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Fighting for More

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Chapter 18

Sammy woke up about 9 o’clock and thought it had been a dream when he wasn’t there. Her heart clenched at the thought and then looked over to see a note on the pillow where he laid. She opened it and read his sweet words.

‘Samantha, Last night was incredible and I can’t wait to repeat it many, MANY more times. I wanted you to sleep in since our daughter isn’t home and you probably don’t get to do that too much. I have some PT to do and some errands to run before I meet you two beautiful ladies. I will see you then. I love you’

She smiled as she hopped in the shower and got ready for the day humming. She felt so incredibly sexy after last night and didn’t want that to end, ever. She went downstairs to the smell of Lynn’s cinnamon rolls and ate one and poured a cup of coffee. Her brother and sister-in-law just looked at her.

“What?” She asked them.

“Not a date, huh?” Derek asked.

“Well...not really…”

“End pretty well then?” Lynn asked with a smirk.

“You bet your ass it did!” she laughed and Derek just shook his head.

They made small talk for a few minutes when Sammy spoke up.

“There is something that I would like to talk to you both about…” she started. They both motioned for her to continue and said, “I have been saving for a while and I am ready to move out. I am going to start looking for a house for me and Gracie next week. You have your own baby on the way and are going to need our space and start making this your home…”

Derek and Lynn knew it was coming sometime, and weren’t surprised.

“You know you don’t have to move, you know that right?” Lynn asked gently, “This is your home too.”

“I know, but the time is right. I need to do this for me and Gracie.”

“And how does Jake fit into all of this?” Derek asked.

“I don’t know. That is his choice. I am buying a house for me and my daughter, if he wants to be a part of it, so be it.”

He got up and kissed the top of her head and wished her luck and told her he would be busy the day she moved, so he wouldn’t be able to help. They all laughed as he went out to the barn office to do some work. Lynn and Sammy talked for a bit longer until Gracie came running in with Joey trailing behind. Sammy thanked him and he was on his way. Gracie talked nonstop about the party, the movie and the sleepover. Sammy got her changed, packed up and they headed out to the barn to find Matilda.

Matilda was Sammy’s horse since she was 16 and loved the animal dearly. She was a gray spotted pony and just as gentle as could be. Gracie loved her and the horse reciprocated back. They called her over to them and she came running. One of the older ranch hands that was around helped lift Gracie up to Sammy, got her settled on the saddle with her and opened the pen for them so they could venture out.

There was a light breeze, a bright blue sky with a few white puffy clouds on the perfect day. The grasses and bushes had new leaves on them with more buds coming. Sammy had on her favorite sunglasses and a jean jacket. Gracie mimicked her mom except she had on a purple cowboy hat. They found their favorite spot in the meadow with a large oak tree and a picnic table that Sammy and Jake had brought out years ago.

Sammy got down then pulled Gracie down. She ran around while Sammy took off the bags and let Matilda wonder around. She took the food out of the bag and set it up at the table. She called Gracie over to eat. They had a great time eating and laughing. When they finished, Sammy walked Gracie over to the blanket she had laid out on the grass.

“I want to talk to you Gracie. There are lots of things that are going to be changing soon and I just want you to ask any questions that you might have. Ok, Baby?”

“Ok Mommy. Tell me!”

“Well, I just want to make sure that you are ok with going to a new school for Kindergarten. You are so special and I think that the Stevens School will be best for you. Grampy really likes it too. So are you ok with that?”

She thought for a minute then nodded, “I think it will be fun to go to school there. Can I do more multipercation? I really like doing that!”

Sammy laughed, “Yes, Baby girl. You can do more of that and lots of other things. We will go shopping for the fancy clothes called uniforms that you will wear to school this summer. You will look so grown up!”

Gracie loved going shopping, so it was a win-win for everyone.

“What else Mommy?”

“Well, you know that Uncle Derek and Auntie Lynn are going to have a baby this summer right.”

“Oh yes! I can’t wait to have a cousin!”

“Well, Mommy has made a decision. Uncle Derek and Auntie Lynn need to get ready for the baby and do some painting and stuff. So, I have been saving a lot of money and it’s time that you and I got our own house and moved off of the ranch…”

Gracie sat a minute then her lip quivered and her eyes filled with tears, “Move away? I won’t see them anymore? I can’t go to the ranch anymore?”

“Oh no Gracie!! No, I am sorry! I mean we will still be close to the ranch and you will still see Uncle Derek and Auntie Lynn every day! We will just have a house where we just live. Does that make sense?”

Gracie wiped her eyes and hugged her mother, “I thought we were never coming back!”

“Oh no Love. We will always be close.”

“Can I help you look at houses?”

“Of course! We will look together. Can you tell me something you want in our new house?”

“I want to play outside a lot and I want a purple sparkly bedroom!”

Sammy laughed as she kissed and hugged her. Now for the big part she thought to herself.

“There is one more thing we need to talk about. Do you remember when you asked me about your Daddy?”

“Yes Mommy, you said you would talk to him and see if I could meet him. Did you talk to him?”

“I did Baby and he would really like to meet you and talk with you. Do you still want to do that?”

Gracie jumped up, “Oh YES Mommy!! When can I meet him?”

“Well, he is in town and he is going to come to the meadow in just a little bit. Is that ok?”

“I am so excited Mommy! I love you!” she yelled as she threw herself in Sammy’s arms.

Dear god please let this go ok!!


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