Fighting for More

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Chapter 29

Her jaw dropped as she saw the strip in the distance. She turned to him and jumped into his arms kissing him smartly on the mouth. He laughed as he hugged her back. They got in the car as the driver put the luggage in the trunk then drove to the strip. Sammy was looking at everything, not sure when she would be back. She had vowed to Kate never to go Vegas if she couldn’t go with Jake. This was supposed to be where they would have gotten married.

She ogled at every hotel and famous restaurant as they went. She was just shocked as the car pulled into the Bellagio Hotel. They got out meeting the elegant valet and Jake walked them to the check in desk. The woman behind the desk tried almost desperately to get Jake’s attention by flirting, but he only had eyes for Sammy. She handed him the key cards and paperwork letting her hands linger over his. Jake ignored it and gave the valet the room number and they followed him to the elevator, up to one of the amazing suites with a full view of the strip. Sammy was in awe as she entered the room and saw how huge and over the top it was. Jake gave the young man a tip and then went up behind her, wrapping his arms around her as they looked out the windows.

“Jake I can’t tell you what this means to me! This is so unnecessary and I will love every second. Thank you!!”

“You are worth this and so much more! Let me spoil you completely this weekend, please!”

She nodded as he kissed her neck again.

“What do you want to do first? We can wander the hotel, go out on the strip, get something to eat, go to the pool…What do you think?”

She thought for a moment, and then smiled at him as she walked up to him, “Make love to me.”

He leaned in and kissed her as he picked her up bridal style and carried her to the massive bedroom and made love to her. He loved her suggestion and knew that the weekend would be filled with that too. He convinced her to go with him for some lunch and then wandered on the strip for a little while. He told her that they needed to be ready for dinner at 7:30.

They stopped out front of the hotel and watched the famous fountains outside of the hotel and took pictures of them in front. They went back to the hotel about 5 to get ready for dinner. He told her to dress nicely, but not fancy. She pulled out one of the new pieces she bought with Kate. It was a soft blue colored silk halter dress with a full skirt that went to her knees. It emphasized her body perfectly and she loved the way it felt on her skin. She put her hair up in a classy high ponytail to show off her neck, shoulders and back. She came out of the bathroom and Jake was speechless for several seconds.

“Baby you look beautiful. There is no other way to describe you other than perfect. God I love you!” he declared as she went to him for a kiss.

She blushed at his words and felt a pull in her gut to him. She was so in love with him and was so attracted to him. She marveled at how handsome and sexy he was. He stood in front of her in a dark charcoal grey dress pants and matching coat with white shirt with no tie. All items impeccably cut to show off his muscular form. They kissed slowly and tenderly until they were breathless. He pulled her back, took her by the hand, leading her out to the elevator and down to the street.

They took a cab to an exclusive celebrity chef’s restaurant and had an amazing meal. Then Jake had got tickets for a show that everyone was dying to see. Sammy was surprised to be there and even more shocked that they had front row seats.

She whispered to him that it was too much and he simply replied, “Nothing is too good for you. You deserve this and so much more, Baby. I love you.”

They enjoyed the show thoroughly and decided that they would walk around the strip after. It was so beautiful all lit up and the moon was shining in the sky. They walked arm in arm in the warm night air, silent and enjoying each other’s company. They would stop every so often to kiss and shut out the noise. It was an amazing night. They stopped in front of the fountains at their hotel and watched them, mesmerized by the water. He was kissing her neck and whispering in her ear as they giggled like teenagers when they heard someone call his name.

“JAKE!! JD! What’s up man?!” a warm deep voice boomed.

They both looked up to see who was talking. A huge smile crept over Jake’s face as he recognized the voice and face.

“Smitty!! How are you?” Jake responded as he let go of Sammy to hug the large man in front of him.

Sammy saw a very large, good looking man come up and envelop Jake in a bro hug. A smaller woman was behind him and gave her a big hug when he was done.

Jake turned to Sammy and explained, “Sammy this is Smithfield Roberts, a good friend and teammate who just retired this season, and his wife, Lexi. Smitty, Lexi, this is Samantha Hills, the love of my life.”

