyes.

“He bit into my right shoulder.”, I said and Zaph helped me sit up.

Maya quickly grabbed a pair of surgical scissors and cut the t shirt over my right shoulder. She examined the wound. I hissed as she applied pressure on the wound. Zaph growled from beside me but I grabbed his hand with my left one.

“Shit.”, She cursed under her breath.

“Is it that bad?”, I asked her.

“It’s poisoned. The hybrid must have had some sort of venom in his teeth and now the bite is infected. I don’t have any antidote for it because this is something completely new. I don’t know how lethal the venom is but what I have gathered so far is that it is spreading in the blood stream at a very slow rate so I have time to work on the antidote.”

“How long will it take to prepare the antidote?”, Zaph asked.

“Vampires never had any venom in their blood stream in the olden days but the venom in the wound has a complicated structure. It might take me at least three days to form an antidote. I can give you pain killers till then but our only hope is that your immunity can fight it till I form one.”

I know it was kind of a boring chapter but I promise the next chapter will be interesting.

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