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Scarlet’s POV

I know that I don’t look like a complete troll, a bit better maybe but this man sitting next to me looks like he won the greatest lottery ever. I kid you not when I’m telling you that I never felt insecure but now, I have already wondered a hundred times if I have something on my face. My traitorous heart is racing like a maniac.

“Can you quit the staring?“, I asked in a calm voice, looking anywhere but at him.

“I can.. but I won’t.” I could already imagine that annoying smirk forming on his-cough-handsome-face.

I refuse to look at him even though I want to. It’s a terrifying feeling to get lost- in his electrifying blue eyes.

“Why are you so stiff, love? Do I make you nervous?“, He asked while taking my hand gently in his.

I almost jumped out of my chair when I felt the sparks. How dare he ask me the reason for my stiffness when he’s sitting right next to me with his gaze fixated on my bloody face! Not to mention the variety of expressions people are giving me. I scanned as many faces I could observing their expressions- happy, confused,happy,mad,intrigued,sad,
surprised and many more but mostly death glares.

As much as I hate to admit the fact that I’m the King’s mate,it is a big deal in our world when a king finds his mate. There is a huge ball thrown for her coronation and every alpha is invited.

“Do you know half the girls in the room are staring at me as if I just snatched their favourite toy away from them?“, I said, finally daring to look him in the eye and boy did I regret it.

He leaned in close until his lips were near my ear. I held in my breath as he came close because I know that anymore of his scent would have driven me crazy.

“I wouldn’t know because I was staring at the most beautiful girl.”

I blushed not only because of our intimate position but also because he called me pretty. I must look like a silly school girl, happy at the fact that her crush noticed her. But the difference is that I’m no school girl and I have to remind myself not to get too attached but still I couldn’t stop the warmth blossoming in my chest.

He placed a lingering kiss on my cheek and pulled away but still holding our hands. A shiver ran down my spine when his lips met with my cheek. If a kiss on the cheek had me curling my toes I wonder how it would be to feel his lips on mine.

I tried to shake away the sinful thoughts from my head primarily because I won’t get to experience it. I need to get away from him for a bit, to clear my thoughts.

“My king.“, I snapped my head to the owner of the masculine voice. I looked at the tall man on the other side of the small table we were sitting at. His voice hinted a strong accent, French, I presume. His build was muscular but nothing compared to my mate. His brown eyes were in sync with his dark brown hair. His smooth pale skin, quite a contrast to his eyes. To sum it all up he would be an attractive man if not for the face with blue eyes stuck in my head.

He bowed his head in respect as he acknowledged my mate.

“Alpha Blaise, good to see you again.“, He acknowledged the man and gestured him to sit.

He took a seat and continued with a kind smile on his face when he noticed our entwined hands,

“It is true then, the kingdom has found its queen.”

My mate turned to face me and with a certain happiness twinking in his eyes replies,

“Yes it is.”

And I have to remind myself how to breathe again.

“I wish you all the happiness, my king,queen. But I wanted to address an issue, your majesty. I apologize in advance for interfering your pleasant night.”

My mate encouraged him to proceed further with a nod but I took this golden opportunity to escape.

I stood up slowly, removing my hand from his hold. His gaze met mine with a questioning glance and I replied,

“I’m going to get myself a drink.”

“Don’t be too long though.“, He said and turned his attention back to the french lad.

I weaved my way through the dance floor, currently packed with people, to the other side.

The bar was surprisingly deserted with just two people sitting there.

I sat on one of the stools and ordered a glass of red wine to calm my nerves.

I tapped my nails against the counter as I waited patiently when a voice called out.

“The drink’s on me.”

I slowly raised my eyes in a taunting manner as I took the glass from the bartender. I let my gaze slide over to the man or alpha should I say once i thanked for my drink.The only vibe that rolled off him shouted ‘fuckboy’. His eyes raked over my body and I had to prevent myself from shivering in disgust. I mean at least be decent before trying to get in a girl’s pants. His light brown hair were tousled back and his light grey eyes were entrancing but the way he was eyeing me as if I was a piece of meat was a big turn off. Besides, I was taken.

“Didn’t know you could pay for free drinks.” I said as I raised my glass to my lips.

