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The War


“We can’t kill Rednax. We have to take him as a prisoner. We need to get all the answers. We can imprison him and after getting the answers to all our questions we can sentence him to death.”, I said.

I saw Zaphrostine nodding from my peripheral vision. I know this comes as a big shock to him but hell even I’m caught off guard here.

No one will kill Rednax. He is to be taken as a prisoner. But that doesn’t mean you can’t hurt him. I ordered through the pack mindlink.

They marched forward and I slowly brought my hand up to my stomach.

The smug look on his face faltered as he saw the witches beside us. He halted in his tracks and his entire army stopped behind him. He turned to look at Inara and she stiffly nodded at him.

“You’re not the only one with surprises, Rednax.”, I said loudly, ensuring my voice was loud enough to reach him.

He gave me a deathly glare but instead of replying he ignored me and with a teasing smile he looked at Zaph.

“Remember me, Zaphrostine? I doubt you do. Afterall, you were a little child. It’s unfortunate we have to meet again under these circumstances but you must not blame me. It is your fault for choosing this path. Had you given up the crown, I would not have declared this war. I see you have brought along some company but I doubt a few witches are a match for my army.”, He said.

Zaphrostine laughed and said, “Who said we have a few witches? If you are a wise man you would back down now because this war won’t end well for you.”

“I’ve waited twenty two years for this. I would be a fool to turn my back now. I’m asking you this one last time Zaphrostine, are you willing to give up the crown?”, He asked.

Zaphrostine rolled back his shoulders and taking a protective stance he said, “Never.”

“ATTACK!”, Rednax yelled and all the people behind lurched forward transforming either into wolves or hybrids.

SHIFT! Zaphrostine yelled through the pack link.

I shifted into my wolf let her take complete control as I pushed forward. I saw Zaph’s black wolf run beside me but soon I parted to the right and he parted to the left as we neared the rogues and hybrids who came charging towards us. I felt power coursing through my veins as I pushed my limbs faster. I could hear the thudding of the paws of the soldiers behind me as I lead them into the field.

I growled and jumped on the rogue in front of me as we reached the rogues and hybrids. Rednax stood his ground in his human form as the rogues clashed with our wolves. What a fucking coward. He’s not even taking part in the fight.

I struck the rogue down and held him in place but as I held him down another wolf came running towards me and jumped on me but raising my forelimbs, I pushed him away while he was still halfway in air. I then sunk my teeth in the neck of the wolf on the ground and ripped out his throat. His body lay still on the ground as I jumped over it to fight two other rogues as they came towards me. I rammed my body into the right wolf’s and struck the left wolf with my forelimbs. I swerved my neck as the left wolf came to bite me. I went to bite his muzzle but he turned his head the other way, baring his neck to me. I quickly stepped forward and ripped out his throat. I quickly looked around and saw a wolf being hounded by two hybrids.

I ran towards the wolf, biting into one of the hybrid’s legs I pulled him away and letting the wolf deal with the other hybrid.

The hybrid cried out in pain as I sunk my fangs in deeper. He turned around in a flash and was about to hit my head with his meaty fist when I removed my teeth and backed away. He limped towards me and I jumped on his, scratching his face with my sharp fangs. He cried out in pain as my fangs drew out blood and he pushed me back. I landed back on the ground on my limbs. As he went to grab me, I swerved and bit into his thigh. He growled out in pain and grabbed me by the neck. I moved my head trying to bite his arm but he had a tight him on my neck. He bent down to sing his fangs into my neck but I quickly shifted into my human form and with my bare hands snapped his neck.

His body went limp and he fell to the ground, releasing his grip on my neck. I transformed back into my wolf and went to fight other hybrids.

I don’t know long it had been but numerous bodies lay on the field around me. I had been fighting hybrids left and right. I occasionally fought the rogues as they came to attack me but I stuck to killing hybrids mainly because they were stronger. But as I fought more and more hybrids, I figured that even though they were stronger their stamina was way less than an average wolf’s. The witches fought alongside us, throwing spells and killing the rogues and hybrids and also healing the wolves on the field. The snow was covered with bodies and red blood. The entire field had turned into a bloodbath. I could see the number of enemies dwindling in number.

