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A young boy from an indigenous life meets a rich man's daughter early in his life.What begins as a rivalry between them ends as the best love story you will have ever read.Andy finds Aliya's love spot!

Romance / Erotica
Myk Le Mos
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Chapter 1

They had just moved into this new neighbourhood.It was deep in the city with vehicle noises and dirty air.Andy hated this new place.He missed the forests,the animals,the river water and more so his local friends back in their rural home.He had departed with his family without saying a word to his crew.They were probably worried of his absence by now.They definitely were.

It was his second week now in Nakuru,a renowned place in the country. His dad had forced there moving to get him close to the school he was yet to join.Andy was a fresh graduate from a primary school and was waiting to join highschool.He cared less of this.He had only worked hard to attain that certificate to satisfy his dad,a man who valued education that any other thing.He would die for books.Himself,he had three degrees to his name.If Andy failed a promotion,he would not take it.Andy understood this well.

"Its time dad."

He shouted.They had been waiting to start the generator to carry out some laundry.The dad and the father missed there woman.She used to do all the laundry without using the washing machine.She was the best mum to Andy and the an awesome wife to this man.She had passed on two years ago following an illness they failed to ascertain.But this is earth.

"Bring the petrol.We should be done in half an hour"

"But dad the bearings are dry..they won't fucking move"

"We gat oil?"

"Oh shit I forgot.I'll get get it

A bundle of dirty uproans and tough jeans was done with in time for Andy to get back to his room and do his routine catchup with his old memories.Being only 16,he had so much to recal already.He had personally gone through hell itself and right now he was somewhere in between it internally.As good as things seemed, he was a package of wild thoughts in the mind.He had secrets,foregone choices,and regrets stored in his head.He lay on the spring bed and rolled them over one by one staring at the ceiling.

First,was this dream he had when he was 7.An old woman blocking his way to a flower garden without saying a word.The flowers seemingly called him but the only entrance was sealed by this dirty old strange granny.Andy would cry out loud and hit her to give way but she was static.

Whatever the dream meant was a mystery he would one day solve,hopefully.After all he hated beauty and these flowers were another shoker to him.

Then there was this childhood friend of his.A fat girl who lived arround there home.His mom had employed the girl's mum as Andy's nanny.Her name was Shasha.They played too much.They were so close and open friends. They occasionally did strange things like kissing childishly.Now the kissings were what kept hitting Andy.So young were they but how would Shasha know all this things? Why the fuck did she have to troll him into this life of intimacy at so young an age? Questions for future answers.

He had some other random thoughts before someone banged his bedroom door.

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