Fighting for More

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Chapter 39

He flipped them over and ripped the now very wet lace off her body, plunging his fingers in her, making her moan loudly. She was pawing at the front of pants and rubbing his hard member.

“I need that big monster in me Jake! Come on and fuck me!”

She was moaning as he rubbed her sensitive nub. He stood up and pushed off his pants and underwear, releasing his erection. Denise grabbed him and pumped him a few times as Jake reached over to the end table by the couch, knowing there were condoms in there and rolled one on. He positioned himself at her entrance and started a brutal pace, not being easy or nice at all. It was sweaty and dirty sex or fucking. It was an outlet for him, not anything else. He was using her body to help heal and while he knew it was wrong, he just went with it. The pain was too much otherwise.

He was pounded into her relentlessly and she loved it, urging him on to be harder and faster and to give it to her. So he did. He released in the plastic and stilled as she had clawed his back after her third orgasm.

“I’ve missed you Jake…I’m so glad you are back…” She said kissing and licking his nipples as he was trying to catch his breath. He didn’t reply to her comments, but got up and threw the condom away before coming back and dressing again. She laid on the couch naked, not worried about anything and watched him.

“You don’t want to stay? You can and I will get some lube and we can play around seeing what other holes we can fill with that monster you have between your legs,” she said smirking as she grabbed and kneaded her own massive globes.

“I can’t because I have an early practice. Thanks for a fun night, Denise,” He said kissing her lips. He picked up his phone and keys that fell out of his pockets and went to the door.

“Call me ok?” He said and Denise promised she would and he had no doubt that she would the very next day.

He hailed a cab and went home. He entered his condo and saw the picture of him and Gracie in the meadow the first he met her on the shelf and sat on the couch crying, knowing he had fucked up his life like he couldn’t even fathom and had no idea how to fix any of it. He set the alarm and lay on the couch, wishing for a way out of it.

The next day after a particularly intense workout with his PT, he realized that he hadn’t checked his mail in almost a week and opened the box to find it packed and had a key for another package in the parcel boxes. He picked up everything and went up and dropped everything on the table. He separated the bills from the junk and then sat and opened the box. He was very nervous since it was post parked from Sammy’s address.

Inside was a letter, a thick envelope and a wrapped package. He opened the letter first and took a deep breath to calm down as he prepared to read what she had to say.


Gracie insisted on sending this for you for Father’s Day. She made it at camp for you. She worked really hard and is proud of what she did. I hope you can appreciate it for what it is: a five year old making something for her dad.

Inside the envelope is something I had started several weeks ago and was going to surprise you with it. This is a copy for your records and everything is recorded and finalized. Let me or my lawyer know if you have any questions.

I hope you are doing ok and your knee is healing. Gracie really misses you and asks about you all the time. I know she would love to talk to you. Maybe you could find a few minutes to call. I will just give the phone to her, you don’t have to talk to me if you don’t want to, just please don’t forget her Jake.’

He wiped his eyes and opened the thick envelope to see a petition for name change and saw that Gracie’s name had been legally changed to Grace Marie Doogan, Sammy had dropped Hills and there was a new copy of her birth certificate listing him as her father. He had no idea if she had him on before this, but felt proud to be on it now.

He opened the bubble wrapped object to see a clay sculpture of a horse inside. It was painted light brown and with a yellow mane and tail. It was one of the best things he had ever seen with its uneven and thick legs and blue eyes. He put it on the bookcase next to a picture of them together and stood back and looked at it; His very first art from his child. He was touched and no one would ever understand what it meant to him each time he looked at it.

He took out his phone and sent a text to his dad, ’Sorry I missed it, but Happy Father’s Day. I do love you Dad

He took another deep breath and pushed the button for Sammy’s number and hoped she was true to her word and would let him talk to their daughter. It rang several times and he thought he was going to have to leave a message. But just as he was preparing for the recorded message to start he heard a little voice say, “Daddy? Is that you?!”

“Hi Gracie, it is me…”

“Oh Daddy! I miss you!! Why did you leave me?”

Jake felt his stomach knot and his mouth go dry, he had to swallow several times before he could answer, “I’m sorry Gracie, I thought it would be better this way. I didn’t leave you honey, I have to work.”

“I know, but you didn’t say good-bye or hug me or kiss me! Don’t you love me anymore?”

“Gracie I will always love you. I promise! This is just something that I thought was best for everyone. Can you understand that?”

“I guess…Do you like my present?”

He thanked her and told her how much he loved it and asked about tennis, swimming and camp. She told him about baby Matthew and going out with Abby and Grampy to the zoo and other things she had been doing since he had been gone for almost two weeks. He promised he would call her and send her a surprise very soon. He told her how much he loved her and said bye, waiting on the line to see if Sammy would get on the line, but it went dead. His heart dropped knowing that she didn’t want to talk to him, but who was he kidding? He had shattered both of their hearts with not a second glance.

He put his phone down and showered before heading out to buy the surprise he promised his daughter. Just as he was leaving, his phone beeped and his dad responded with, ’Thanks. And the same to you. I love you Son’. At least it was a start.

While a new friendship was blooming, Jake was floundering. He was drinking every night and working out every day. Coach McGill had tried to reach him, but he shut him out too. His agent was negotiating a massive new contract and they were due to sign the next week. The night that he was going to propose he went out to a club and in the midst of his drinking, he ran into Denise and just gave into the loneliness that was eclipsing him and went back to her place again.

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