Fighting for More

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Chapter 19

She checked her watch and guessed that Jake would be there in about 15 minutes or so. Gracie was running around and singing songs as she waited to meet Jake. Sammy’s heart was pounding as she waited. She saw a figure coming up down the hill on horseback. She watched him as he got closer and her heart was in her throat as she noticed how sexy he was on horseback. He just had this way of carrying himself and it turned her on so much. It always had. And the way he moved in the saddle was like a slow motion porn with his hips moving provocative as the horse walked along.

She called Gracie over and had her stand by her. Gracie grabbed her hand and looked up at her.

“You ok baby girl?”

“My tummy feels funny, like there are bugs in it.”

“That’s being nervous. It’s ok to be nervous. He is a very nice man and he loves you already. I will be right here if you need me, ok?”

She nodded and looked back at the man on the horse. He rode up and got off the horse. He dropped the reins and let the horse wander.

Jake’s heart was beating extremely hard as he rode in. He had never been this nervous in his life and he had played in the damn super bowl! He took several deep breaths as he got closer. He got off and walked up to the two females by the blanket, slowly. He looked at them and smiled as he got down on his one good knee in front of Gracie.

“Hello Gracie…”

Gracie’s eyes got big, “Jake you are my Daddy? I saw you at the store!”

He laughed, “I am your Daddy. Is that ok?”

She looked at him and smiled thoughtfully, “We look alike!”

“Yes we do. We have the same dimples and eyes.”

They talked a few more minutes then she went back up to Sammy, “The bugs are gone Mommy. You don’t have to stay.”

She nodded and kissed her daughter as she got out two apples and went to the horses so they could have some time alone. She teared up a little as she walked away. She loved her daughter more than anything and never had to share her before. Plus she never thought this moment would ever happen. She looked back and saw them sitting and talking and Gracie laughing her sweet little belly laugh.

She fed the horses and hugged them as she let them have more time. She looked back periodically to make sure that everything was going well. She looked back one more time and she was sitting in his lap. Her heart tugged as she saw them together and took a picture on her phone, snapping a picture without them knowing.

She stayed with the horses until Gracie called her over. She went and sat down on the blanket with them asking how it was going. Father and daughter looked at each other and said great at the same time, and then everyone started laughing.

“I got you both something,” Jake said as he reached into pockets and pulled out the boxes.

“Oh!!! Presents!!” Gracie squealed.

He handed the first box to his daughter and she opened it, looking at the gold heart locket and necklace.

“Oooohhhh…It’s so pretty!! I look like a big girl! THANK YOU!!” and she threw herself into his arms. He teared up as he thought this was the best feeling he had ever had.

“You are so welcome Sweet Girl.”

He took it out of the box and put it on her. She hugged him again and kissed his cheek. She sat back in his lap and Sammy took another picture of them. She was going to put it in a frame for them both as a surprise.

“Mommy, you open your present now!”

He handed her the box and she opened it. She gasped as she saw the large, brilliant gem glittering in the sunlight.

“Oh Jake…it’s gorgeous! Are you sure?”

“It’s for the last six birthdays. I am very sure.”

“Thank you, I really love it. Can you help me put it on?”

He nodded as she turned and he put it over her head and fastened the clasp. She looked down and touched it. It nestled perfectly between her breasts and he noticed instantly as she turned around.

“Thank you Jake,” and she leaned in and kissed him.

“Mommy! You kissed him!” Gracie yelled as she pulled away.

“Is that ok?”

Gracie thought about it and then nodded.

“Mommy can I ask you a question?”

“Of course!”

“No over by the table!”

She stood up and walked over to the table with the young girl.

“Mommy, can I call Jake Daddy?”

“Honey, that is something you have to ask him. I don’t mind it, but you need to ask him. That is between you and Jake.”

Gracie thought about it for a minute then ran back to Jake, flopping in his lap.

“Jake, can I call you Daddy?”

Jake was shocked at first and then teared up, “I have never wanted anything more in my life. I would love it if you called me Daddy, but only if you want to…”

Gracie turned and hugged him and whispered in his ear, “Thank you Daddy.”

And he just melted right there and the tears spilled over. Sammy wiped her tears away as she saw them hug. This was something she would never forget.

The spell was broken when Gracie jumped up and asked, “Mommy! Why did you hit my Daddy the other day?!”

Sammy groaned; of course she would remember that! Damn! Jake tried very hard not to laugh and disguised it as a cough.

“Well Gracie, what I did was very wrong. I was very upset about something and I lost my temper. I apologized to your Daddy and he forgave me. It is not something that I am proud of. Do you understand that?”

She nodded and Sammy thought she would never forget this. Great! She would bring this up all the time!

Gracie told Jake about her new school and about them looking for a house.

“Can you come and look at houses with us? It will be fun!”

“If your Mommy’s wants me to come, I will.”

“It’s fine Jake. You can come, I don’t mind.”

She had no idea what would happen with their relationship, but she knew he would be around for Gracie.

“Gracie, I want to tell you about my job. I play football. Have you watched a game before?”

“Oh yes, we go to the games for the big kids and we watch it on TV too. Where do you play at?”

“I play in Texas. I got hurt in the Super Bowl and had surgery on my knee. I have been doing special exercises to get better. I just want you to know that later in the summer I have to go back to Texas and play. So while I play, I will be at my house there. I will come back as much as I can. If your Mommy says it’s ok, you can come down to my house sometimes too. Ok?”

She said she understood, but Sammy knew that it wouldn’t really sink in until the time came. The three of them played out in the meadow for the rest of the afternoon. About 4:30, Sammy had to end the fun and tell them they needed to head back to get ready for dinner and school the next day. Jake helped Sammy pack up and was shocked when Gracie asked to ride back with Jake. She would never ride with anyone but her, not even Mike or Derek.

“Are you sure, Gracie?”

“Oh yes! I want to ride with my Daddy,” she said simply.

Sammy asked if he was comfortable with it, not being on a horse in a few years. He said he was, so he got on and Sammy handed Gracie up to him. He got her settled and off they went. Sammy could tell that they were plotting something the way they were whispering to each other. They got back to the stables and the ranch hand was still around so he took care of the horses for them.

“Mommy can we get pizza for dinner?”

“Well, don’t you want to change first and then we could order some pizza here?”

“Nope, I want to go to ‘Busters’ and get pizza!”

She sighed and admitted defeat when she saw the look on Jake’s face, he was almost pleading silently for her to say yes.

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