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The Spy


I sighed softly tightening my hold on Rose but my eyes shot open when I felt myself squeezing a pillow. I sat up and rubbing my eyes I grumbled under my breath,

“She knows I hate getting up to her side empty but still she’ll get up before me.”

I got out of the bed and walked to the bathroom. I finished up with my morning routine and walked out of the bathroom to my closet. I threw on some clothes and went out. I frowned when I didn’t find her in the kitchen or living room.


I called through the mindlink but I got nothing in response. Maybe she’s working out. But there’s no way she can in her current state. She looked paler than usual when I had returned to our quarters last night. Maybe she’s in the hospital.

General Maya.

Yes, Alpha.

Is Rose in the hospital wing?

No, Alpha. The Luna hasn’t been here since last evening.

Okay so if she’s not in the hospital then maybe she’s having breakfast.

Catherine, is Rose in the dining hall?

No, Alpha. She is not here and neither was she here before. Why is she not with you?

No, she was out before I woke up.

Oh dear! I hope she is fine. I’ll ask other people.

Thank you.

Where did you go Rose?

Eli, have you seen Rose?

No. You can’t find her?

I wouldn’t have asked you if she was.

Jeez, someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed. I’ll order some wolves to search the castle.

Thank you.

Genera, has Rose been to the training grounds?

No, alpha.

This time I spoke through the pack mindlink,

Has anyone seen the Luna since morning?

I could hear my heart loudly beating in my chest as no one replied.


Elijah, Charlotte, Genera please come to my office immediately.

I all but rushed towards my office. I paced around in my office, clenching my fists. My head snapped up in the direction of the door as someone knocked on it and I smelt Eli and Charlotte outside.

“Come in.”

They both walked in and I asked Elijah,

“Did anyone find her?”

“She’s not in the east and west wing. They’re currently searching the north and south wings.”

I pinched the bridge of my nose. Genera knocked on the door and I told her to come in.

They watched me for the next five minutes as I paced around waiting to see if they find her in the north or south wing.

“She’s not in any of the wings.”, Elijah said after he got a mindlink.

I stopped in my tracks and closed my eyes.

“She left….. again.”, I said in a distressed voice.

“What! Why would she leave again?!”, Charlotte said in a surprised tone.

“Your guess is good as mine, Charlotte.”, I said.

“I’ll prepare for a search party outside the pack.”, Genera said.

“No.”, I said silently and tuned my back to them walking towards the window.

“Why not?”, Elijah asked.

I stared at the people training on the grounds while I said ,

“We don’t have time and besides if she did leave, there’s no way we can find her. I have no fucking clue where she might be or why she has left.”

I could feel their stares on my back as the room was silent for the next few minutes.

“Call a pack meeting.”, I said, turning around.


Did you hear, the queen has run away again?

She swore an oath and now she’s turning her back on the kingdom.

I heard she’s changed sides because she knows we’re going to lose the war.

How could she do that?

Endless murmurs ran through the crowd as entered. I grit my teeth and clenched my fists at my sides as I heard the various false rumors regarding Rose.

The people went silent as I walked past them to the front of the room.

“Good morning.”, I paused for a moment and inhaled a deep breath in before continuing,

“I called for a pack meeting is to tell you all about the fact that Rose has left the kingdom. I, unfortunately, have no idea why or for how long she is going to be away. I don’t know where she is and I can’t afford to lose time sending a search party for her. All I want to say is I would suggest you stop spreading rumours at a time like this. None of us know what is happening. If she doesn’t come back before the war starts, you can choose to believe what you want but until then I don’t want to hear a single rumour about her. Do I make myself clear?”, My voice boomed throughout the room.

They kept their head down and nodded.

I know for a fact that unlike last time Rose has all intentions of returning. I know she wouldn’t abandon me or the pack not now not ever and she would rather kill herself than join Rednax’s army. There must be a reason why she chose to leave now and I’ll be sure to ask her when she gets back. The only thing I’m worried about is the poison in her body. I don’t know how her body is coping with it. I can only hope she returns soon.