I was running across the field to search for Zaphrostine when a body slammed into me with full force making me topple over. A pain shot through my body but none the less I was on my feet within a few seconds. I saw the attacker coming towards me and he went to bite my sides when I slammed my head into his. He staggered back and I took the opportunity claw his stomach but I growled out in agony as I felt another rogue sink his teeth into my hind leg.

I raised my other hind leg and kicked his face which made him release my leg. I slammed him to the ground and grabbing his leg in my teeth, I twisted it. He growled in pain but didn’t get up. I left him there and continued my search for Zaphrostine.

The thought of him getting hurt was enough to have me sprinting. I ran to the front of the crowd following his very faint smell which my nose could pick up.

I found myself running into the woods and away from the battlefield. I felt his sent getting stronger but I went into a panic mode when I smelt his scent mix with blood. I soon found myself entering a clearing.

My eyes widened and fear overtook my body as I saw three figures in the clearing. The witch, Inara, had her hand raised and she smirked as she forced Zaphrostine in a kneeling position in front of Rednax. Zaphrostine had claw marks on his chest and hands and a bite mark on his leg. Blood trickled from the side of his head. His eyes were closed and he seemed to be unconscious.

Rednax and the witch turned their heads to look at me when I entered the clearing. I charged forward but a force overtook my body and I halted in my tracks, leaving me immobile. I tried to move but I couldn’t. The witch had cast a spell. I tried to shift and thankfully I could.

“Well, well, well, seems like we have an audience.”, Rednax smirked.

“Get away from him!”, I shouted, seeing red as the fear was replaced by boiling hot anger.

“And why would I do that?”, He laughed.

“Let him go or I swear I will make you suffer worse than you will in hell.”, I grit my teeth and narrowed my eyes at him.

“I thought you were wise, Rose. You knew I was going to win and I even gave you a chance to join me but you went ahead and challenged me. I would have even spared your little mate had you joined my army but now, he will die and I wonder whose fault it will be. I will kill him just like I killed your mother, father and brother and it will be your fault.”, He laughed maniacally and drew out a dagger.

Tears welled in my eyes as anger gave way to fear. No, I can’t lose Zaphrostine. He’s all I have.

“You have a problem with me. Kill me then. Please leave him unharmed.”, I shouted as tears spilled out of my eyes.

He ignored me raised the dagger to his chest.

“NO!”, I screamed as he slowly pushed the dagger in Zaph’s chest. I sobbed, trying to break out of the spell but it was all futile.

Zaphrostine screamed and a searing hot pain erupted in my chest. The pain worsened and I screamed as he pushed the dagger slowly inside.

The dagger was halfway in when two figures entered the clearing and an invisible force sent Rednax and Inara flying against the tree. They both clashed against the tree with a forceful impact. Zaph’s body fell to the ground and I felt the invisible force lift off from my body and I lurched forward towards Zaphrostine.

The pain in my chest was worsening and I knelt beside him.

Tears fell from my eyes as I patted his cheek and said, “Hey, hey, hey! Come on, baby, open your eyes for me.”

He groaned and slowly opened his eyes. Tears continuously spilled from my eyes as I looked at him. His blue eyes reflected immense pain.

“I—l-lo-love y-ou”, He croaked out and tears fell from his blue eyes.

I kissed his forehead and said, “And I love you.”

“Scarlet!”, I heard Fiona shout behind me.

I turned my head to see Sylvia dueling with Inara and Fiona had Rednax trapped under a spell.

With her other free arm, she opened up a portal to the hospital and gestured for me to take him in.

I nodded and quickly wiping my eyes, I lifted his arm around my shoulder and slowly helped him stand up. He groaned in pain as we walked inside the portal and found ourselves in the ER of the hospital which was packed with wolves who were being tended to.

“Maya!”, I shouted a few times and saw the doctor coming running towards.

Her face morphed into one of horror as she looked at him and quickly shouted at the nurses to get the operating room ready. She helped me lie him down on a nearby bed. Two other nurses came and were helping her wheel his bed away when I grabbed her hand.

“Please save him.”, I whispered as tears formed in my eyes again. She nodded her head and wheeled him away.

A nurse near me handed me some clothes and quickly putting them on, I walked back through the portal.

I grit my teeth as I saw Rednax being held captive against the base of a tree. Anger coursed through my body and all I saw was red.

Hands clenched into fist by my side, I walked past Fiona and said in a determined voice,

“You can release him now.”

His eyes widened as he saw me coming towards him and he stumbled up to his feet.

