Fighting for More

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Chapter 43

Jake’s heart stopped as he looked at her, wondering if it’s going to be a joke and when she just looked at him with tears in her eyes he knew she wasn’t.

“You’re serious? You’re pregnant?”

“Yes, I just realized it this morning and took a test. I felt off and tired since the 4th and yesterday and today I was nauseous when I got up. That’s just how I felt with Gracie…I had to tell you this time, I felt you deserved to know. And since I know where you are, I just thought…”

Jake could see the emotion on her face and went to her and pulled her to his chest and wrapped his arms around her tightly, “Oh Sammy…A Baby!! We are having another baby!”

She felt safe in his arms and felt him kiss the top of her head, like he used to do when they were in school. It brought back so many emotions and so many memories. It made her feel loved and she desperately wanted to tell him that she wanted to be with him, but she had to make sure he was ready for this and committed to her and the kids.

She wrapped her arms around him and asked, “Are you ok with this? I mean, if you are not ready or don’t want this, you have to tell me. I can’t and I won’t allow you to do this again to me or Gracie and this baby. If you are in, you have to be 1000% in. Because if you hurt us again Jake, I will kill you. I will use my bare hands and kill you.”

He could tell that she meant every word, “I promise that I won’t hurt any of you again. I am here for all of you.”

She nodded her head and let him hold her some more, really liking the closeness and intimacy in the simple gesture. She was a little embarrassed when her stomach rumbled several minutes later.

“Hungry little momma?” He asked, chuckling a little.

“Yeah, I didn’t eat much this morning.”

“Come on little mama, let’s get you something to eat,” He said taking her hand in his, kissing it and grabbing his keys.

He took her down to the garage and got in his car.

“I am curious how you got your car back? Did you drive down here?”

“No I flew. I had a company get my car from the airport and had them bring it back down,” he admitted.

She nodded and watched him drive the streets around the downtown area, “I’ve never been here. It seems nice. Do you like it?”

“It’s a great town. The food is great; some of the clubs are good too. I wish sometimes that I was out in the open, like back at home. I feel like the big buildings can be suffocating and I can’t breathe. I would like to spread out, you know?”

“I do…” she said and squeezed his hand.

They sat in silence, not that it was uncomfortable. He pulled into a little bistro with a beautifully lit up patio. He took her in and they sat on the patio and she ordered an ice tea and Jake water.

“Sorry, I really hydrate during camp, so no alcohol. Plus Tom told me that all I’m doing is just delaying reality by drinking while trying to deal with my past and us.”

She nodded again and they talked lightly as they ordered and waited for their food. When it was set in front of her, Sammy was suddenly ravenous. She dug into the chicken pot pie and all but licked the dish when she was done. Jake smirked watching her and was happy that she was taking care of herself.

They walked through the area when they were done, he showed her around. He grabbed her hand as they walked and he felt her stiffen a little.

“Is this ok?” He asked her gently, looking at her.

She nodded and they continued to walk. Several people stopped him and asked for photos and autographs. Sammy had never experienced that before and she thought it was sweet how he took the time and really listened to the young boy who was there. He really was good with kids. She couldn’t for the life of her think why he would not think he wouldn’t be a good dad. It wasn’t a competition between him and Mike or her dad. They were their own people and had separate personalities. She hoped this Tom guy was telling him that and he was starting to believe it.

They continued on their way, holding hands and talking. Suddenly as they moved past a few coffee shops, the emotional drama of the day had caught up with her and Sammy was drained and running on fumes.

“Jake can you please drop me off at a decent hotel so I can get some sleep? I can barely put one foot in front of the other right now,” Sammy asked with a weak smile.

Jake looked at her in disbelief, “No. I’m not taking you to a hotel. You are going to stay with me.”

“What? No, you don’t have to do that. I can stay at a hotel, Jake.”

“No. The mother of my children, whom I love like no other, isn’t going to stay at a hotel when there is a perfectly good home for her to be in!”

She looked at him and saw the determination and tenderness in his eyes and not having the energy to debate further, she gave in and nodded. Jake smiled and pulled her close for a hug and kissed the top of her head.

“Can I do something Sammy?” He asked as she backed up some.

“Ok…” She answered unsure of what he was going to do.

He placed his large hands on her face and leaned in and gently kissed her. She wasn’t expecting it and the emotion behind it took her breath away, making her sway a little when he pulled away and smiled at her.

“You ok?”

“That was amazing…But you know we can’t Jake…That’s how we messed things up the first time by jumping into bed together and not dealing with our past. Jake-“

“Sammy, I know that! I’m not suggesting that we do sleep together or pressuring you into it. I just want you close by, that’s it…Ok?”

She nodded, embarrassed a little by thinking he automatically wanted sex. He smiled, took her hand, kissed it and hailed a taxi. It was a short walk back to his car, but he could tell she was drained. They got in his car and drove back in a comfortable silence. They arrived in his apartment and he got her one of his t-shirts to change into, taking her clothes and throwing them in the washer. She washed her face and used his mouthwash to clean her mouth some.

She went into the living room to see him sitting on the couch looking at his phone. He heard her footsteps and looked up smiling.

“I really don’t want you to argue with me, but I want you to sleep in my room. The bed is really comfy and I just changed the sheets this morning,” he smirked, “But I want you to take it. Ok? I want you and the baby to be comfortable, ok?”

She wasn’t shocked at his generosity; he was always doing things like that when they were together in high school and college. He always thought about her needs first and then his.

“Ok, fine, under one condition…”


“Would you hold me? Like you used to in high school?”

He smiled, “I would love to.”

He locked the door, turned off the lights and followed her into his room. He found another charger and plugged her phone in on the nightstand next to his. She climbed under the covers and lay on the pillows. She felt the bed move under his weight and the covers shift around him.

“AC ok? Not too cold?”

“It’s fine…Good night Jake.”

“I’m glad you’re here Sammy. I’m really happy about the baby, too…I love you Sammy.”

She smiled as she faced the wall and stayed silent. She felt his arm go around her and pull her to him and kissed the side of her head. She loved the feel of his arms around her, always had and fell asleep feeling safe and content for the first time in over a month. She didn’t feel so broken.

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