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Summer Job

"Work with me at the beach!" Lola exclaims as we head to the quad the following Monday, "There's no better summer job. You get to go swimming on your breaks or tan on the deck, it's absolutely perfect!"

"Thanks Sylvia, have a nice day," I say as I grab my change from the lunch lady. She's this little old lady who greets every student with the kindest smile, and I adore her.

"You ladies too," she chuckles, "Lola's not wrong by the way, I think you'd have fun at any job on the beach."

I turn to Lola as she continues, "I work at the popsicle stand across from one of the little restaurants, and I'm pretty sure they're hiring. Let's go put in an application for you- I'd say now, but we stayed in last period way too long, so after school!"

"I'm not sure about this," I sigh, "I've worked at a restaurant before, but never in an area where I didn't know the people."

"But you're so good at connecting with people! You'll be great," she said, her voice getting to a louder octave than I would have ever imagined possible in a person, "And it will be so much fun!"

"You guys took so long, lunch is almost over. What will be so much fun?"

I look up to see Pete at our usual table, across from Ashley and Tyler. He's patting the seat next to him, and Lola excitedly takes the spot, ready to fill in the rest of the table.

"Sorry, we got stuck in class because of a dumb homework assignment! Anyways, Aria mentioned getting a summer job so she has some money to contribute to her university fund, and I'm saying she should come work at the beach!"

I take a seat across from Tyler, on the other side of Pete, and avoid looking at him for a minute, turning my attention to Ashley, "Do you think it's a good idea? I was leaning more towards something in the mall."

"No way, not the mall," she replies, "I don't know about the capital, but here we have beautiful summers full of sunshine and fun. There is no way I am letting you waste at least 8 hours of your wonderful life inside a building with AC blasting way too high and no cute boys."

"I didn't realize Aria was looking for any cute boys." Tyler cut in, looking at me.

"I'm not," I say, "Either way I'm leaving in less than 4 months, so it's not like I want anything more than a friendship."

Tyler takes a moment before responding, "Right." And I feel my whole body tense up, wishing I could have avoided saying that altogether.

"Anyways," Lola says, her eyes darting between Tyler and I, "As I was saying, the restaurant across from Popsicle Island is hiring and I think you should apply. Please come with me after school to at least see it!"

"Do you mean Vino Ristorante?" Pete asks.

Lola nods, "It looks cool! Very fancy honestly!"

"Well if you do get hired, you'll have a friendly face. Ty just got hired there as a bar-back." He replies.

"You should apply, I'll put in a good word for you," Tyler says, offering a smile.


"That's the bell, Ash and Pete have next period with me, so we'll see you guys later!" Lola says as they start running off, making eyes at me and Tyler the whole time.

"Off to the next class," I say as we start walking together. Our next classes were right beside each other.

"So are you going to apply?" Tyler asks as we enter the building.

"I don't know Ty," I sigh, "Is it such a good idea for us to be working together?"

He looks at me and sighs as well, "I... will be professional."

I laugh, "That was convincing."

"Well think about it this way, it's a job and it pays well and you'll have someone to hang out with on your breaks. Y'know, other than Lola because I know she's the first person you want to see."

"Okay, okay," I say, raising my hands, "I will go apply after school."


"It's like a tie, by the way."

"What is?"

"I want to see Lola on my breaks, but overall I like starting my days with you. You're one of the two I want to see first, everyday."

Tyler stops walking and smiles at me, "Cute. We're here, so see you after class?"

I look around and see no one else in the hallway, turning back to smile at him, "Yes you are," I say, kissing him, "See you in an hour."

"Totally unfair!" He says, a faint blush coming over his cheeks as I wave and duck into my class.

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