Fighting for More

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Chapter 25

Jake was up early and made himself a double portion of oatmeal, needing the slow burn of fuel. He packed up some more summer clothes and other things to take with him back to Colorado. He threw the bags in the car, and went back to the training facility. He pulled in and grabbed his workout bag and went in. He warmed up in the gym, and then went out to the indoor practice field when his wide receivers coach called him out.

The coaches went over what they wanted to see and started right away. They didn’t waste any time in getting him into running and intense step sequences. They really put him through the ringer to see what his knee could handle. He was panting as they gave him a specific route to run after he took a long drink of water. He nodded and took his stance, waited for the hut, took off, making his signature juke move to the outside avoiding two coaches that were pretending to be defensive players. He performed brilliantly and the coaches and trainers were thrilled with what they saw. They congratulated him after the intense workout. The GM was watching and told him to expect a good contract in the next few weeks.

Jake thanked them all, hit the showers and then went to Kevin and Ashley’s. He told them how it went and they were happy for him. He asked if they wanted to celebrate before he left with some champagne with lunch on the way to the airport. They agreed, climbed into Kevin’s truck and went to a little bistro they loved.

“Well, you boys are more than welcome to indulge, but I will stick with my ginger ale,” Ashley said.

“Are you ok? Unless you are going on shift, you never pass up an opportunity to make me buy you champagne Ash!” Jake asked.

“Oh, since your best friend knocked me up, I have to watch what I drink,” she said with an innocent look.

“What?! Seriously?!” Jake asked in disbelief.

“Yes, J, We are going to have a baby,” she said smiling at the man she considered a brother.

He jumped up and pulled her in for a hug. She teared up at his response and she hugged him back. He set her back down and hugged his best friend.

“Congratulations man! I’m so happy for you!”

They finished their lunch laughing and he was begging them to come to Colorado before training camp started in July. They said they have been talking about it and they promised they would. Ashley looked at her watch and said they better get going so he could catch his flight. He mentioned that he ran into Denise the night before and how she was trying to get him again.

“I never liked her Jake and she desperately wants you. Just promise you will be careful with her…” Ashley warned.

Jake promised he would.

They dropped him at the departure area and hugged one last time, saying he would get a time set for them to come out, as he had some plans for his girls in June. He went in with a wave and took care of his check in and security. He sat at the gate and texted Sammy, letting her know that he was on time. He was taking a cab home, since it would be close to Gracie’s bedtime he didn’t want her to be up late.

The plane ride was uneventful as he read the whole way to pass the time. He grabbed his luggage, climbed into a cab and was home by 9:30, and couldn’t wait to see his girls.

Sammy had showered as she set Gracie on her bed to watch a movie after dinner. She washed and shaved, making sure everything was soft and smooth for the welcome home she had planned for tonight. She dried her hair in its natural waves and spread on her favorite scented lotion that Jake was rather partial to. She put on the purple scrap of material that she had sent a picture to tease him with and put on her robe over it. She came out and watched the movie with her as Gracie fell asleep, not able to keep her eyes open to see her daddy come home.

Sammy carried her to her room, sad that she wasn’t going to be able to do this much longer. She was getting so big! Sammy tucked her in and closed the door behind her. She went back to her room and looked out the window. The windows were still opened and the moon out, gently bathing everything in its soft glow. She was turning around as she noticed a car turn down the driveway from the main road. She saw the telltale bright yellow of a cab and she smiled. He was finally back!

She was a little nervous, as she had never tried to seduce anyone before, but she remembered that this was Jake, her Jake and this could go no way other than amazing. She took off her robe and stood next to the bed waiting for him to come upstairs, after she lit a few candles. She heard him quickly come up the stairs. He stopped at Gracie’s room and heard the door open. She knew he would kiss her and make sure she was tucked in, and then headed to their room. She stood ready by the bed as she saw him gingerly open the door. He came in dropping his bags and looked around the room. He saw her standing next to the bed, with the candles and moonlight around her and dropped the bags.

“Welcome home Jake…” She said seductively.

He looked at her in awe and could hardly swallow.

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