Fighting for More

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Chapter 44

Jake awoke to the sound of Sammy in the bathroom, throwing up. He jumped up and rushed into the bathroom to see her hanging over the toilet and retching. He came up behind her and pulled her hair back from her face and she was panting.

“JAKE! Stop… Don’t…” She started and stopped as another wave hit her.

He rubbed her back as she heaved again. He sat on the floor next to her as she leaned against the tub and wiped the tears from her face.

“I’m sorry…”

“What are you sorry about?! This happens! Lexi was a wreck with both kids, too. Was it like this with Gracie?”

“No, I was a little nauseous, but never actually threw up.”

“Well maybe this one is a boy!”

She smiled weakly, “We’ll see.”

He got her a drink of water to rinse her mouth out and helped her up, “I’ll make you some tea and toast.”

Grateful for his help, she followed him to the kitchen. He put the kettle on, put some toast in the toaster and put her clothes in the dryer. She sat at the table in the sun and looked at the skyline before her and waited for her stomach to calm down. He set the items before her and sat down across from her with some sort of shake.

“I have practice, then a meeting this afternoon, so I need to leave about 2:00…I don’t know when you have to leave for the airport.”

“I actually need to leave about 2:00 as well. My flight is at 5:30.”

“Ok, so what do you want to do today?”

“Can we just be together like we did in college? Watch crap TV and just be together?”

“Sounds perfect. Would you like a shower after you’re done?”

She nodded as she took another sip of tea, feeling the sick feeling slowly leaving her. They talked a little, both agreeing on waiting to tell Gracie about the baby.

“And thank you for the child support check. Ashley, Lynn and I took Gracie shopping for her uniforms and school supplies. We had a really great afternoon. She really looks cute in the plaid skirts.”

“She actually showed them to me when I video called her one time last week. She showed me all the stuff you bought. I’m glad you used it instead of sending it back, which I have to admit, I was very nervous that you might…”

“Gracie deserves all the best and if you sending the money helps make that happen, then so be it.”

He nodded, “I will send more next time to help you if you can’t work as much.”

They talked a little bit longer then he took her to the bathroom, allowing her to shower. He found a new toothbrush in the closet and put that on the counter for her. He went and showered in the guest bathroom quickly and went back to the living room, not wanting to waste any time with her.

She was on the couch and he brought in some water where they sat and talked. Sammy was happy to hear that Mike and Abby were coming down next weekend to see him and that their relationship was on the mend. She told him how amazing Abby was and how the two were always together. Gracie loved having a grandmother around. Kevin and Ashley were still living with her, which Gracie also loved. She had Kevin wrapped around her little finger which made Ashley giggle when she had him holding her dolls.

Jake was sad at hearing that his best friend was getting to do the things that he should have been and instead of bottling it up, he told her about it as Tom taught him to. Sammy was impressed by him speaking up and they talked through it. They talked about the future and agreed that he was going to come out for Gracie’s first day of school in three weeks, since he had a few days off. He was thrilled that she had agreed to come out for their first game, which was when they were celebrating their Super Bowl victory and the owner had a lot of things planned for the weekend.

And before Sammy knew it, Jake packed up his bag and was taking her to lunch before she left. He went to a quiet little place just down the road where he could eat before a workout and she could get something light. She paid the bill, making Jake pout and went outside.

“So you will call me when you go to the doctors and let me know how it goes?”

“Yes. I will call and make an appointment tomorrow. You’re going to call Gracie tonight right?”

“Yes, I won’t mention that you were here. But text me when you land ok?”

She nodded as her taxi pulled up to the curb and opened the door for her, “I know I asked you what you wanted with us and you said you would tell me before you left, but I don’t want you to tell me yet. Just think about it and tell me when you are ready. I love you and I always will. Bye for now Sammy.”

He kissed her softly again and helped her sit down and closed the door. He gave the driver a $100 dollar bill and told him to make sure to drive safely; the woman he loved was in the car. The young man nodded his head and stared at the large bill. He pulled away and watched them drive away. He went to his SUV and drove to the facility for another grueling day.

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