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A Walk Through The Cemetery


Zaphrostine stood patiently as Maya dressed the wound. Once she was done, she handed me a glass of water and two painkillers.

“The effect of the painkillers will last for about six hours. Take two pills every six hours and try not to overdo it. I apologize there’s nothing more I can do till I find the antidote.”, Maya said handing me a bottle of the pills.

“Thank you.”, I said and proceeded to get off the bed when Zaphrostine’s hand shot out preventing me from getting up.

“Where do you think you’re going?”, He asked me.

“There’s no point in sitting around. I can continue taking the painkillers but you can’t just ask me to sit tight without doing anything.”, I said in a determined voice.

He sighed and with a pained expression slowly removed his hand, letting me get up.

We went back to the ball room to find Elijah and Charlotte being bombarded with question while Genera and the generals tried to calm everyone down.

The chatter in the ball room died down as soon as we entered. All eyes were on us as we walked to the back of the room.

“As you may have heard by now, Rednax delivered a formal declaration of the war. We have till the 20th till he attacks. We had suspected that his army consisted of just rogues but as it turns out he has been making hybrids with the alliance of a witch.”, Zaph said.

A murmur ran through the crowd.

“Yes, our beliefs of witches being extinct is wrong after all. We don’t know how we’re going to proceed with the news yet but I’m going to strategize with my generals and my beta and gamma. I suggest you all to do the same. We also found out that the hybrid’s bite is poisonous. Unfortunately, we don’t have an antidote for it as of yet but General Maya is working on that. Once she discovers it the formula will be spread throughout the packs. I suggest you all to make an keep a stock of the antidotes just in case Rednax decides to attack any of the packs.”, Zaphrostine paused for a moment then continued.

“This is a difficult time for us. Death and destruction are unavoidable when it comes to a war. It’s a do or die situation. Some of you might think that handing over the crown will prevent the war but let me tell you, Rednax is a power hungry man. He won’t stop after he gets the throne. He will let the rogues inside the pack and he will take full control of your packs. Always remember Monarchy is not the same as Dictatorship. I will fight till my last breath to protect the throne and the people of our kind. I wish you all the luck.”, Zaph finished his speech and all the people stood up and bowed their heads, showing their respect.

The crowd started dwindling as the people exited. The generals, Elijah, Charlotte, Gen and Jess stayed back till the hall had completely emptied. The atmosphere was tense and the tension was palpable. All of them looked distressed at thought of their kingdom being in danger.

“I expect you all in my office after half an hour. I know it has been a tiring night but we can’t afford to waste anymore time.”, Zaph said in a commanding voice.

The others nodded at his command and dispersed.

“Come, love. We must hurry too. We’ll have a quick dinner and meet the rest of them. We need to formulate a plan at once.”

Oh Zaphrostine, I already have a plan of my own but I’m afraid you’re not going to like it.


“Oh, my dear! How are you feeling now?”, Catherine rushed towards me with a motherly worry marring her soft features.

“I’m fine now.”, I said with an assuring smile.

“Come, sit, you must be starving.”, She said and pulled out a chair for me and Zaph.

After we had quickly finished our dinner, as we stood up and exited the dining hall I said,

“Zaph, can you go on without me? I don’t feel so good.”, I said in a small voice trying to act sick.

“What! Do you want me to call Maya? Come on let’s go to the hosp-

“No, I just feel drained after the fight and I think the pills are making me sleepy but you should go. Give them a brief idea of what you have in mind then we can discuss everything else tomorrow.”, I said.

“Are you sure you don’t want me to wait?”, He asked me in a concerned voice.

“I’m sure.”, I said and kissed his lips. He pulled me closer and deepened the kiss but I chuckled and pushed him back.

“There is a war around the corner, we shouldn’t be goofing around.”

He pouted, making my smile even wider but I pushed him the direction of his office and made my way towards our quarters. I heard Zaph’s footsteps fade away and I walked up the stairs but instead of getting off at our floor, I made my way to the library.

Here’s the thing, I need to find an escape route out of the castle and in order to find that I need to find the blue prints Char was talking about. I’m pretty sure there was more secret passageways in the castle.

We have no chance of winning the war if we fight it on our own because we are no match for the hybrids. The only way we at least have a chance of winning is by having a witch on our side too. If Rednax could find a witch then maybe there’s a chance I can find one too. It’s a shot in the dark but we can at least try finding one and what better place than New Orleans. New Orleans was the home of witches back in the day. That is the best place I can look for any witches. Its not going to be easy but what other option do we have.

I made my way towards the castle history section. Char had said that her and Gen had hidden the blueprints behind the books of bottom most shelf. She had found them inside a random book but she hid it behind the bottom shelf so she wouldn’t forget.