“That’s not the only reason I called this meeting. I want to talk about the change in everyone’s schedules. Rednax attacks on the 20th of December, that means we have four more days to train. Everyone from the age of 16 to 60 will under go vigorous self defence training. Those in the military will partake in a different training to prepare you for the war. Human mates will go through basic self defence trainings. Anyone from the age of 20 to 40 who want to fight in the war must report to General Nixon after the meeting. You should have completed level 3 self defence training to be eligible to take part in the war. Now for the people excluded from the self defence training are children and teenagers under 15, old men and women above the age of 60, pregnant women and those who have a medical condition. The underground safehouses are being stalked with basic necessities. People not taking part in the fight will be shifted to the safehouses the night before the war. I suggest you all to attend the trainings because if things get out of hand you should be able to protect yourself. General Aristole and I are coming up with some attack plans. They will be disclosed once we finish them. Gamma Genera will lead the forces into the war along with Beta Eijah and myself. General Maya is coming up with the antidote for the vampire venom.”, I said.

“That is all I have to say for now. Thank you. You may get back to your trainings now.”

Everyone bowed and slowly started dispersing from the hall.

General Aristole, Nixon, Elijah, Charlotte, Genera please report to my office in fifteen minutes. Let’s pick up from where we left yesterday.


It was almost one am as I stretched my neck and shoulder muscles. The generals and the others had left an hour ago after we had ended our discussion. I had stayed back looking over our attack plans, spending an hour thinking if I could perfect them but my efforts had been futile. I got up and left, locking the office behind me. I thought about grabbing a bite before directly going to bed considering the fact that I was yet to have dinner.

I walked up the stairs on my way to the dining room when I spotted a figure turning at the end of the hallway. The figure turned right I assume to climb up the stairs to get to the last floor. The person had not noticed me because it had its back to me and I was far behind. Even though the person was wearing a cloak, I could tell the figure was feminine. My brows furrowed in confusion. There are no guards in the castle. The only females in the South wing at the moment are Charlotte, Genera and Jessica. Why would either one of them roam around the castle in cloaks?

I decided to follow the figure so I walked through the hallway and slowly crept up on the turn and peeked to find the stairs empty. I walked up the stairs, careful not to make any noise with my shoes. I slowly pushed open the doors and closed them behind me. Whoever it is can’t go through the secret tunnel because there’s about three wolves guarding its exit in the forest and all the three girls know that. I stood in the hallway, noticing the doors to the library slightly ajar. Walking alertly and very silently, I slightly pushed the library doors open and walked in, closing them behind me. The lights in the library were not turned on and I was surrounded in complete darkness. I stood in the darkness when I heard whispers coming from behind the farthest shelves on the right side.

I crept to the right walking behind the shelves and I heard the voice getting nearer. I stopped when I was a good six shelves away and could hear the whispers clearly.

“Yes master, the silver wolf has run away.”, She said and I heard her pause.

“No master, Zaphrostine seems to have no clue.”, She said again or more like responded. I assumed she was speaking on the phone because I could not hear anyone else.

“I think he suspects about a spy because all the bugs from his quarters and the meeting rooms have been removed.”, She waited for a moment and said,

“Yes master, I’ll be more careful.”, She said.

At first, I couldn’t believe my ears when I heard her voice but there was no mistake in recognizing her voice. My heart skipped a beat as my lips parted in disbelief. How- how? She was providing him information right under my nose and I had no clue about it. I expected myself to be furious but all I felt was pain and sadness. How could she betray me like that?

I trusted her.

With a heavy heart filled with sorrow, I walked through the aisle to the corner where she was. I heard her breathing get faster as she finally heard my footsteps approaching her. I stopped at the end of the aisle and turned my body so that it was completely facing her. My eyes reflected the pain and sadness as I stared into her eyes.

