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Scarlet’s POV

Kindly fasten your seat belts, your highness’s. We will be landing in 10 minutes.

The pilot announced and I rubbed my eyes trying to shake of my drowsiness. Zaph woke me up a few minutes ago but I still feel tired and exhausted which is ironic because all I have done for the past 18 hours is eat and sleep.

The jet was flying below the clouds and all I could see was dense forests. I spotted cars moving on a narrow road on the other side of the forests. The forests separate the human settlements from the pack, I think. The jet continued flying over the dense forests when I spotted a small airport.

My heart jumped in leaps as the plane started to descend on the airport.

“Why is the airport situated in the middle of nowhere?“, I asked him in order to distract myself.

“I frequently have visitors and it causes a lot of noise. Therefore, I thought it would be best if I locate it far from the palace and settlements. It is exactly in the middle of the forest so neither the humans nor us can hear the noises.“, He informed me.

I nodded my head apprehensively. That was thoughtful of him.

The jet jerked very slightly when it touched down and ran on the jetway. It took a slow turn and parked among the other jets.

There was a short ding which indicated we could unbuckle our seatbelts.

The cold November air brushed against my face when I followed him down the stairs of the jet. The weather might be harsh for humans but it was perfect for us. The sun had set and it must be like six to seven in the evening.

We walked through the small, grey airport building which was completely deserted, to the other side. There was a lean old man in a chauffeur kind of uniform standing beside a sleek black Mercedes Benz.

We walked closer until we were a few feet away from the man and the car when I stopped dead in my tracks. Zaphrostine came to a halt almost immediately behind me, his hard chest grazing my back.

“Is that- is that an S class?“, I asked him unbelievably, referring to the car. Okay you caught me, I am a big sucker for cars and motorcycles.

“I am afraid it is.“, He replied in a smug voice.

He placed his right hand around my waist when I was still in a daze, admiring the beauty, and pulled me forward, directly in front of the man.

I snapped out of it when the old man bowed his head in respect.

“Welcome back, my king.“, The old man greeted in an accent similar to Zaphrostine’s. His voice pleasant and warm.

My mate acknowledged him with a small smile and a nod.

“Might I ask who this young lady is, your highness?“, asked Marvin with a kind smile on his wrinkled face.

“This beautiful girl, here, is your queen and my mate, Marvin.“, Zaphrostine said while looking at me with an adoring smile.

“Hello.“, I greeted him, giving him an awkward wave. I laughed nervously as Marvin stared at my face in admiration.

He bowed his head and greeted me, “My queen.”

I squirmed uncomfortably when Zaph came to my rescue. It just feels so weird and surreal. One moment you are a girl trying to lay low and the next thing you know that you are the queen of an entire kingdom.

“Why don’t we get going, Marvin? We are both extremely exhausted.”

“Of course, my king.”

He quickly opened the back door for us and Zaph gestured me to get in first. So, chivalry isn’t dead after all.

I let my finger roam against the plush leather seats as I got in.I scooted over as he got in after me and Marvin closed the door behind him. I saw the male hostess bring my bags and Marvin kept them in the trunk.

The driver and the passenger seat were separated from the backseat by a solid black divider like the one used in limos, probably for privacy purposes.

The car set into motion and soon I found us exiting the airport and onto a good concrete road, with the woods continuing on either side of road.

After about half an hour of travelling, I saw huge gates at the end of the road. There were ten buff men guarding it. The two men standing beside the gates opened it as our car came into view and all of them bowed their heads as the car passed through.

There was a road that continued behind the gate and we followed it. I couldn’t see anything in the front due to the divider but I could see vast lawns on the sides. The car came to halt and Zaph told me to wait.

He got out and came towards my side, opening my door and offering me his hand.

“What?“, He asked as I stared at him amusingly.

I just shook my head grinning like an idiot and put my hand in his. He gently pulled me out and I turned around, dropping his hand. My lips parted in astonishment as I stared at the majestic beauty in front of me.