I crouched down and started pulling out the book and checking behind them from the left. I found the prints halfway across the shelf. I quickly unfolded them and I saw huge castle plan. What caught my eye were the red lines over the map. I quickly learned that all the red lines were the secret passageways. I looked for passageways that led me out of the woods. I would’ve used the passageway that we used to get to the club but it’s opens in the middle of the woods and currently the pack border is heavily guarded. It would be impossible for me to escape without being noticed.

I felt frustrated because I was not finding any routes that led me directly out of the pack but I held my breath when I traced the passageway from the cemetery chapel with my index finger. Yes! It leads outside the pack.

New Orleans here I come.


I held my breath as I slowly removed Zaph’s hand that was draped around my waist, praying that he wouldn’t wake up. It was around two in the night and I planned on escaping now.

Once I was safely out of his hold, I quickly placed a pillow in front of him. I hissed in pain as I changed, the pain had now spread across my entire right shoulder and my entire right arm felt stiff. The poison was spreading. I swung the duffel bag over my left shoulder and walked towards Zaph.

“I love you more than anything.”, I whispered and very softly kissed his forehead. I didn’t want to disclose my plans to Zaphrostine because I didn’t want to risk the spy knowing I was hunting for a witch. If I am successful in finding a witch, I want to use her as an element of surprise. Rednax thinks we are weak at this point and I want him to continue believing that, it’ll give us the upper hand. I didn’t tell Zaph because it’s probably best that no one knows what I am doing. I didn’t want to risk anyone finding out so I decided to keep him in the dark too but I know that he believes I will come back.

It was easy for me to escape the castle because most of the guards inside the castle were on patrol duty at the border. I made my way to cemetery which was a little far off to the south east of the castle. I had neutralised my smell so no one could figure out my pathing. The cemetery was huge. I walked through the cemetery to reach the chapel which was at the end. As I neared the Chapel, I saw the headstones of the dead members of the Royal family. The headstones were so aligned that each generation of the members were in different rows for example Zaph’s great grandparents and the other relatives of that generation were in one row, his grandparents were in one row and so on.

I saw the headstones of Zaph’s parents but I halted in my tracks when I saw two other headstones beside theirs. I walked towards the headstone and crouched down to look at the name








I slowly got up with my eyebrows scrunched together as I stared at the headstone.

That’s strange, I didn’t know Zaph had an uncle and aunt and what happened to their child?


I reached the airport of Lakselv at around three in the night. I had already booked a flight to New Orleans from my phone.

I boarded the flight at 3.41 am and braced myself for the long journey. Halfway through the flight my right arm had gone numb and the pain was slowly becoming unbearable. I went to the bathroom and changed the dressing of the wound. I splashed water on my face and drew out the bottle of pills from my bag. I was starting to feel feverish and my body felt weak, my face looked sightly pale. I popped two pills in my mouth and exited the bathroom.

We were an hour away from New Orleans when I started feeling hot and sweating profusely. The flight attendant checked up on me twice but I just told her that I was airsick and tired of the long flight. The poison had spread to different places by now and searing hot pain had erupted in different parts of my body. My head felt slightly dizzy and I went to the washroom, eating three pills because I couldn’t bear the pain.

We landed in New Orleans at around ten in the morning and with heavy steps I walked out of the airport and to the taxi stand so that I could go to the French Quarter. The French quarter seemed like a good place to start looking for a witch. I decided that I would rent a hotel in the French Quarter and have my breakfast there.

The cab dropped me in the French quarter near a bunch of hotels but my condition had worsened to the point where lifting my legs seemed like lifting a bag of cement. The pills weren’t working and I was in pain. My head was spinning but I had a little difficulty coordinating my movements. I was staggering on the sidewalk when I saw a dark skinned woman come out of a voodoo shop on the other side of the road. I stopped in the middle of the sidewalk when I saw her stare at me with wide eyes. My t shirt stuck to my skin drenched with my sweat. My vison was blurry and my head was spinning. My entire body felt like it was on fire. I couldn’t make out her face but she wore a black bandana over her curly hair and she wore a long black maxi dress.

My body swayed and black spots danced in my vision. Soon my entire vision turned black and I lost myself to the sea of blackness.


My eyes fluttered open and I found myself staring up a brightly coloured ceiling however I snapped my head to the right as I heard someone breathing beside me. I quickly attempted to get up but my body failed to do so. My body ached tremendously. I tried to get up again when the elderly woman sitting beside me pushed me down and said,

“You should not get up just yet, silver wolf. I was able to take out the poison but your body hasn’t completely healed. Had Fiona been any late in bringing you to me, the poison would have killed both you and the baby.”


Please tell me you did not see that coming.

Sooo what do you think so far?

I’ll try my best to update tomorrow but I’m not making any promises.

Also, GUESS WHO’S TURNING 16 NEXT WEEK?! Too bad I can’t keep a party( Not that I have many friends lol) but yeah I’m excited. It's kinda fun that my birthday comes in the first week of new year.

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