Fighting for More

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Chapter 38

“Mommy, where is Daddy?” Gracie asked at breakfast and Sammy couldn’t put it off any longer.

“Well Sweetie, He went back to Texas. He had to take care of some things with his work,” Sammy said hoping that this would ease her mind.

“But he will be back in a few days right? Like last time?”

“Gracie, I don’t know when he will be back…”

Gracie’s lip trembled as she looked at her mother, “But he didn’t give me a hug or kiss before he left!!”

Sammy picked her up and cradled her as the little girl cried. Sammy let her tears go too, hearing the pain in her little girl’s cries.

“I need to talk to Grampy. Can you go to his house?”

“Let me see if he is home,” and Sammy texted him.

‘Gracie is miserable and would like to see you. Are you home?’

Mike saw the text and his heart fell, ‘yes I’m home. Abby is here too’

‘Be there in 30 minutes’

“Ok, let’s get dressed and we can go see Grampy.”

The girls dressed and went over to Mike’s. Gracie wouldn’t leave his arms and clung to him in distress. Mike took her outside to talk while Abby sat at the table and held Sammy’s hand talking. Abby just listened and felt her own heart lurch at the pain in the young woman’s voice. She had already heard Mike’s version of the story and Sammy’s was much the same.

Abby suspected that Jake was getting scared and it was too much too fast for him and he didn’t know how to tell them that. He had told Mike that he was going to propose while they were in Hawaii and deep down he was terrified of the responsibility he was facing. He came out to Colorado expecting to make up with his dad and see that Sammy had moved on. The reality was that she was still in love with him but he also had a child he didn’t know about. And while he took to the day to day handling of a child ok, she was guessing the long term was too daunting.

Abby told Sammy about how guilty he was feeling after seeing Derek with Lynn after the baby was born and it had taken a toll on him. They had tried telling him that she didn’t care, that she was just glad that he was around now and he appeared to understand that.

“But I guess I read that wrong. Guilt can be a tricky emotion to deal with. I guess it is embedded deeper in him than it appeared.”

“The only problem is that it doesn’t affect just me Abby! I have a little girl to help navigate through him up and leaving! She is crushed that he didn’t hug or kiss her good-bye! How do I deal with that?”

Abby just went and hugged her and promised they would get through it together. Abby was going to come by the house and talk with Gracie and make sure she was ok. Mike came in as they were hugging, Gracie still clinging to him and talking on the phone.

“…Yes, thanks can you hold on for just a second? Gracie go see your Mommy for just a few minutes, I need to take this call. I will be back in a minute,” he said as Gracie unwound herself from him and he went into his office.

The three women went back outside and let Mike have a few minutes. He called Sammy in and told her that it was Kevin, Jake’s best friend, checking in to see how they were doing. He wanted her number to check in with her too and she said that was fine.

They stayed for a little while longer and then went home to get ready for the week. Sammy watched as Gracie played outside by herself on the swing set Jake and delivered and was sad for her daughter; She kind of moped around, not playing with any real heart or excitement.

The next week went by slowly for Sammy and Gracie. They both kind of moved through life like they were underwater. Sammy worked and Gracie went to camp. Abby came for dinner twice to talk and Mike came over two other times to just be around them. True to his word, Kevin called a couple of times to talk and see how they were holding up.

“Kevin, can I ask you a question?”


“Why? Why are you calling and checking in on us?”

He sighed, “Because I think what he did was totally shitty and that is not the man I have known for the last six years! I don’t know what happened, but this isn’t him. Smitty and Lexi say so too. We don’t know what happened, but we want to help him and you girls too. I’ve talked to Coach and he will be watching him too.”

“Is he ok?”

Kevin knew right then that this woman was extraordinary and Jake didn’t deserve her, but she desperately loved him, “Honestly, I’m not sure…We haven’t talked to him since he came back. He isn’t answering our calls or the door when we come over. My wife Ashely kicked him out of our house until he could stop being a coward and man up.”

Sammy sniffed and thanked him for the info, “You know we were supposed to leave for Hawaii tomorrow…”

“I know Sammy…We were going to come out the week after that…”

“Why don’t you still come out? You can still stay with me and Gracie; it would be nice to have visitors.”

“Are you sure?”

“Absolutely! Come and have some fun! And we could really use the distraction...”

He promised he would talk with Ashley and get back to her.

He knew it was a mistake to be with her, giving her a false sense of hope that they had a future and he was going to leave until she came out of the bedroom in nothing but a lace bra and thong. She went to the couch and straddled him on the couch and kissed him deeply, grinding on his lap. He wasn’t sure what to do and when she took his hands and directed them to her large and full tits, feeling her harden nipples begging to be touched and pinched he gave in, growling “Fuck It” as he ripped the bra off and took the nipples in his mouth.

Sex with her was always really good as Denise was very vocal and responded erotically to anything that was done to her. She was running her hand through his hair, pulling him closer to her. She could feel him growing increasingly harder under her and knew she was winning the battle he was putting up. She started talking about the things she wanted him to do to her, including claiming her ass and he all but lost it. The alcohol was clouding his memories with Sammy and that’s what he desperately needed.

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