Fighting for More

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Chapter 32

Getting back in the swing of things on Monday was hard. Jake had gotten very used to making love with Sammy anytime of the day or night the short time they were gone. But having work and parenting responsibilities was making that more difficult. They had one more morning of a leisurely start and then life caught up with them.

Jake had to amp up his workouts before training camp started and Sammy had to deal with inventory and meet with suppliers before Derek took a few days off when Lynn had the baby. They both worked hard all day until about 4:00, when Jake picked up Gracie from day camp.

She squealed as she saw him and ran into his arms. His heart melted when she did that and he squeezed her so tight. She asked lots of questions about their trip and if they brought her presents back. He laughed as he listened to her ramble on the drive home.

He pulled up and started the grill to get the burgers they were going to have for dinner. Gracie ran around outside as he busied himself preparing dinner. He was cleaning some asparagus when he heard Sammy pull up. Gracie raced out to meet her mom and hugged her just as tight as she did with Jake. She peppered Sammy with the same questions as she helped Jake in the kitchen. Gracie was thrilled at the dress that they bought her while they were in Vegas.

Jake grilled the burgers and veggies as the girls set the table. They had a great night and hoped the rest of the week would go as smooth. They all turned in for an early night.

Sammy’s phone rang at 3:30, startling her and Jake awake.

“Hello?” Sammy asked groggily. She never even looked at the caller ID.

“Sammy! Lynn is in labor!! We are heading to the hospital!” Derek yelled into the Bluetooth in the truck.

Sammy’s eyes flew open as what he said registered, “That’s great! What do you want me to do?”

“Get some rest and come by in the morning. I think we have a little while yet. If anything changes I will call you,” Derek said.

Then he added, “I already texted John to let him know that I won’t be in. He and the other ranch hands know what to do.”

“Sounds good, Daddy! I will see you both soon. Love you Derek…”

“Love you too Sammy…” and then he hung up.

Sammy and Jake smiled at each other and then snuggled up together to go back to sleep.

“Sammy, do you want more kids?”

Her eyes opened again as he talked, almost in shock.

“I have always wanted a big family. I still do, so yes I want more kids. I don’t want Gracie to be an only child…” she replied then swallowed hard, afraid of what his answer would be, “What about you?”

“Yes. I missed out on so much because I was a selfish idiot, and I want to be there every step of the way for the next one,” he answered instantly.

She smiled as he kissed her head and pulled her closer as she fell back asleep, dreaming of a little boy with Jake’s dark hair.

Sammy was up and dropped Gracie off at day camp to go to the hospital and check on the new little family. Jake was going to work out until he got the ok from Sammy to get Gracie and head over to the hospital.

Jake was happy for Derek and Lynn. They were good together and he was very interested in being around a baby. He hadn’t been around too many at this point, just Smitty’s young daughter, Allie and her brother Theo. She was now two and he was six months old. He chuckled thinking about how little they were when they were born and how good they smelled; sweet like powder.

Jake was still daydreaming as he walked into his Dad’s house to work out and came to a dead stop when he saw Dr. Abby and his dad sitting at the kitchen table; Abby in his dads’ t-shirt and his dad shirtless with shorts on. They looked up in shock to see him standing there. Jake was stunned and then after a second he smirked at the sight of them.

“Sooooo... Whatcha serving for breakfast Dad?”

Mike was a little embarrassed and was starting to blush, “Oh...Um...Just some omelets…Would you like one?”

Jake loved seeing his dad like this and was trying hard not to laugh. Abby was blushing and it really did make her look more beautiful than she already was.

“That’s ok Dad. I had a protein shake on the way over. I will just get out of your way so you can continue your breakfast.”

“Jake, I-”

“Dad, it’s ok! Relax. Oh, Lynn is in labor. I will keep you posted!”

“Oh that’s Sammy’s Sister-in-law! That’s wonderful!” Abby finally finding her voice added, “How was your weekend with Sammy? Did you have a good time?”

Jake smiled and told them about the things they did and how much fun they had. Jake excused himself to get down to work and waved as he went down to the basement, laughing to himself. He turned on the stereo system loud to drown out anything that they were going to do.

As Jake walked downstairs, Abby looked at Mike and started laughing.

“Well, that was definitely a memorable way to end our first sleepover!”

“God, Abby, I am sorry! I totally forgot he was coming over to work out!”

“Mike! It’s fine, don’t worry about it. It happens. He would have found out eventually that we are seeing each other. I am not ashamed of us being together.”

“Oh I’m not either Abby. I really like having you here. Thank you for being so good about it.”

Abby got up and kissed Mike gently on the lips as she put her plate in the sink and was turning to leave the kitchen, “I am so good with it. Why don’t you help me get ready for work?”

Mike grinned as he watched her walk out and quickly followed after her to the master suite.

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