Fighting for More

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Chapter 26

“You are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen!” He whispered as he crossed the room in two long strides to be in front of her.

He pulled her close to him and she could feel the hard muscles of his body against hers. He could smell the lotion and her shampoo and it was the most intoxicating combination he could ever imagine.

“Do you like my purchase?” She asked innocently.

He growled in the back of his throat as he lowered his head to her neck and started to kiss and nibble anywhere he could find. She moaned as he hit the sweet spot by where her neck and collarbone met. He moved them slowly back to the bed and lifted her up and sat her down on the mattress. She wrapped her arms around his neck to pull him closer. His lips never left her as he devoured her skin and every possible spot he could find.

She fumbled with the buttons on his shirt and finally got them undone and pushed it off his shoulders and ran her hands all over his chest. He moaned again as she touched him right where he liked on his stomach. He was so close to coming undone and as she reached down to rub the front of his shorts, he lost control. He took the scrap of lace and silk over her head, pushed her back on the bed and they made love, relishing the feeling of not being together since before her accident.

They lay together after in each other’s arms, talking.

“Can I take you away for your birthday?” he asked, kissing her neck and rubbing her arm.

“My birthday?” she asked, running her fingers along his perfectly cut abs.

“Yes, I want to take you away for the weekend. We would leave Friday morning and return Sunday night. I will ask my dad if he can take Gracie. I don’t want to ask Lynn and Derek with her due date coming up. I want to give them some time together before their baby comes…”

She moved her head up and looked at him, “You are so thoughtful. I would like that very much to go away with you. Talk to your dad and let me know. Where do you want to go? To the mountains? Like Vail?”

“Oh no, I am not telling you where we are going! I will see if Kate can take you shopping for some new things as a treat.”

“You are so sly! Ok, just let me know!” she said laughing and lay back down in her previous position.

“I also want to have Kevin and Ashley come up for a visit at the end of June. Is that ok?”

“Of course! I would like to officially meet your best friend while I am not busy punching you…” she said with an embarrassed laugh.

He pulled her tight and kissed her head, “I did deserve it though and probably a kick to the crotch as well.”

She giggled as she started kissing his chest. He sighed as she started nibbling along his chest. He started rubbing her thigh, inching closer to his desired goal.

“What about taking you and Gracie on a vacation this month too?” not stopping what he was doing

“Where did you want to go?” she asked as her breath was starting to hitch at what his was doing.

“I want it to be a surprise,” he said as his heart rate increased.

“You and your surprises, fine, just let me know the dates...” and he didn’t hear anything more as he pulled her on top of him, silencing her with his mouth.

They would finish discussing it later as they went for round two.

Jake woke to his daughter touching his hand and gently calling his name. He opened his eyes and smiled at her.

“Hi Daddy!” she whispered excitedly.

“Hi Baby girl! Are you hungry?”

“Yes! Can you make me breakfast?”

“Absolutely! You and your bear run downstairs and I will be there in a minute,” he said and she toddled out and down the stairs.

Good thing she was agreeable as both he and Sammy were naked after their reunion fun last night. He found some shorts and a t-shirt to put on from his drawer and he went down to make his daughter breakfast. They sat at the table, talking and laughing as she told him about everything she wanted to do at the fair that night.

“And can you win me a stuffed animal too? Grampy and Uncle Derek always tried to get me the big ones, but could only get me the small ones!”

“I will try Baby Girl; we will see what they have.”

She seemed satisfied with his answer and they finished breakfast, letting Sammy sleep in. Gracie wanted to watch a movie before she went to play outside. He sat with her on the couch as he called his Dad.

They talked about how his trip went and how his workout went perfectly. He asked him about watching Gracie next weekend for Sammy’s birthday. He agreed, totally happy to have her for the weekend for some spoiling. He also told him of his plan to take them both on vacation later in the month. Mike liked the way his son was adjusting to being a father and was so proud of him. They talked for a little bit longer and finalized their plans for the evening and hung up.

Sammy finally came downstairs and had breakfast, grateful for Jake letting her sleep in. He told her the plans for the night and that his dad was all on board to watch Gracie next weekend.

“So I am going to make plans ok?”

“Sounds good Babe. Just tell me when to be ready and tell Kate what to have me pack and I will go shopping.”

He kissed her as he went upstairs to change and to hang out with Gracie in the backyard. Sammy ate a quick carton of yogurt and went to change into some grubby clothes to work on her flower boxes. She plopped on her sunglasses and baseball hat and got to work.