If his ego was deflated, he sure didn’t show it. He brushed off my comment and continued,

“I like you, blondie, Quite a body you got there. Let’s get straight to the point, shall we? I see no mark on your pretty little neck and even if there were, I don’t give a fuck. Do you know where we could get a quiet space ? I’m alpha Dylan by the way.” He roughly grabbed my hand and pulled me to my feet.

Alright that’s enough. He stepped way over the line. I don’t want to create a scene but no way in hell is this acceptable. I was about to twist my hand out of his hold when a hand wrapped around my waist and pulled me back to a hard chest. The sparks and scent was enough to tell me who it was.

“I would appreciate if you kept your hands away from my mate and your queen, Dylan.” He spoke in a deadly calm voice. I wouldn’t want to be on the receiving end, just saying.

Fear danced in Alpha Dylan’s eyes as he hurriedly dropped my hand and stumbled upon his words.

“I...I’m sorry, your majesty. I.. I swear I didn’t know-”

“Scram.” Was all he said and Dylan rushed away from there with his tail tucked between his legs.

The next thing I know I’m pulled to the dance floor. People bowed their heads and parted aside, making way for us. Once we were exactly in the center, surrounded by people, he placed my hand on his shoulder and took my other hand in his. He grabbed my waist and started swaying to the music. People kept glancing at us in awe and I couldn’t help but find it unsettling.

“You could have asked me more polit-“,

“Say something, Scarlet, before I go back and kill him.”

“Well for starters, I hate it when someone man handles me.“, I said, annoyance lacing my tone.

“I’m serious, love, distract me before I do something I most definitely won’t regret .“, He growled.

I look at his eyes, switching colors between a beautiful golden and his original blue. His wolf was trying to take control.

I thought for like a minute or so then, I remembered,

“Oh um,Yeah! Do you know why 10 is afraid of 7?“, I asked him with eager eyes.

He just shrugged and set his curious eyes on me.

“Because 7, 8 ,9! Get it?!“, I told him grinning like a fool.

Confusion was written all over his face. How can he not get it! I mean how can someone be so dumb.

" 7 ate 9, like 7 was hungry and he ate 9. The eight is used as-“, I shut my mouth when I noticed his lips curl up in amusement at my desperate tries to explain the joke. He was trying hard to control his laughter and not offend me. Too late buddy.

I mean I know it’s lame but still very funny. Right?

“That’s my que to shut up.“,I grumbled, embarrassed at my lame attempt to calm him. I stared at the wooden flooring suddenly intrigued at the light colour, the tip of my nose turning red.

We stopped swaying and he left my hand which was holding his.He lifted my face with his thumb and index finger, so that I was looking directly at him.

“I apologize if I offended you, my love. I must admit though, you looked quite adorable when you were trying to explain it to me.“, He remarked with a laugh.

He took my arms and guided them around his neck. He wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me even closer and started swaying us to the beats of the slow song.I breathed in his intoxicating scent and sighed contentedly. I stared into the depths of his blue eyes as he stared at me.

This feels so right yet so wrong at the same time.

“You have beautiful eyes.” , I whispered subconsciously.

“They are nothing compared to yours,love.”

I snorted,

“Now you’re just trying to get in my pants.”

“You think I’m kidding? Well then let me tell you ,Scarlet, you have the most gorgeous eyes I have ever seen. Your eyes pull me into a heart warming scenery of a cool autumn day. The falling leaves, the cool breeze of wind, it stirs a feeling of home in my heart. A home, a solace, that I’ve been in search for many years. There must be at least a thousand different shades of brown in there and trust me when I tell you I wouldn’t mind spending an eternity to figure them all out.”

An unfamiliar feeling tugged at my heart which had me feeling giddy. Butterflies erupted in the pit of my stomach. Now don’t get me wrong I have been with guys before for my sexual desires but no one has ever made me feel so special, like this man here did with just a few words. What is this man doing to me?

“Thank you, no one’s ever said that to me.“, I said in a quiet voice.

He just offered me a heart melting smile and kissed the crown of my head.

I rested my head against his chest, enjoying his comfort. Just for this night, I promise myself.

Goddess knows how long we were swaying for when an all too familiar voice had me lifting my head in a blink of an eye.

“Your majesty, you wouldn’t mind if I steal my daughter for some time, would you?”

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