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Chapter 21

The week went well and everyone was busy. Sammy made the plunge and did all the paperwork to get pre-approved for a loan to buy a house. She wanted to start looking on Saturday. Jake picked Gracie up from school every day and she loved showing him off. They would go different places after school to play or to dance class then back to his Dad’s house for a bit. He would bring her home for dinner and they would either go out to dinner or eat with Derek and Lynn.

Gracie insisted that Jake put her to bed every night, so Sammy would take some time for herself while they did that. Once she was asleep, Jake would come to Sammy’s room and they would talk and make love. He would go home about midnight and the next day would be a repeat. She loved it. He had changed for the better and was so involved with everything. He even took her shopping for new shoes. They also came back with four other bags of clothes and toys because “she said she had to have it Sammy!”

Jake was working four days a week with the new PT and he could really notice a difference. The PT would send a weekly report to his doctor in Texas for updates. He thought that he just might be able to go back and play again. But he still had work to do.

Saturday rolled around and the three of them were going to look at houses. Sammy had qualified for more than she thought she could, but wanted to stay with the budget she had made for herself. They looked at two small houses in the neighborhood by the elementary school first. And while they were nice, they didn’t really excite Sammy. One didn’t have a backyard as they had rocked it over and the other had a backyard the size of a postage stamp.

The realtor, Nan, was trying to decide which one to take her to text when she got a text message from her partner. Her eyes went wide and she looked at Sammy.

“Samantha, there is one that just came on the market that I think we should see next. I have a good feeling about this one!”

So Sammy agreed and they went to the new location. She was so glad that Jake was driving because when they turned down the road her jaw dropped. It was a little stone and wood cottage with a matching fence. It was adorable and she loved the outside. They got out and Nan opened the front door. It was beautiful! It had wood floors with an open floor plan. The kitchen and living room were a perfect complement to each other. There was a fireplace that Sammy loved, an island separating the kitchen and living room and a bathroom and laundry room over to the side. There were built in bookshelves on the walls for all the books and pictures Sammy had.

“- This was the guest house for the main house that is up the road. It is its own separate property, sitting on an acre of land and is totally fenced in. There is a two car garage on the side as well as the three bedrooms and two bathrooms upstairs. The owner wants to sell quickly and it is right in your price range…”

Nan continued on as Sammy walked around just touching and looking at everything. Jake was holding Gracie as they walked around too. Sammy went upstairs and looked at the first room. It was a medium sized room, with a nice light blue color with white curtains. It had potential. The next room she walked in made her stop. It was a beautiful lilac color with lace curtains and light wood trim. It matched perfectly with all of Gracie’s furniture and bedding. The size was perfect and it looked over the backyard.

She went to the master bedroom and instantly fell in love. It was bright and airy with navy walls and white accents. It was just the perfect mix of what she liked. And her bedroom set would look great in here. The master bath was great with a separate tub and glass shower and a large vanity on the other end. Sammy was in the closet when she heard Jake and Gracie upstairs. She waited a moment then heard the squeal that she knew was coming when Gracie saw the room.

Sammy came out of the closet and saw Gracie running full speed at her and jumped in her arms, “Mommy it’s’ so pretty! Please can we get it?! Please?”

“I don’t know honey. I will talk with Ms. Nan and see. Why don’t you go look in that purple room again and while I talk to your Daddy.”

She nodded and ran out. Sammy turned to Jake, “What do you think?”

“I think that this house was made for you. It has a huge backyard, a garage and a purple room. What more do you need?”

She laughed as he took her hand in his and gently squeezed it, “What do you think?”

She took a deep breath, and then slowly let it out, “I really like it. I think it’s perfect for me and Gracie and any overnight guests we may have,” she added with a smirk.

He pulled her close and kissed the top of her head, just hugging her. After a few minutes she wanted to see the backyard and took Gracie out with them. She ran around and played in the trees with Jake chasing after her. She smiled to herself as she watched them. She did love him and this scene just made it all the more evident to her that she wanted him in her life always and in every way. She wanted him in her bed, her heart, her home, everywhere.

Nan came out of the house and asked what she was thinking. Sammy told her to go for it. She wanted it and to get the paperwork started. Nan was very pleased and said that because the seller wanted out quickly, they might be able to close and move in by May 5th. Sammy was thrilled but a little nervous at the same time. Nan got on her phone and started the ball rolling.

She called her daughter over and Jake followed. Sammy told them that she made the offer and they were thrilled. Jake hugged her and said they were going out to eat to celebrate. Nan told her she would keep her posted. The three of them hopped back in the car and went off to a fun restaurant for a late lunch.

They went to the park after so Gracie could play. They sat on a bench and watched their daughter play in the sunshine and relaxed. Jake never took his hands off her the whole time; he kept a constant touch going. Sammy loved the electricity that flowed between them.

Gracie was exhausted after a little while and climbed onto Jake’s lap to rest. He leaned over and kissed her and then Sammy did too. She drifted off and He carried her back to the car. He drove them home and told Sammy that he had some things to take care of and would see her tomorrow. She kissed him and nodded as he put Gracie on the couch. He headed out to make some purchases that he wanted to make for his girls and he wanted them to be surprised.

April slipped into May and things were going so well. Jake had been there for almost a month and life was good. Sammy was closing on the house in two days and everything was packed, ready to move and the new furniture was ordered and scheduled for delivery the same day. Sammy discovered that she needed to get many new things for her house. So much of what was in the ranch house belonged there, not in her new house. Jake went shopping with her one day and found everything she liked for the kitchen, the living room and the guest room.

The inspection for the house went perfectly with no major issues. They were ready to go and so excited. Gracie was excited but Sammy could see some anxiety in her as it got closer to the moving date. She took Gracie on a ride, just the two of them so they could talk. Jake was around every day and Gracie loved the attention, but Sammy knew she needed to get her to talk and get her feelings out. She knew she was holding back.

They got on Matilda and rode off and Sammy got her to finally talk. It was a good conversation. Gracie talked about moving and having Jake around and going to kindergarten. Sammy had to remember that while she had very high intellect, she was still just five. So she called Dr. Abby and made an appointment just so she had someone to talk to. Gracie liked her and she could get Gracie to open up. It went well and Dr. Abby reminded Sammy that she could come anytime.

Sammy asked Jake to come with her to the closing. She needed the support of someone that wasn’t her brother. Jake happily agreed. It was a surreal moment and one she would never forget. Nan gave her the keys after the last piece of paper was signed and congratulated her. They went back to the ranch house and started the moving process. They arrived with the first load just as the furniture arrived. Sammy showed the movers and deliverymen where everything went and they quickly got it in and left. The things from the ranch house were coming the next day.

The next few days were a blur as Sammy got everything moved and put away. Jake had surprised them by getting a swing set and playhouse delivered and put together for Gracie. She loved it and Sammy thanked him properly that night.

The next few weeks of May were very good. Jake and Sammy’s relationship was getting really strong. They were together all the time and Gracie loved having her parents together. Mike came over several times and welcomed them to their new house. He told Sammy that he had made the deposit for Gracie. Sammy was so grateful. Life was really coming together.

One week before Gracie ‘graduated’ from pre-k, Sammy was out running errands and thinking about asking Jake to move in with them. She knew that he was going to go back to Texas soon to see his doctor and figure out what they thought about him playing. He was getting really strong and the PT was going very well. He was feeling good about it. She didn’t know what the future would bring, but she wanted him close by for now. She was excited about asking him to move in with them as she drove down the road and never saw the truck that ran the red light.

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