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Scarlet’s POV

Once the guys were out of sight, I looked at my sister one last time who was now hugging our father and with a smile on my face I slipped through the crowd and out of the church.

I just need to change and collect my bags, then I’ll be off on my way to the human airport of West Fargo. Our pack was just outside the border of north dakota, well hidden in the dense forests. I just had to hitch a ride to the airport and then from Fargo I had booked a flight to the populous city of Sydney,Australia.

Australia is continent whose temperature is moderately influenced by the surrounding oceans hence making it hotter, a climate wolves do not prefer to stay in. Our body temperatures are above 40 degrees Celsius and hence we prefer to stay in cold places which is mostly the reason I chose Australia. There isn’t a single pack in Australia and therefore no one would look for me here. Besides the climatic reasons, Sydney is very populated, packed with humans which would give me a good chance to blend in.

I was just about to turn around the corner when I received a mind link from Silas,

Scarlet? Can you hear me?

Yes Silas, I’m still in the pack.

Thank goddess! Can you come to my office immediately.

I am going to be late Silas.

Please it’s urgent.

I pondered for a moment when I replied back.

Fine I’ll be there.

I cut the mind link off, turning right, strolling towards the pack house.

I was at the entrance of our majestic pack house when a woodsy and strong masculine smell filled my nostrils. As perplexing as it is, I wanted more of it.

I felt my wolf stir in my mind. I shook my head slightly to clear my head as I pushed open the door. The smell grew even stronger as I climbed up the marble stairs.

Everyome was at the wedding party so the pack house was empty.I took the first left and walked down the hallway towards my brother’s office.

The exquisite smell hit me with full force once I was directly outside Silas’s office door. I could easily pick up on Silas and William’s scent but the third one I couldn’t figure out.

Oddly my heart rate picked up and I felt my wolf wide awake waiting in anticipation but for what reason I cannot say.

I knocked twice on the door which was very unusual of me as I would just barge right in but it seems Silas has company.

“Come in, Scar.”

I pushed open the door and my gaze met with Silas’s figure standing behind his desk but slowly it traveled to the unfamiliar figure standing on the left of the desk. This person has to be an alpha because the aura of importance and authority he emits is intimidating.

Wind knocked out of my lungs when my gaze was met with the most electrifying pair of blue eyes. His dark irises were surrounded by a ring of turquoise and there were specks of gold in his eyes. I have never in my life seen such beautiful pair of eyes. His eyes were framed by thick, dark lashes. His silky locks of obsidian hair, darker than night itself, were pushed out of his face. Goddess if I could just run my hand through them! His pink plump lips looked very inviting. I swear I have never seen a jawline as striking as his. His skin looked smooth and naturally tanned. I thought Silas was huge but this man could pass for a size twice as me.I could see his large biceps stretching the material of his tuxedo. I bet his white shirt hid his broad chest and abs.

It took every ounce of my willpower to keep me from jumping his bones.

A ferocious growl rippled through the air the moment my eyes met his. It felt as if every atom in my body illuminated at his presence.

“MATE.“, He growled out the one word I was terrified to hear.

My eyes widened and a gasp escaped out through my parted lips. My hands tightened around the knob of the door I was still holding.

“Scarlet, why don’t you come inside and meet our King .“, Silas said.

Oh goddess, I’m so fucked.

This has to be some sick joke. I mean the king of werewolves as my mate.

I did not dare to move rather sticking to my spot but I regretted it the moment the king started strutting towards me with confident steps.

I pushed back my wolf who was trying to surface. He stopped once he was within a foot of me. I focused my gaze on the bow tie of his suit. I mean he was taller than me, maybe 6′8. I didn’t need his beautiful eyes distracting me, I think his scent has already claimed that job.

I jumped slightly when I felt sparks erupting when his right hand grabbed mine which was holding the knob.

“It is a pleasure to finally meet you, my love.“, he said in a thick British accent and kissed the back of my hand. His soft lips touching my hand sending me in an overdrive.

Oh just kill me before his panty melting accent does! I flushed red and mumbled,

“You too, your majesty.”

An amused smile tugged at the corner of his lips.He took my hand and pulled me completely inside.

I should probably break down the news for him before it’s too late. He pulled out a chair for me to sit in and then sat on the one next to mine.

“Alpha Silas, here, says that you would be more than willing to leave tonight with me, to the royal pack.“, He said.

I whipped my head in Silas’s direction giving him the most hateful glare. He smiled nervously.

“Did he now? Well I’m afraid to break it to you, your majesty, but I..“, I hesitated before looking at him dead in the eye. I sucked in a much needed breath and continued,

“I cannot be your mate. I request you to find someone else.”

His jaw visibly clenched and his hand on the armrest tightened. He shut his eyes close and spoke through gritted teeth,

“Why? Are you perhaps committed to another man, mate?”

Of course his prime thought is that I’m in love with another man. Why did I not see that coming?

Werewolves by nature are very territorial. This applies not just to males but also females. We don’t like to share, especially our mates. Mates usually get very possessive over their significant others.

“No, I am not committed but I do have my personal reasons and I would appreciate it if you respect it.”

He visibly relaxed and answered in his
deep melodic voice,

“I’m afraid I cannot respect your decision, love, if you do not give me a fair reason hence you will come with me and rule by my side.”


“No buts, Scarlet. It is only natural you come with me.“, His voice came out stern, leaving no room for discussion.

Oh goddess, the way my name rolled of his tongue in his accent! Focus Scarlet!
I would be practically signing my death certificate if I become the queen. It won’t be long before my identity is exposed and he will come hunting for me. I have no doubt that the royal pack has a lot of warriors and that it is well protected but that doesn’t mean I would let any harm inflict on innocents for his cause.

However, ignoring the part where the king wants me to be the queen, he just wants me to go with him to the royal pack.

He never said anything about staying.

“Fine.“, I replied faking defeat.

A victorious smirk played on his lips. Oh how I would love to wipe it off!

“William, why don’t you escort our king to the party while Silas and I have a little chat.“, I said in a rather cheery voice.

William stood up from his seat on the couch behind, watching the drama that was unfolding all while. My mate stood up to meet him at the door but said before leaving the room,


I turned to look at him.

“Don’t keep me waiting too long.”

I turned red when he winked at me before leaving.

I turned back to face my dearest brother.

Glaring at him, I snapped

“Why did you call me when you clearly knew I was his mate?!”

“I couldn’t help it, he smelt you on me and he demanded he wanted to meet you!“, He poorly defended himself.

“You could have easily told him I left already!“, I shouted.

“Of course blame me for wanting to keep you safe!“, He shouted back.

“I am not the same, vulnerable ten-year old, Silas. I know very well how to look after myself. You don’t know the consequences of what you have just done, Silas.“, I said in a more composed voice. Now, I am not the one to get enraged very easily but I am infuriated
by him at the moment.

“Is it too much to expect you won’t do anything stupid?”

But I already found myself walking out of his office.

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