Lexi’s eyes went wide at Jake’s introduction, but swallowed the shock as she said hello to the beautiful woman in front of her. Sammy looked at the striking couple in front of her, as well. Smitty was about 6’6’’ and built like a freight train. She was betting he was some sort of lineman when he played. He had big brown puppy dog eyes, smooth chocolate colored skin and very high cheekbones that most women would kill for.

Lexi was gorgeous too, being taller than Sammy, with flawless skin, a shade lighter than her husbands’, brown eyes with flecks of gold in them and long black hair in an intricate updo.

Sammy woke up from her observation as she heard Jake say, “Where are the kids?”

Lexi laughed, “Jake, honey, this is our anniversary. You might remember since you were in the wedding! We are away for a long weekend. We leave in the morning.”

They all laughed as Smitty asked where they were staying. Jake pointed to the hotel behind them as Smitty pointed to the hotel next to them as their location, Caesar’s Palace.

“Are you guys up for a drink or dessert? There is a great little bistro in our hotel,” Jake asked them.

They agreed and the four walked in together and found a table and ordered. They talked for several minutes until Lexi asked how they had met and if this was the reason he hadn’t been in Texas for the last several weeks.

Jake looked at Sammy with love in his eyes as he turned back to his friends, “Well, we met in high school and were high school and college sweethearts and were going to get married until I made the worst mistake of my life and ran. I will admit it and am not proud of it, but I got scared and left her when we were supposed to go and elope…”

Lexi and Smitty looked at each other and then back at him. Lexi slyly added, “IDIOT!” under her breath before he continued.

Jake chuckled, “Yes Lex, I was. I ran to New York for the draft and then to Texas where I tried to figure out what the hell my problem was, but never stopped loving her. It was finally Coach that pushed me to go back home and fix things with my Dad after my surgery. I was a coward and brought Kevin with me and tried to figure out a way to go to Sammy. Well the second day I was there, she came running into my Dad’s house with a pie from her sister-in-law, saw me for the first time in six years and promptly punched me.”

“Oh Samantha, I love you!” Smitty managed to get out through his laughing. Lexi was laughing just as hard with tears in her eyes. Sammy sat amused to see them laughing as Jake waited for them to stop.

“Done yet?” He asked with a hint of sarcasm laced in it.

They calmed down and asked him to continue.

“Yes, I deserved it and much more. I thought I had royally messed up and would never have a chance to make things right. So imagine my pleasure when Kevin and I run into her at the grocery store the next day. I talk to her for one minute and then imagine my shock when I see this,” and he takes out his phone and shows a picture of Gracie to them.

Sammy heard a sharp intake of breath from the couple sitting with them, as they saw the picture.

“Jake, you have a daughter?” Lexi asked in a whisper.

“I do. Samantha tried to tell me once before that she was pregnant, but I never returned the call. So I have a beautiful little girl now that I adore and would do anything for. AND the woman I love forgave me for being a gigantic asshole and let me back in her life. And here we are, celebrating her birthday in Vegas!”

“JD, I am just floored! I don’t know what to say…” Smitty stammered.

“Just say that you are happy for me, the rest will all fall into place.” Jake said.

Lexi reached over and squeezed his hand, “I am thrilled for you! You are great with our kids, so I can only imagine how good you are with your own. Congratulations, Daddy!”

He smiled at her and thanked her. Smitty raised his glass and made a toast to them all. As they drank, Smitty started laughing again.

“I am calling Kevin when we get home, Lex! I need to know what it was like to see the great Adonis, Jake Doogan, get punched by a beautiful woman! Does he have a video of it?”

They all laughed as they finished their desserts and wine, talking. Sammy really liked Lexi and Smitty and promised to plan a get together when she came down to visit Jake during the season. It was well after one in the morning when the four waved good-bye and continued to their rooms. Jake made short work of Sammy’s dress and they ended up naked and in bed, enjoying themselves immensely.

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