Fucking hell!

Disney doesn’t stand a chance against the royal castle. There were a huge of set of stairs that led to the opening. My eyes wandered to the conical tops and the intricate designs on the walls. I could only wonder how big the castle is because I was just staring at one side of it.

“This is the epitome of beauty.“, I whispered mesmerized by the castle.

“I’m glad you like it.“, He said joyously near my ear.

I averted my gaze to his face and boy was it a breath taking sight, he was staring down at me with a boyish grin on his face. I had to remind my little heart to beat again at his nearness. His face was literally inches away from mine when he started leaning in, his hands came up to rest on my waist as I stared at his red lips.

I heard someone clear their throat and I jumped away from my mate.

I looked at a man and woman standing at the base of the stairs. I saw the girl whack him on his head.

“Ow! Babe, why’d you do that?“, the man asked rubbing his head, pouting slightly.

“They were about to kiss, you idiot!“, the woman exclaimed.

“I know.“, he whispered, grinning mischievously.

I regained my composure, thinking about the ‘almost’ kiss. I need to have more control over myself because to be honest I wouldn’t have pushed him away.

Zaph had an annoyed look on his face as he stood beside me and glared at the man.

The man and woman who were clearly a couple approached us and both of them bowed their heads.

“Scarlet, this is my beta Elijah and his mate Charlotte.“, my mate introduced them.

Elijah had dirty blonde hair and brown eyes but unlike mine, his were dark. His tan skin was similar to Zaph’s. Charlotte was strikingly very pretty with voluminous curly black hair and her chocolate brown skin reflected beautifully in the sunlight. But the most beautiful part were her stormy grey eyes. Her long legs and model-like body was definitely something to be jealous of.

Both of them had wide smiles on their faces as they looked at me.

“So, this is the infamous Scarlet who has got our king all flustered.“, Elijah smirked.

“That’s me.“, I chuckled nervously.

Charlotte hugged me and taking my hands in hers she gushed,

“You are so pretty! I am so glad Ros found you, now hopefully he’ll stop sulking around. ”

“Thank you, Charlotte. It’s nice to meet you both.“, I said with a genuine smile on my face.

She dropped my hands and returned to her place beside her mate.

“Why don’t you both head up, I’ll tell Cathy to bring your dinner up. You both must be tired.“, Elijah suggested.

“That would be lovely.“, Zaph said from beside me.

He lightly kept his hand on my lower back as we left and walked up the flight of stairs. There was a large porch with piers supporting an extended shed. There were again men guarding the majestic entrance doors to the castle. They bowed their heads and opened the door for us.

The doors led to the entrance of a huge entry hall with high walls and a splendid interior mostly themed with the colours of red and gold. The floor was heavily carpeted and in the middle end of the hall was a majestic flight of steps. There was a huge chandelier in the middle of the ceiling and few others scattered symmetrically. The hall was decorated in a very ancient and medieval technique.

We went up the stairs and passed the first and second floor, both of which had large entrance doors guarded by men. We stopped on the third floor and the guards bowed their heads and opened the pushed open the doors. There was a narrow passageway whose walls were adorned with beautiful paintings and portraits.

“This is floor is completely ours. The second belongs to Elijah and the first belongs to my gamma. This hallway provides somewhat privacy because I didn’t want the guards stationed directly outside.“, He informed me while we were passing through the hallway.

I nodded my head grasping the newfound information.

There was another door at the end of the passageway but unlike the other doors this one was highly modern with a camera and a fingerprint lock.

Zaphrostine pressed his thumb on the pad and the door slid apart.

“Only I have access to this door but I will make sure to put up yours- ”

I drowned him out when my eyes widened at the.... house? I found myself standing in a very modern version of a house. This definitely not what I expected when I stood outside the door. I expected like a luxury room of some sorts but damn! This a full furnished house. I was currently standing in the hall which was luxuriously furnished with a L- shaped black leather couch, an at least 80 inch Television, a small table in front of the couch and other ornaments and showcase items decorating it. The windows were full length and transparent giving a wonderful view of the mountains.

