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Scarlet’s POV

There were still a few planes on the tarmac when we arrived. I could easily recognize the largest plane standing there to be his. I let him guide me to the plane. Sparks erupted as our hands brushed.

We were joined by my father and Silas once we reached near the jet.They both bowed their heads and greeted him.

“Scar, join me for a minute?“, Silas asked.

I nodded my head following him away from the others.

He stopped and turned around once we were away.

“Look I’m not going to apologize for stopping you because I believe I did the right thing. I think you should-”

“I am not mad at you, Silas. I mean I was before but then again what had to happen ,happened.”

“Besides, I’ve decided to give this mate thing a shot.”


“Really!“, His eyes sparked up with hope and he replied in an excited voice.

I nodded my head putting on a fake smile enough to convince him. I had always been a good liar, ever since I was a child. I know it’s not a good trait but what can I say, comes in handy in times like this.

“Yes, I can’t anyways leave now ,so might as well give it a shot.”

“Good for you, Scar. “, His voice now less enthusiastic.

“You’ll find her. Just don’t lose hope and keep searching.” I assured him.

He nodded his slowly, smiling softly.

“Sometimes I feel like you’re the mature one among us.”

“It took you what 18 years of my life to realize that. I’m offended!“, I said playfully.

He shook his head laughing uncontrollably.

We walked back towards the plane and I hugged my father. I retracted from the hug, standing beside my mate.

“I’ll see you again?” Silas asked.

“Of course, you will.“, I replied faking another smile.


One look into my father’s eyes and I knew he was not convinced. My stomach somersaulted as he smiled at me.

He knows me too well I thought as I turned around and walked up the air-stairs

“It was nice meeting you Alpha Silas, Stephen. I will see you both soon.“, I heard him speak behind me.

I felt him walking behind me once I was halfway up.

There was a young flight attendant holding the compartment door open. He bowed his head when we walked in and I awkwardly acknowledged him.

My eyes widened when I took in the interior of the enormous jet. There were two rows of two plush white chairs each, facing each other at an angle. There was a couch opposite the three rows.

This man is loaded! I mean why wouldn’t he be, he is the freaking king!

I eagerly hopped towards one of the window seats and sat down, staring out of the oval window in awe. As you can clearly see it is my first time on an airplane.

I turned my head towards him when I heard shuffling. He was removing his blazer and kept it on the couch. He then removed his bow tie and dropped it beside his blazer. He unbuttoned the top buttons of his dress shirt and started rolling up his sleeves and I just shamelessly gawked at him.

Holy shit, is he on steroids! How else can you justify those muscular arms and body?!

I whipped my head in the other direction when he started turning around. I heard him come towards me and take a seat beside me, his build covering the entire seat. If it wasn’t for the armrest in between my side would be touching his.

“Would you like to eat something, darling?“, he asked me in his deep voice.

“I’m not hungry, your majesty.“, I replied, bothered my the butterflies in my stomach.

“You don’t have to call me all those titles, Scarlet.”

“What do I call you then?“, I asked him, realizing the fact that I never even asked his name.

A mischievous smirk formed on his face as he answered,

“I mean I would love it if you called me babe, baby, darling, sweetheart-”

“I meant your name.“, I cut him off, my cheeks burning in embarrassment.

“Just promise you won’t laugh. I seriously think my parents were intoxicated when they named me. “, He grumbled.

Wow didn’t imagine the king would sound this desperate for something.

I nodded my head slowly, giggling softly, as my mind wandered towards the embarrassing names he might be the owner of-


Don’t be stupid Scarlet! His parents won’t name him after your favorite ice cream flavor. My conscience argued with me.


No, too short.


That just doesn’t suit him. Maybe I should stop.

You think!

My conscience shouted.

“Zaphrostine.“, He told me, breaking my string of thoughts.

My lips parted in awe. Why would he be ashamed of such a beautiful name?

After calculating my reaction for literally less than a second he grumbled,

“Great you think it’s funny too.”

He crossed his arms chest and looked ahead, a scowl marring his perfect features.

Okay this man throws a tantrum better than the Kardashians! What just because I’m a wolf doesn’t mean I don’t watch human shows.

“It’s beautiful.” I gushed.

“You’re bluffing.“, He scoffed.

“No,no I’m not. Yes it is unique but that’s what makes it special.“, I said honestly.

He looked at me with admiration swirling in his blue eyes. There was another feeling his eyes were expressing but I denied the possibility of it . I averted my eyes and stared out of the window. That’s my problem, I run away when things get too personal which is probably why I have no friends or a boyfriend. Of course, I’ve been with guys but that was purely for sex. When my mother died, I slowly started detaching myself from people, isolating myself completely until I had absolutely no one but Silas to talk to.

Please fasten your seat belts, the jet is ready to take off.

I heard the pilot announce. I took the two pieces in my hand and slid the flat one between the gap in the other one. This thing better protect me if the jet crashes!

I exhaled slowly once I felt the jet moving. I gripped the armrests, sitting stiffly.

“Your first time?“, He asked me.

“That obvious?“, I remarked sarcastically, turning to look at him.

He laughed but nonetheless continued,

" Close your eyes and relax.”

“I won’t be able to relax until this damn thing is in the air.“, I mumbled when the jet picked up its pace.

I listened to him and closed my eyes however I opened them again when he grabbed my left hand in his.

“It will calm your nerves.“, He said.

Strangely it did. I reveled in the sparks for comfort.

I closed my eyes again and rested my head against the headrest. I didn’t even feel the plane take off.

I could feel the day’s tiredness as my mind became groggy and my body relaxed, slowly shutting down. This has been a crazy day.

Who would have thought I would meet my mate today? I would have been long gone by now, on my flight to Australia. But seems like fate had strategies of it’s own.

The last thing on my mind was the name of my beloved as I succumbed into the darkness.


Zaphrostine’s POV

I never believed in fate until today. It came as a surprise to me when I met her today. The only thing that ran through my mind was the fact that how did my wolf and I get so lucky.

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw this beautiful being for the first time. Her beachy locks of blonde hair that cascaded down her back like a waterfall, her big doe like brown eyes, her flushed cheeks, her soft pale skin and don’t even get me started on those luscious pink lips. I have been restraining myself from grabbing her face and having a taste of the sweetest honey. Her perfect body with curves in the right places has me wondering the different ways in which I could take her.

My wolf was clawing out at me to mark her but it is too soon. I need to give her time to adjust. As much as I would love to claim her, I need to take it slow. I don’t mind though since we have all the time in the world. I can already feel the bond connecting.

The only thing I’m concerned about is the fact that she seems so guarded like she had some high walls built around her. It is not a bad thing but a person acts like this when something has happened to them. Why would she want to reject me? It is highly unlikely of a mate to reject their other half but she looked ready to do it in a heartbeat. She was going to leave but where and most importantly why. Alpha Silas seemed to know why but didn’t tell me. I also noticed that she was surprised when her father had come to talk to her which arose fresh questions in my mind. Then there was her mother, no one knows what happened to her but I have a hunch that it’s all connected. I know that she has some skeletons in her closet, heck everyone has some, but I am determined to find them out in due time ,of course.

I somehow know she is different and I vow to love her unconditionally despite of what she’s hiding.

I stared at her sleeping face and then at our entwined hands.

I brushed away the strand of hair that had fallen across her face and whispered, “You are not alone anymore, Scarlet. I don’t know what you are afraid of ,love, but I assure you you won’t be fighting it alone.”

Is it too early to say that my heart belongs to her already?

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