Like a deer caught in headlights, she dropped the phone from her hand. Her eyes widened in fear and her hand went to cover her mouth.

The spy had been her along.



I took a swig directly from the bourbon bottle as I unfastened the upper buttons of my shirt.

I felt numb. I couldn’t comprehend it. She was like a mother to me. She could’ve asked me for anything and I would have given it to her in a heartbeat. She was there for me when my parents died. She treated me like her own son.

It was five in the morning and I was wasting myself with alcohol, trying to numb the pain. I had called Genera and Elijah and told them to lock her in the dungeons without explaining anything. They seemed surprised at my command and tried to question me but all I said was,

“She’s the spy.”

After that I had come to my quarters and drowned myself in alcohol. I stumbled to our room and flopped down on the bed, my face facing the ceiling.

I need you Rose.


“How are you feeling?”, Elijah asked me as we walked through the dungeons.

“I’m okay.”, I curtly said. It was almost ten in the morning and the word had spread through the pack like a fire caused by gasoline.

“Has she said anything?”, I asked as we were approaching her prison.

“Not a single word.”, Elijah sighed.

We approached her prison and I saw her sitting in one corner huddling her legs to her chest. It was pretty cold in the dungeons but she had been provided with enough blankets to keep her warm.

She didn’t lift her head even as we stood outside the prison.

The guards bowed their heads and I signalled them to open the door. They opened the door and Elijah and I stepped inside.

I waited for her to give a reaction but she didn’t.

“Since when are you working for Rednax?”, I asked aloud. I grit my teeth as she blatantly ignored me.

“Why did you betray me, Catherine?”, I asked seething with anger.

She chose to ignore me again.

“Don’t make me force you, Catherine. I won’t be so nice.”, Never had I imagined I would be saying these words to her.

“I-“, I winced clutching a hand to my chest as a pain shot through my heart.

“Zaphrostine!”, Elijah came by my side to help me.

“Come on I’m taking you to Maya.”

Somehow, he managed to take us out of the dungeons and to the hospital wing.

“What happened?”, Maya rushed towards us.

“I don’t know, one second he was confronting her and the next he started clutching his heart.

She guided him on to a nearby bed and started checking him. Once she was done checking him, she said,

“Oh goddess! There’s nothing wrong with him. It’s the Luna.”

“What’s wrong with Rose?!”, He asked getting up.

“The poison, it must’ve spread through her body and reaching her heart. It happened to the other victim early in the morning. I have given her some activated charcoal for the time being. I am almost done with the antidote. It’ll be done by afternoon. The poison must be killing the Luna.”, She said pacing around.

I clutched my hand to my chest as tears formed in my eyes.

Dammit Rose! Please hang in there, baby.

I snapped my head up when the pain suddenly stopped.

“The pain stopped.”, I said fearfully.

She stopped and looked at me confused, “I’m sorry?”

“I can’t feel the pain anymore.”

“How is that possible? The pain would have been excruciating if she was dead but you seem completely fine.”, She muttered more to herself.

“So, does that mean she’s fine?”

“Yes, it seems so. You will know if she dies. I don’t understand how?”

Where are you, Rose, or better yet who are you with?

Sooo Catherine huh? I know most you thought it was Charlotte. I bet you didn’t see that coming. I mean come on it would’ve been so obvious and boring if it was Charlotte. Things have definitely spiced up now cuz who expected the sweet Catherine to be a fucking spy?

I want you guys to understand that I’ve poured out my entire heart into this book so please please please refrain from leaving spoilers or even leaving #rr on any of Catherine’s dialogues. I wish I was kidding but it takes at least 3 to 4 hours to write a chapter and I would be really sad if you leave spoilers for someone who’s reading the book for the first time. I know it’s tempting to leave a spoiler but please don’t. It’s a humble request.


Pheww, I swear I’m nice guys;)

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