“Its um not much. We can change it to your liking. I can call the interior decorator if you-“, He was nervously telling me when I cut him off for the second time.

“Are you kidding me! Its perfect!“, I exclaimed, walking across the room and throwing myself on the comfortable couch.

A smile broke out on his face as he stared at me.

“Would you like a tour?“, he asked before walking over to me and offering me his hand.

I nodded my head and placed my hand in his. His pulled me up towards him with a slight force and before I knew what was happening, I crashed into his chest. I pressed my free hand against his chest as his hand came around my waist to support me. My wolf purred at the sparks all across my body as I stood against him. I slowly lifted my head up to look up at him only to find him looking down at me with a dark look in his eyes. His eyes wavered over to my lips and back up at my eyes. His own tongue running across his lips, moistening them. He started leaning in closer and I stared at his lips. Just when his lips were an inch away from mine, my mind started working and I pushed myself away from him in a heartbeat.

“T-tour?“, I stuttered my mind still trying to comprehend.

He looked too stunned to speak anything but quickly composed himself and muttered in a dejected voice,

“Of course.”

The house was overall really big with two large bedrooms, a lavish kitchen, and oh goddess don’t even get me started on the huge bathrooms. The bathrooms were like separate rooms. The bathroom connected to his room even had a sauna.

Just after he finished giving me a tour, his eyes glazed over indicating that someone had mind linked him. I followed him to the main door and he opened it and there stood a middle-aged lady with a food filled trolley. Zaphrostine moved aside and the slender woman rolled the trolley inside. Her eyes found mine and she clasping her hands together she gave a squeal. With a heart warming smile across her face, she came towards me and engulfed me in a hug. Tensing for a split second, I relaxed in her motherly hold. She smelled like honey and spices and in a way reminded of my own mother.

She withdrew from the hug and keeping me at arm’s length, she brushed my hair behind my ear and said,

“My,my dearie! You truly are the reincarnation of Aphrodite herself.“, she gushed.

I blushed slightly and thanked her.

“Oh my! How cruel of me, you both must be extremely hungry. I will go set the table for you guys.”

“It’s fine Cathy, I’ll take it from here.“, He said giving her a lazy smile.

“Are you sure because- ”

“I’m sure, Cathy.”

“Alright I’ll leave you two lovebirds now. You, my dear, do not be afraid to come to me if this boy troubles you, I won’t hesitate to spank his little butt.“, She winked at me.

I chuckled at her statement as Zaph groaned.

She left soon after and Zaph rolled the trolley into the dining room.

“She seems nice.“, I stated.

“Cathy is a really pleasant person. She’s the head chef and also an annoying woman.“, He told me.

“Oh, c’mon you know you love her.“, I enthused.

“That I certainly do. She was there for me when my- “, He left the sentence hanging there and I knew it was about his parents. I didn’t push it and filled myself a plate of the aromatic and mouth watering food on the cart. He followed and we sat down, eating our food in a comfortable silence.

It was completely dark outside by the time we finished dinner and I let out a yawn.

“Would you like to retire to bed, love?“, He asked me tenderly.

I couldn’t help the small smile that slipped on my lips as I nodded my head.

I followed him as he led me to the second room.

“I figured you would want to get to know me a little before we start sharing a room. However, this is only temporary. You will shift in with me in our room after your coronation.“, He said leaving no room for argument.

I am honestly surprised. I expected him to tell me we were sharing a room but this is good. I can have privacy to formulate my plans and stuff now.

His lips curled up in a smirk as he continued, “Although I wouldn’t mind if you wanted to come with me now. I mean I sure as hell wouldn’t-”

“Good night, honey.“, I bid him in a saccharine voice and slammed the door shut.

What am I going to do with him?

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