Fighting for More

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Chapter 33

Jake was running on the treadmill about an hour later when Sammy texted him and said that things were progressing well and they were getting close. He smiled as he told her he would be done soon and be up after a shower.

As he finished his workout with some weights, Jake thought about their upcoming trip to Hawaii; Jake had made some plans and signed them up for some little day trips. He was also going to put Gracie in the on-site resort daycare so that he and Sammy could go snorkeling and have an adult dinner together. But the rest of the time they were going to be together as a family. He was going to propose at the luau they were going to on the 3rd night. He wanted to marry Sammy and have more kids with her and create a real family. He wanted the fairy tale now, the magical ending. And he wanted to give everything he could to his girls. It still amazed him how the last few months had changed him for the better.

He was also pleased at how he and his dad had repaired their relationship and were just as close as they were before. He was thrilled that Mike was moving on with his life after so many years of being alone after his beloved mom died. Jake laughed again as he remembered the look on his dad’s face when he walked in the kitchen this morning.

He was pleased with how everything was working for him, and Abby was a really great woman. They looked good together. He hoped that they lasted. She was an incredible woman; smart, beautiful, funny and compassionate. She matched Mike intellectually and he really needed that.

Jake finished up about an hour later and was walking up the stairs when he got a text from his dad to call him. Jake called and laughed about how flustered Mike was with the morning situation and wanted to make sure that he was ok with him dating.

“Dad, I promise everything is ok! I am happy that you are moving on and found someone to spend time with. Mom would be happy too. She never wanted you to be alone and mourn for her. Sammy and I are both happy for you.”

“Jake, I can’t tell you how much that means to me. I really like Abby, I really care for her. I will always love your mom, but I can see this going far with Abby.”

“Dad, I know you loved Mom and always will. I like Abby and I just want you to be happy and have some fun. You’re only 50! Live a little! Have wild, passionate, sweaty sex!”

Mike laughed at that point and promised that he would. He hung up with his son and felt so much better after that talk and immediately called Abby to see if she wanted to go out tonight. She agreed and invited him over for dinner. Both went about their day with smiles on their faces.

Jake arrived at the hospital an hour later showered, with flowers to see what was going on. Sammy was outside pacing the floor. She jumped in his arms when he got to her as he kissed her full on the mouth.

“How’s it going?”

“Anytime, she is pushing now. Her mom is in with them…”

They waited outside the door, hearing the murmuring and movements from inside the room. After a few minutes, there was a shout and a baby cry. Sammy stopped and looked at Jake, smiling. He pulled her in for a kiss and a hug as they heard the cries continue. Derek came out of the door a few minutes later, giddy. He was beaming and walking on clouds.

Pulling them both in for a big hug he said, “He is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen! He has brown hair like me! He weighed in at 7 pounds 4 ounces and is 20 inches long! Give the doctor a few more minutes, and then Lynn says you guys can come in!!”

And before they could say anything else, he went back in, leaving them in awe.

“I wonder if he has a name yet.” Jake asked with a small chuckle.

Sammy laughed and stepped farther into Jake’s arms as he kissed the top of her head. The doctor came out a few minutes later and said they could go in. They walked in to see Lynn holding a bundle of blankets and Derek sitting next to her on the bed. Lynn’s mom, Evelyn was taking pictures and sending them to family as she sniffled.

Sammy went up and hugged her, “Congratulations Grandma!”

“Oh Auntie Sammy, Thank you! I am so happy!! This is the most incredible feeling! Now I know what your sweet mom was talking about when Gracie was born!”

Jake smiled as he watched the two women hug, and then turned to see the new family sitting on the bed. His heart dropped as he saw the love pass between Derek and Lynn and the intimate moment that they were sharing. That’s how it should have been for Sammy and Gracie, but he was too stupid, selfish and too much of a coward to call and find out what Sammy had wanted when she left that message. He felt so much guilt and remorse because of his actions. His emotions were coursing through his veins and making him physically sick. He was so ashamed.

Sammy watched him and knew something was wrong. She saw the change in his body language and watched his face change. She touched his arm and she saw him put a brave face on and kiss her head.

Lynn looked up and saw them standing together and smiled.

“Well, Aunt Sammy, are you going to come over and hold him?”

Sammy practically ran over and sat in the chair next to the bed as Derek handed his son over to his sister.

“Well, Aunt Sammy, this is Matthew Steven Hills...Named after both of our dads…” Derek said as his voice caught a little at the end.

Jake noticed it and was sure that Derek was missing his dad so much right now. While Jake never met Matthew Hills, he heard so much about him from people in the town. He was killed in the car accident when Sammy was 12 and they didn’t get together until she was 14. From all the pictures and stories that he saw and heard, Matthew was well loved and respected by his family, friends and business partners all over.

Sammy smiled and teared up as Derek spoke, smiling as she looked at the sleeping little newborn in her arms. He looked like Derek and Derek in turn looked like their dad. She heard the love in her brother’s voice as he spoke and touched his little hands as they laid on his tummy while he slept.

She looked up and smiled at the new parents, “Congratulations, he is beautiful!”

Jake pulled a chair next to her to watch the little babe sleep in his aunt’s arms.

“He really is little, isn’t he?” Jake asked Sammy.

“He is average size, Gracie was a little bit bigger,” she responded, “Do you want to hold him?”

Jake took a deep breath and nodded his head. Sammy gently laid him in his arms and watched him as he just looked at the small creature in his arms. He was in awe of the whole situation and his feelings erupted again. Jake managed to contain it for a few more minutes and was almost relieved as the baby started fussing and rooting. Jake froze, not knowing what to do.

“I think he might be hungry. I will give him to his mommy,” Sammy said as she took the bundle from him and placed Matthew in his mother’s arms.

Thankfully, Jake’s phone rang and he saw Kevin’s face pop up. “I have to get this, I will be right back,” he stammered and went into the hallway.

No one else noticed the change in him except for Sammy. She frowned as she watched him walk out of the room, wondering what was wrong. Sammy turned her back to see the new little member of the family as Evelyn came by and sat next to her, talking.

Jake answered as he walked down the hallway. Kevin didn’t get a chance to say anything before Jake poured out his heart about how bad he was feeling not being there for Sammy and Gracie. Kevin was stunned at what his best friend was saying, the emotion pouring out of him. He had no answers and no words to help ease his pain over his past choices regarding. His heart went out to Jake as he continued to listen.

“...Jake man, you need to talk to your Dad about this. I just found out that I am going to be a father myself! I have no idea what I am doing in this either. Have you said anything to Sammy about this?”

“No, I didn’t want to spoil the moment. I just had to get out of that room. The guilt is overpowering at this point!”

“Jake, go to your dad. Talk to him and see what he says…”

Jake sighed. He knew he should go see his dad and see what he thought. He didn’t have a clue how to approach Sammy on this or if he should.

“Thanks man. I will go and see him today. Sorry Kev, what did you actually call about? Is Ash ok?”

“Yeah, she’s great! I just wanted to see how Sammy’s birthday weekend went? Smitty said he saw you guys…”

Jake chuckled a little and told him about how great the weekend was and all they did. They confirmed their plans for when they came out for a visit at the end of June then hung up.

Jake sent a text to Sammy, ‘Hey, I have a few errands to run, but will bring Gracie up after camp. I love you xx’

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