They had an easy day until Sammy tried to get Gracie to take a nap and she was putting up quite the protest. Sammy had to lay down the law, something she didn’t have to do very often.

“Grace Marie Doogan Hills! I am not joking anymore! You either go lay down in your room or we are not going to the fair! I will call Grampy right now and tell him no!”

Gracie was crying as she went up the stairs, “You are so mean Mommy!! I don’t love you anymore!”

Sammy stopped dead at hearing that. Gracie had never said anything like that before to her and it broke her heart. She teared up a little at hearing it and sat on the couch thinking about it. She knew parenting was hard, but she had been lucky to this point with the only problem being her gifted designation. Jake heard the last part of the conversation and sat next to her, holding her in his arms. He kissed her, and told her she was doing a great job. He knew he needed to step up and went up the stairs.

He went into Gracie’s room and found her sitting on her bed holding her teddy bear. He sat on the bed next to her, and pulled her into his lap. He talked to her about hurting people’s feelings, especially her mom.

“But Daddy-“

“No, Gracie. That was not nice. Ms. April tells you about using nice words to your friends and you didn’t do that with Mommy. You made her heart hurt and that makes me sad.”

“I made you and Mommy sad?”

“Yes, Gracie, you did.”

She sat for a minute and thought about it and then looked at Jake.

“I am sorry Daddy. I won’t hurt your or Mommy’s hearts again.”

She wrapped her arms around his neck and hugged him tightly. He told her to lie down and rest so they could go tonight. Then when she got up, she needed to apologize to Mommy. Gracie agreed and lay back down. Jake kissed her and left, closing the door behind him.

He went back down and pulled Sammy in his lap, stroking her hair. She thanked him for backing her up and for being a partner with her. They sat together on the couch, dozing for a little while as the sun came through the windows. Sammy got up a little while later, letting Jake continue his nap. She sent an email to her lawyer and asked him for the paperwork to do a name change. She was going to drop Hills off of Gracie’s name as part of a Father’s Day present for Jake. It was his first one and she wanted to make it special.

Gracie came down a little while later and apologized to her mom, telling her how sorry she was. She didn’t mean to hurt her heart and she wouldn’t do it again. Sammy thanked her and told her to go get changed into some shorts for tonight. She kissed her mom and ran off. Sammy woke up Jake with a kiss and told him to get changed.

They all got changed and grabbed light sweatshirts and went off to pick up Mike. They arrived at the county fair and went off with Gracie leading the way. She did make Jake buy her a hot dog and Mike got her the ice cream. Sammy just shook her head and was dreading the teen years if these two men continued spoiling her the way they did now. Jake and Sammy walked around holding hands as Mike had Gracie on his shoulders.

They walked around some more as Gracie rode the rides. She was holding Jake’s hand at that point and trying to talk him into winning the large stuff unicorn by throwing balls at some ugly weighted figures.

Gracie turned her head and Sammy heard her yell, “Dr. Abby!! Hi!! Did you get ice cream too?”

She saw the sweet lady walking around with lemonade as she bent down to hug Gracie. The older woman looked stunning in dark ankle jeans, a pretty top, converse shoes and a sweater tied around her waist. Sammy did a double take when she saw the look on Mike’s face as he looked at the woman. Her eyebrows went high as she saw the look.

“Dr. Abby, how are you?” Sammy asked as she hugged the older woman.

“Hi Samantha, having a good time?” she asked, trying not to ogle the older gentleman.

She thought he was so incredibly handsome and sexy. She hadn’t really dated since her divorce eight years ago, but she would make an exception for this man. The dark hair, very fit physique, wide shoulders, dimples and blue eyes. Damn, she thought that is a fine looking man.

“Oh just on a sugar rush as always! Abby, let me introduce you to Mike Doogan, Gracie’s Grandfather and Jake-“

“Jake Doogan, wide receiver in the NFL. It is a pleasure to meet you both! I am not ashamed to say that you won me some money in the Super Bowl, Jake. Thank you!”

The adults laughed as they shook hands. Abby felt a current rush through her hand and into her body when she shook Mike’s hand. She could tell that he felt it too based on the look on his face. They talked for a few minutes before Gracie was done waiting on the adults and begged Jake for the unicorn.

“Please Daddy! Please! I need him!”

“Ok, Baby girl, let’s go.”

“Dr. Abby come too!”

Abby didn’t say no and walked with them.

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