“Look, Rose, we can talk-“

Before he could finish, I grabbed his head and repeatedly slammed it into the tree.

“Don’t fucking call me that.”, I grit out.

He fell to the ground as blood trickled from the wound, he got just . I grabbed his collar and dragged him out of the woods into the open where the war still continued but the number of rogues and hybrids had visibly decreased.

The hybrids and rogues stopped fighting as they saw their leader getting dragged by me. They tried to come forward to help their leader but the wolves held them back.

Once I was in the field, I turned around and released my hold on Rednax. He tried to crawl away but I grabbed him and punched him in the face. I heard the satisfying crunch of his nose breaking but I did stop there. I kept punching him until my entire hands were covered in his blood. He groaned and growled and tried to pry my hands away but failed miserably because of his strength.

“So this is your pathetic leader!”, I said loudly so everyone could hear me. I pushed him and he fell face first.

“How do you expect him to lead you when he didn’t even step inside the arena like a fucking coward!”, I laughed.

I placed my foot on his back, keeping him in place as I grabbed his right hand and twisted it. He screamed in agony as I broke it. His broken arm fell limp as I grabbed the other one.

“NO! PLEASE-“, He screamed again as I broke his other arm.

I was grabbing his leg when he screamed,

“NO, PLEASE I ACCEPT DEFEAT!”, He shouted. I slowly released his leg and looked up at the crowd formed around us.

The entire arena fell silent and then a few seconds later, the rogues and hybrids who were alive made a run for the woods. One by one they ran away from the field and into the woods. Now that their leader had officially accepted his defeat there was no way they would stay back and fight any longer.

Once every single one of them was gone, every single wolf in the area sat on their hind legs and bared their necks to me in respect.

“Rise.”, I said.

Tears filled my eyes and I said,

“The war is over and we have- we have”

I couldn’t bring myself to say the word ‘won’ when we were standing in a field covered with bodies both of our enemy and our own.

I wanted to break down right there in front of everyone and just hide away from the world but I couldn’t. I am the queen and I have responsibilities. Every single wolf in this arena is waiting for my command.

“Let’s spend the next few minutes in silence to respect those who gave up their lives to protect the kingdom today. They will forever be remembered and honored.”, I said.

After a few minutes of silence, I continued,

“I will not say we have won because there is no victory in war. I am grateful of each and every one of you for standing your ground and for protecting your kingdom when it needed you the most. The safehouses will be opened in the next hour. Return to your homes back to your loved ones. Seek medical attention if you’re wounded. Food will be arranged.”

My throat felt constricted and dry as I said,

“The king had been stabbed in the chest so currently he is being operated on. Let’s all hope for his wellbeing and for the well being of other injured members.”

The wolves nodded and one by one started leaving the arena.

I grabbed Rednax by the neck and said,

“Start counting the days, Rednax, because you don’t have many left. Don’t worry I’ll be sure to make them memorable.”

“Throw him in the dungeons.”, I said handing him over to Elijah who was walking up to me.

Once I had handed him over to Elijah, I ran away from there and to the hospital.

I ran inside the hospital and asked the nurses about Zaphrostine. I ran to the third floor and to the operation room 3. I stood outside the door, pacing back and forth.

After about twenty minutes, the door opened and I rushed up to Maya.

“Please tell me you saved him. He’s fine now, right?”, I asked her frantically.

She gave me a tired smile and said,

“Yes, he’s fine now. The surgery went well. He’ll wake up in the next twelve hours and I’m sure his recovery will be fast.”

Relief and joy filled my body and I threw my arms around her.

“Thank you so much.”


I stared out of the window at the dark sky. The stars seemed to be twinkling brightly today. I still couldn’t believe it. Everything was over.

After Zaphrostine was moved to the ICU, I had my wounds treated.

I had gone back to the dungeons wanting to close the chapter of Rednax once and for all. It’s sad how people the people closest to us are the ones to betray us. I went to Rednax to find answers for everything but now I’ not sure I was ready for them.

