Fighting for More

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Chapter 27

Abby walked with them as she observed the little family. She had to say that the men were something out of a movie, as good looking as they were. Samantha was just as beautiful and Gracie stole the show from all of them.

As they stopped at the game booth for Jake to win the unicorn, Mike came over and started a conversation with Abby. They were talking and laughing, with a look on Mike’s face that Sammy hadn’t seen in a long time. They only stopped talking when Gracie started squealing with delight as the game worker handed over the massive unicorn.

“I am glad we came in your car Jake, that wouldn’t fit in mine!” Sammy said, shaking her head.

Gracie tried to carry the four foot tall creature, but she had no luck, so Jake ended up carrying them both. They went to the music tent to sit and have a snack after all the running around. Jake and Mike went and got them some drinks and pretzels bites to munch on. The four adults talked for a bit longer until Jake took Sammy to the dirt dance floor for a slow song.

“They really do make a striking couple, don’t they?” Abby said to Mike.

“That they do. I am so glad that Jake found his way back home. The last few years were rough without him. Although I had Sammy and Gracie, it’s not the same as your own child.” Mike answered.

“I do understand. While I don’t have any grandchildren, my daughter is in California studying at Stanford Medical School. Emily is in her 3rd year,” Abby told him with pride in her voice.

They talked, not taking their eyes off of the other one. Jake and Sammy noticed.

“I think your dad might be smitten!” Sammy whispered.

“I think you are right! I am so happy that he has that look on his face. I haven’t seen that since I was a teenager and he looked at my mom that way.”

Sammy rested her head on his chest as they continued to sway to the music. At the end of the song, he kissed her and took her back to the table, but then Gracie demanded a dance with her dad and Jake went back out. After another half an hour and well past Gracie’s bedtime, they called it a day. Abby decided to leave too and walked with them to the cars. She wasn’t parked too far away and waved, telling them what a great time she had tagging along with them, as she made a turn to her car. Mike summoned some courage and called after her to get her to stop. He quickly walked over to her as she stood by her car.

“Abby, I was just wondering if you might want to get some dinner tomorrow night. I know it’s a Sunday, but we can be back early if you have patients early…”

“That would be lovely Mike. My first appointment isn’t until 10, so whatever time is good for you, I am fine with…”

He smiled and she melted at the dimples as he put her number in his phone and said he would call her tomorrow. She squeezed his hand, and then got in her car. Mike went back to his family smiling.

“You going out on a date Dad?”

“Yep, tomorrow night.”

“I am really happy for you, Mike!”

Mike just sat back and smiled, thinking about tomorrow.

The next week continued as normal. Jake took Gracie to camp, then went to go work out and train for the season at his Dad’s house. Sammy went to the ranch to work. She met up with Kate on Wednesday night to go shopping for her birthday weekend clothes. They hadn’t had a girl’s night in several weeks and they missed it. They both were just busy with life.

Sammy was a little stunned when they went to a dress shop at the mall for clothes and Kate went directly to cocktail dresses. She convinced Sammy that a very short dark green, sequined cocktail dress was needed. It showed off her toned legs and was cut to make her breasts look even better than they already did. She also convinced her to get the matching stiletto heels to go with them. She got a couple of other casual dresses, some cute skirts and matching tops.

They made a stop at the lingerie store where Sammy went nuts in her purchases. They went to lunch at their favorite pizza place and talked, just catching up. Kate was happy that Jake was back and being a part of their lives. Kate asked if they had discussed what will happen when the season starts again.

“No, I think we are just going one day at a time. I know we have to talk about it, but I don’t want to think about what will happen when he goes back to Texas. It was hard for those two and a half days, I can’t imagine for weeks at a time. But I know this is what he loves to do and I can’t leave here, so we just have to make it work. Although I have to say, the welcome home sex was INCREDIBLE! So we have that to look forward to!” Sammy said as the two best friends laughed.

Sammy made it home with all her purchases and hid them in the back of the closet. She wanted to surprise him when they got wherever they were going.

Sammy washed and put together a bag for Gracie and finished all her packing as well. Jake was at his dad’s on Thursday to work out and asked his dad how his date went.

“It was awesome! Abby is an amazing woman and I really enjoy her company. We are going out again tonight. I really like her Jake,” Mike said looking at his son, “I haven’t felt this way since your mom...Are you ok with this?”

Jake went up to his dad and looked him in the eye, “If you are happy, then I am happy. Mom would want you to find someone for you to love again. And that would love you like she did.”

They hugged as he went past to go work up a sweat in the basement. Mike came down and sat on the weight bench as he watched his son lift weights.

“So what are you and Sammy going to do when Training Camp starts? What is your plan?”

“Well, I am going to commute when I can, even if it’s for a day that I get to see them, but I am NOT giving them up again! I will make this work. I love Samantha and Gracie and they are mine. I am going to ask Sammy to marry me when we go on vacation later this month. I was going to do it this weekend, but I want Gracie there.”

“I am happy for you son, I really am.”

They worked in silence and then Mike went to work, saying he would see them when they got back on Sunday night. He would be picking Gracie up from camp tomorrow night. Jake thanked him and continued working out. He went home and showered, changed and went to the jewelers to get Sammy’s birthday present. He found the earrings exactly like he wanted and they boxed them up too.

Now, for the next part of his surprise. He worked with a great man, who had a very keen eye and found the exact engagement ring he wanted. It was a platinum band that twisted around on the side to hold the large, perfectly cut two carat marquise cut diamond. The sparkle and color were incredible! The twists on the sides of the band had diamonds channel set in it, leading up to the four prongs that held the large stone in place. He had them wrap that up and he went home to finalize his plans and finish packing. He got off the phone, very pleased with himself and went to start dinner.

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