Fighting for More

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Chapter 35

Jake went and picked up Gracie early from camp and they went to the hospital. Gracie was very excited to meet her new cousin and was bouncing as they walked. She had the teddy bear that Jake let her pick out in the gift shop for the baby as they rode the elevator up. Gracie was asking a million questions along the way.

“Daddy, when can he play in the barn with me?”

“Well, not for a while yet. He is still very little…”

“What about riding Matilda? When can he ride her with me?”

“That will be quite a while too. Let’s just wait and see how little he is and then give him some time to grow a little.”

Jake thought she would argue, but thought about it for a minute, then dropped it. They knocked on the door. It opened to see Sammy standing there with a smile on her face.

“Hi Sweetie! Are you ready to see your cousin?!” Sammy asked excitedly.

“YES Mommy!” She whispered.

Jake chuckled and followed his girls into the room. Evelyn had gone home after the long day. Derek was sitting on the couch, with Lynn next to him holding Matthew. Gracie rushed over to the couch and let Derek pull her up on his lap.

“Gracie, honey, this is your cousin Matthew.”

Gracie looked at him and whispered, “oooooh…He is little!”

They all gently laughed as she leaned over as Lynn moved the baby closer to her so she could see better. Sammy got her phone ready and snapped a picture as Gracie leaned over and kissed his little head. It was so perfect. Jake sat in one of the chairs and pulled Sammy on his lap as they watched Derek move over to help Gracie hold the baby.

“Are you ok? I saw you looked upset earlier, Jake…” Sammy whispered.

He squeezed her tight and whispered back, “I’m ok. Can I talk to you later?”

She nodded and patted his hand. They stayed at the hospital and then went home giving the new family some much needed rest after the long day. Sammy promised they would be by tomorrow afternoon to visit. They all went home and with Sammy stopping off and grabbing some pizzas for them for dinner. They made a quiet night of it and Sammy went to bed early. The excitement of the day was finally catching up with her and she fell asleep as soon as she hit the pillow.

The next morning, Sammy realized that she and Jake didn’t talk and she felt bad. It sounded important and she didn’t mean to blow him off. She looked at his sleeping form and gently brushed his hair off of his face before getting up and showering. She came out to see he was awake and staring at the ceiling with one hand behind his head. He didn’t move when she came in and that concerned her. She sat on her side of the bed and touched his leg.

“Jake honey…Are you ok? I know we didn’t talk last night and I fell asleep early. Do you want to talk now?”

Still staring at the ceiling, “No it’s ok…”

“No it’s not. Tell me what’s bothering you.”

“It’s nothing. I’m going to shower,” he said, getting up.

Sammy sighed and could tell that this was going to be a problem if he didn’t talk to her. She got dressed and went down to make breakfast. She heard Gracie up and squealing as Jake was playing with her. They came downstairs with Grace thrown over his shoulder giggling and he plopped her down on a stool at the island. They ate breakfast with Jake talking animatedly to his daughter and not much to Sammy. Jake took Gracie to camp, giving Sammy a quick peck on the cheek before they left.

Sammy was hurt and tried not to tear up as she drove to the ranch to work. With Derek being out for a few days, she was going to be busy. She sat at her desk an hour later and sent Jake a text, ‘Talk to me, tell me what is bothering you…I love you’. She went back to work and was truly hurt when she hadn’t heard back from him by lunch. She didn’t know what to do and couldn’t concentrate on anything the rest of the afternoon. She called it quits when she almost ordered too much hay and sent the books in the red.

She checked with John and the other ranch hands and things were fine on that end. She drove home after calling Kate and asked if Gracie could spend the night; telling her that she needed to be at work early, not revealing that she and Jake were not speaking when she didn’t even know the reason why herself. She agreed and told Sammy that they would be by after ballet to get her stuff as it was Kate’s day to drive to the class.

Sammy arrived home and started the potato casserole that they all liked for dinner and set it to bake. Jake wasn’t home yet and she still hadn’t heard from him. Kate stopped by with the girls to pack Gracie’s bag and kissed her mom, sad that her dad wasn’t home yet. Thrilled to be going with her friend, she quickly forgot about it when Kate said that they were going to the drive thru for dinner and left.

Sammy put the salmon in the oven when the timer went off, and she pulled the light pink fish out, she called Jake and left him a voicemail when he didn’t answer, ‘Jake I’m not sure what’s going on and I haven’t heard from you all day. Please call me back and tell me what’s wrong, I love you…’

She hung up and ate by herself. She cleaned up and put the leftovers in the fridge and then called Mike, hoping that everything was ok after waiting for hours watching shit TV.

“Hey Sammy, How’s it going?”

“Hi Mike…I hate to bother you, but have you heard from Jake? He never made it home for dinner and I haven’t heard from him all day…”

“I haven’t talked with him today. Let me see if I can get a hold of him ok?”

“Thanks Mike…”

She hung up and turned on the TV, waiting for an answer.

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