Fighting for More

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Chapter 28

Sammy picked up Gracie and came home. Gracie went out to play and sat at the island watching the love of her life finish cooking them dinner.

“Jake, the camp director talked to me today…”

“About what? Is Gracie ok?”

“Oh she is fine, apparently, she has a gift for tennis.”

“What do you mean by a gift for tennis? You said you put her in lessons in the fall for a few months and she liked it. So she is playing at this camp too?”

“Well, she is playing and winning against older kids.”

He stopped and turned around, “Like how much older?”

“Like seven and eight years old. She hasn’t played formally before. He thinks we should get in her private lessons so she can see where the skill goes…”

Jake just stood and looked at her, shaking his head, “How did she get like this?”

“I have no idea!”

“Ok, when we get back, we will look into it and see what we can find…”

He was stunned, was there nothing that his child couldn’t do? He finished dinner and they sat around the table, listening to Gracie talk about her day. She droned on and on about tennis and how much fun she had playing today. They settled in for a movie after they went on a nice long walk outside. Sammy got Gracie bathed and ready for bed when Kevin called and said when they were coming out. They would be there two days after they got back from their family vacation. It was perfect timing. And everything was falling into place as far as Jake was concerned.

The next morning everyone was a bit of a rush. Jake took Gracie to camp while Sammy finished getting ready. He came back and felt his heart swell at the sight of her. She was wearing a simple tank dress, but in navy blue and it looked great on her, with just the necklace he had bought her as her only jewelry. He pulled her in for a kiss telling her how happy he was they were going away, alone. She agreed as she said she had a few surprises for him while they were away. He kissed her again roughly and told her what he was going to do to her later. She blushed slightly, and grabbed her purse as he led her to the waiting car.

He had already had the driver put the bags away and helped them in the back of the sleek black town car. They sat back and talked some as they drove on. Sammy was very confused when they arrived at a private air strip.

“What are we doing here Jake?”

“You’ll see! Just wait a minute,” he answered kissing the side of her head. Her eyes got wide as they pulled up to a small private jet waiting on the tarmac. The driver got out and grabbed the bags and handed them to the valet who stored them quickly. The co-pilot stood outside the steps and next to a red carpet waiting for them to enter. He greeted them with a tilt of his hat as Jake led Sammy up the steps. She was in awe of the whole experience and sat on the softest leather chair she could imagine and buckled up. The steward asked if she cared for a mimosa and breakfast. Too stunned to really comprehend, she agreed and looked at Jake.

“What did you do? I thought we were going somewhere close? A private jet, isn’t this a little much?”

“Nope and we are going somewhere reasonably close, by plane. This is not too much; I have missed how many birthdays? I wanted to spoil you Sammy. Something that I should have been doing all along! Please just sit back and let me pamper you.”

She nodded as the steward brought the drinks and food. He leaned over and kissed her as the pilot came on the intercom and said they would be leaving in 15 minutes. They nibbled on the eggs, bacon, toast and fruit they were given. The plates were taken away as they sat back with their drinks and prepared to depart. It was a smooth take off and Sammy moved the armrest up and snuggled in closer to Jake.

“So are you going to tell me where we are going?”

“Nope, I want you to be surprised.”

“How do you know I want to go to this place?”

“Because I know you, Samantha Marie, I know you.”

He started kissing her and running his hands up and down her arms.

“Jake, there is a man just over there! What are you doing?” She hissed, trying not to get too into his moves.

“Trust me, he had seen a lot worse! But why don’t we go to the bathroom and join the mile high club?”

“Airplane bathrooms are too tiny! As big as you are, we would never both fit,”

“Sammy, will you trust me? This bathroom is bigger than a regular airplane bathroom, I promise. Please… Come with me…” he said kissing her neck, making her vision go hazy.

She breathlessly agreed and he pulled her to the back of the plane and into the bathroom. It was a bigger bathroom and he picked her up and continued his assault on her neck and let his hand roam under her dress. She moaned into his ear as he found her very ready and pulled her small piece of lace she was wearing as underwear.

“Are those new?!”

“Oh I have a whole suitcase full of new things and a bunch at home too,” she managed to get out as he continued to work magic with his fingers in her heat.

“Shit!! Please Jake!” She begged him as she felt like she was going to combust.

He didn’t need to be told twice as he picked her up and set her on the vanity and plunged into her. Neither of them lasted very long as it only took some of his deep thrusts that sent them over the edge together. He rested his forehead on hers as they took a few calming breaths.

“You are the worst influence on me! God I love you!” She said giggling to him.

“So tell me about this suitcase full of new underwear…” he asked as they readjusted their clothes and went back to their seats.

“Oh you just have to wait and see what I have planned for you Mr. Doogan,” she said with a smirk.

He growled at her as he kissed her neck again and tried to look down her dress to see if the piece of lace she wore on top matched the lace below. She pushed his hands back and giggled at him.

“Behave!” She scolded him.

He pouted slightly as he pulled her into his arms as they talked some more. The steward came back and offered them some more to drink. They both opted for a diet soft drink and thanked him as he came back a few minutes later. They just enjoyed the time they had together as the flight continued.

The pilot came on and said they would be landing in about 20 minutes. Sammy was getting excited the closer they got to the airport. Jake was holding her hand and kept kissing it as he could see her excitement. He really hoped that it continued the whole week.

The flight landed, and they stood up and the pilot said they would be ready to go Sunday afternoon for the return flight. Jake nodded and led her to the door and down the steps. He walked her to the next car that was waiting for them as he pointed off to the skyline.

“Welcome to Vegas Samantha!” he whispered in her ear.

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