After Zaphrostine was born, there was no hope of Alexander becoming the king because the next in line for the alpha position would be Zaphrostine. Alexander had always been ambitious but his ambitions were forgotten when he met his mate Amara. He was in love with her but little did he know she was always cheating on him behind his back. When Amara was pregnant, Alexanders felt like he was the luckiest person on earth that is until a year after Henry was born, he found out the baby was not his. Alexander was devastated and sad but beyond that he was angry. He was angry that he had let his ambitions swayed by a woman. Alexander found a golden opportunity when he was kidnapped by the rogues. He sweet talked his way and formed an alliance with them. The rogues then killed a man about the size and height of Alexander. They burned the man’s body and Alexander placed his royal ring on the man’s finger. They then staged it as if Alexander was dead. No one was able to recognize the face of the body because the body was burnt. They could only see the ring. Alexander was angry and wanted revenge from his mate so when he heard that she had left the castle, he seized the opportunity and killed her. He the hung the body to a tree and made it seem that she had committed suicide. As for the boy, Henry, Alexander had taken him with intentions of making use of him as a slave when he grew up.

Catherine was in love with Alexander. They dated but after Amara had come in the picture, Alexander had broken up with her to be with Amara. Still in love with him, Alexander decided that she would be the perfect little spy in his plan. Once he had revealed himself and all his plans to her she had agreed to work for him in hopes that things would go back to the way they were before he met Amara. After a few years when Zaphrostine was sixteen, they planned the murder of Zaphrostine and his parents. The chimney accident that had happened when Zaphrostine and his parents were in their family house wasn’t really an accident but rather a planned murder. Luckily, Zaphrostine was saved that night. After that half failed murder attempt, Alexander and Catherine decided it would be too dangerous to poison Zaphrostine through food or any planned accidents.

A year after that Alexander heard rumors about the silver wolf so he went in search for me and when he found me, he started formulating plans for a full-fledged war.

It’s interesting how a mate bond can either destroy you or make you complete.

“What are you looking at?”

I quickly turned around. My eyes widened as I saw a pair of blue eyes staring at me. I rushed towards his bed and threw my arms around him. He wrapped his arms around my waist and held me to him.

Tears formed in my eyes and soon my body shook with sobs. He rubbed my back and whispered sweet nothings in my ear, comforting me.

After I had calmed down, I slightly pulled back to look into his eyes.

“I thought I lost you.”, I whispered looking into his eyes.

He brought his hands up and cupped my cheeks.

“You could never lose me, my love and besides I promised you I would never leave you. You did it, Rose. You defeated Alexander, you saved me and you saved the kingdom. I am so proud of you. Now that everything’s over, I can have you all to myself. Goddess help you if you run away again and trouble my poor heart.”

I giggled and he kissed my nose.

“I love you so much that it hurts. It seems surreal that you’re mine. Your eyes, your smile, your lips, your hair- everything about you just calls out to me. I crave your presence when you’re not with me. Its like I’m addicted to you. I’m so glad that everything is over. I’m not letting you go not now not ever even if you get bored of me. It’s the two of us forever.”, He said.

I grabbed his hand which was resting on my cheek and placed it on my stomach.

“It’s the three of us forever.”, I whispered.

Confusion overtook his expression only for a split second before his eyes widened,

“Does that- does that mean?”

“Yes, babe, I’m pregnant.”, I nervously said.

His lips parted in surprise and his gaze lowered to my stomach. Silence fell between us for the next minute as I bit my lip in anticipation.

“Does that mean I’m going to be a father?”, He slowly looked up at me, his eyes filled with tears.

I smiled and nodded my head.

“Thank you.”, He said and the tears fell from his eyes. My own eyes started watering and I said,

“I’m just so nervous. I’m so worried about the labor. I-I don’t know if I will be a good mother. I can barely take care of myself how am I going to give birth to a child-“, Zaph cut me off with a chaste kiss on my lips.

“You are going to be the perfect mother, love and I will be there with you as we climb every step. We’re in this together.”, He said and rubbed my belly.

“I love you.”, I said looking in his electrifying blue eyes.

“I love you more than you could ever imagine.”, He said and kissed me.

The only thing I had been afraid of was the fact that one day Zaphrostine would leave me but now I know that I’m never going to be alone. After what happened today I truly know that he is a man of his words because he kept his promise, he didn’t renege.


I’m gonna go cry now. Thank you to each and everyone of you who decided to give my book a chance.

Do let me know how you liked the book. I know it’s not perfect and there are a lot of grammatical and spelling errors and a lot of plot holes but please have mercy on me English is not my first language.

There is an epilogue but I probably won’t be able to upload it before next week.

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