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Just a bunch of one shots. These are gay love stories that I've wanted to write but haven't found the time to write a full story

Romance / Drama
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Dear Cain

I couldn't think if a better title. Sorry I'm a tad bit pathetic. Anyways, before you dare put yourself down sit the fuck down and read this list of things I've noticed and grown to love about you.

1. Making me smile

Holy fucking shit dude. How??? You always, and I mean always, find a way to make me smile even if it's that simple "^^" shit. You make cheering people up look so easy and I aspire to be half as good as you are at doing it.

2. Your parenty attitude

"No more caffeine" Yeah I listen. Reluctantly, but I know you're looking out for my health. Thank you for that. And making sure I get sleep or I'm eating or drinking enough water. I appreciate it. I really do. I just don't know how to voice my appreciation.

3. Your tenacity

I love it so much. Yeah it can get a bit frustrating at times but overall it makes me laugh.

4. Your thoughtfulness

I know your thoughtfulness was born out of something terrible, but I think that the shit you went through helped you in both a positive and a negative way. I love that you put people first. I do wish you were more confidentin yourself but that'll happen with time hopefully.

5. Patience.

Thank you for being patient with me because I know I'm not the the most accepting or open minded person. I can't say it enough, but I love you so so so much.

I promise I have more..... but I want to save those for when you're down in the dumps. I live you so so so so much and thank for putting up with me

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