Fighting for More

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Chapter 14

He went up to shower and pulled on a pair of casual navy pants and a dress shirt. He bid his dad farewell, hopped in his vehicle and was on his way to the ranch.

Sammy was nervous and had no idea why. It was just Jake, for Pete’s sake. Just Jake; the only man she ever loved, the only man that she would ever love and the father of her child. The only man to ever give her goosebumps from a single touch, to make her heart stop with one kiss and make her brain go fuzzy with a look or a smile. And god did she miss that!!

She pulled on a long skirt in shades of blue that flowed around her as she walked. She did leave her hair down as she buttoned up her peasant blouse. She finished her makeup and sprayed her favorite perfume on lightly and went downstairs.

“You look so nice, Sammy! What’s going on tonight?” Lynn asked as she saw her sister-in-law and friend come down the stairs.

“Well Gracie is spending the night with Kate and Joey. So I am going out with Jake tonight to talk about Gracie. He is going to meet her tomorrow officially…” Lynn looked at Sammy with a smirk on her face.

“Sure, sounds perfectly logical. I can see why that requires a sexy, feminine outfit.”

Before she could respond they heard the front door open and Derek yell, “Did you actually buy a new car Sis?”

“Sort of…” Sammy replied as he came into the living room to kiss his wife.

“What do you mean sort of? You either did or you didn’t!” He laughed as he sat on the couch with his wife, noticing her outfit.

She mumbled something to them as she pretended to dig in her purse.

“Didn’t quite catch that Samantha!” Derek said with a raised eyebrow.

“Jake bought it for me…” She said again.

Lynn and Derek looked at each other.

“So…This means what Sammy?”

“He said to consider it back child support. We are going to dinner tonight to talk about Gracie. He is going to meet her tomorrow,” She replied simply.

Derek looked at his sister, hoping that she wasn’t setting herself up for a broken heart again. He didn’t want to pick up the pieces when Jake left, which Derek was almost certain he would. He loved the man, but this was something that Jake couldn’t handle and he was worried that they were going too fast. And then there was Gracie.

He sighed and stood up, “Just please be careful Sammy. I know you love him, but it’s not just you any more, there is Gracie too.”

“I know D, I know,” as they hugged.

“Should I plan on four people for breakfast?” Lynn asked with raised eyebrow.

“No! Good grief Lynn! I haven’t seen the man in six years! I am not easy!”

“Oh I know you aren’t, but every man isn’t Jake Doogan!”

She heard a car drive up and grabbed her coat, “Don’t wait up. I will see you in the morning!” and she went out the front door to the porch and saw him standing there.

Jake smiled and Sammy melted. She smiled back as she walked down the steps, neither of them noticing the two people watching from the windows.

“I bet you $25 that he spends the night!” he said.

“You’re on!” She said, shaking his hand.

Lynn watched as he opened the door for her, never taking their eyes off of each other. She really hoped that she lost the bet. Sammy had been lonely for a long time and she just had a feeling that Jake had matured and was ready for something more. She turned to see what her husband was going to cook for dinner. They had an empty house and she wanted to make good use of it!

“You look beautiful Sammy,” Jake said as he opened the door for her.

“Thank you, Jake. You look pretty good too.”

“Just pretty good?” He said as he raised an eyebrow at her.

“Ok, fine! You look hot! Satisfied?”

“Much better!” and they laughed.

He pulled out of the drive and out to the highway. They drove down the road, laughing and talking about memories from their past, surprised by how easy it was to be together. They pulled up to a favorite restaurant of both their families. He told her to wait and got out of the car after he parked and went over to her side and opened the door. He helped her out and closed the door.

“There is something that I have to do before we go in, okay?”

She nodded as he pulled out his phone and took a picture of them together, smiling.

“Thank you,” he said as he looked at her.

She felt her heart thumping in her chest as he looked at her with a burning in his eyes. He leaned in closer and closer to her as she stopped breathing and waited. He was within an inch when she closed her eyes and waited. Then she felt it, the electricity surge through them as Jake gently laid his lips on hers. She was melting and had missed this so much.

He couldn’t help it, he had to kiss those lips and see if they felt like he remembered. But he was wrong, it was so much better! He just meant to do a little peck, but he was instantly sucked in by her. He wrapped his arms around her and pulled her closer. She had missed being in his arms and wove her arms up around his neck and moaned as he slipped his tongue in her mouth. He almost died right there when she moaned again and knew that if they didn’t stop right then, he was not going to be able to.

He reluctantly pulled away and rested his forehead on hers, while he caught his breath. She opened her eyes slowly and looked at him.

“Wow…” she whispered.

“I totally agree…but, we should go inside and get our table before we lose it.”

She nodded as he took her hand and led her in the doors.

Jake gave his name and they were seated at a booth in the back and off to the side. The host assured Jake that his request would be honored and for them to take their time this evening. Jake thanked them as he ordered a bottle of wine for them.

“What request did you make Jake?” she asked.

“I asked that we have this booth until the restaurant closed. I want to be able to talk as long as we want. I told them that I didn’t want to be bothered, so I told them I would make it worth the server’s time with a large tip.”

She rolled her eyes at him.


“Big football superstar…”

“What’s the point of having money if you can’t use it for what you want every once and awhile?”

She smiled at him, “I never got to experience being with you as Jake Doogan, professional football star. It will take a little getting used to…”

He smiled and touched her cheek. She leaned into his hand, loving the feel of his hand on her skin. He felt his heart beating wildly in his chest, just sitting this close to her. The server brought the wine and poured them each a glass.

They thanked him as he left and Jake looked at her, “Tell me about Gracie, everything…”

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