Fighting for More

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Chapter 45


The next two weeks seemed to go by rapidly for both Sammy and Jake. They talked every night after Gracie was in bed and felt more connected, like when they were in college. The only damper on the time they were apart was the concern Sammy’s doctor had with her hormone levels. They were not rising as high as they should and she was being monitored and taking some synthetic hormones to help.

Mike and Abby’s visit with Jake went very well and the three of them had a really good time together. Jake got to know Abby and thought she was perfect for his dad. And he could tell that his dad was the happiest he had been since before his mom got sick and died. He told his dad that he wanted him to be happy and if that was Abby, then he was all for it!

“Thanks Jake, that means a lot…I am falling in love with her…” He admitted as they sat on his patio late one night.

“That’s great Dad. I really like her, so see where it goes and be happy,” Jake said squeezing his father’s shoulder.

Abby and Mike were thrilled that he and Sammy were back on track and were shocked when he told them about her being pregnant. They promised to look after them both a little more, especially with the complication of the low hormone levels.

Gracie was bouncing off the walls with anticipation of Jake’s arrival. Mike and Abby took her with them to the airport to pick him up. Sammy had to get payroll out and pay the bills and she was behind, having not felt well the day before. The hormones gave her some side effects and she wasn’t thrilled with them, but it’s what she had to do for this baby she would endure it. Gracie squealed when she saw him come out of the sea of people and ran to him, throwing her little body into his arms, hugging him tightly around the neck. He loved having her in his arms and teared up as she told him how much she missed him. Mike and Abby gave them a minute, and then escorted them to the car. They stopped for lunch at Gracie’s favorite pizza place and then went home to get settled.

Ashley was waiting for them and hugged Jake seeing him for the first time in almost two months. She cried as her pregnancy hormones were rearing their heads. She was just over five months pregnant and had a sweet little bump under her shirt. Jake was in awe of seeing her like that and made him even more excited for this baby.

He put his things away in Sammy’s room, like she told him to. He smiled as Gracie came in and begged him to play outside with her and chuckling, he followed. They played outside with Mike as Abby and Ashley started dinner. Sammy finally made it back about 5:30, just as Kevin was pulling in too. They walked in together, Kevin immediately going outside, hugging his best friend.

Sammy watched at the door as the men played with the little girl who had them all wrapped around her little finger and loved every second. Jake noticed Sammy standing there watching them and walked over with a definite swagger to his hips, grinning at her. She blushed at the look in his eyes as he got closer.

“Hi Baby…I missed you,” he said as he pulled her close and kissed her gently, but with plenty of feeling behind it. She felt light headed as he pulled away, gently biting her bottom lip as he did.

“I missed you too…” She mumbled out, looking in his eyes. She could see the need and passion behind them and was instantly feeling a tug in her belly and her loins.

The moment was shattered when Gracie called for him to come back to her. Sammy stumbled back in the house and brushed off the smirks from the other two women as they finished up the potato salad. Abby took the burgers out for Mike to grill and Sammy finished up the corn on the cob. They sat down outside in the shade and ate dinner together, laughing and catching up.

Abby had made her magical triple chocolate brownies with homemade vanilla ice cream for dessert and Jake asked if he could marry her. Mike growled at him to watch it as Gracie scolded him that Abby was Grampy’s girlfriend. They all laughed at her comment and it reminded them all that while her brain was so much older, she really was a five year old.

Sammy let them play a bit longer then made Gracie take a bath as tomorrow they had a busy day at the children’s museum. She insisted that Jake be in charge of bath and bedtime and Sammy just let them go. When she was done, she hugged everyone as Mike and Abby left, kissing her goodnight. They went up and read the next chapter in the third Harry Potter book that she was now on. Kevin and Ashley went up to bed early to give them some time alone with Kevin making comments about waking the whole house. Sammy just blushed and flipped him the middle finger.

Sammy took a quick shower and was reading in bed when Jake came in and smiled at her. She watched as he took his shirt off and threw it in the chair in the corner as he talked about their daughter. He stopped as he noticed her boring holes in his body with her intense stare.

“You should take a picture Baby, it will last longer!”

Sammy blushed, “Don’t flatter yourself Doogan! You are not all that, even if you might think so!”

He smiled innocently as he walked over and sat on the bed next to her, “Yes I am and I know what I do to you…”

He took his finger and ran it down her bare arm, sending goosebumps all over her body and making her breath hitch. His smile never left his face as he leaned in and placed gentle kisses on her shoulder. She had no brain function the minute she felt his lips and could do nothing but enjoy what he was doing.

Jake could feel her submit and he knew he wanted to give her as much pleasure as he possibly could, to show her how much she meant to him. Jake repositioned himself over her on the bed and Sammy pulled him to her so she could run her hands over the smooth contours of his back, feeling the strength of his muscles ripple under her touch.

He loved the taste of her skin and couldn’t get enough of it. He was kissing and licking all over making her sigh and moan as he did, but he needed more. He sat up and helped pull the tank top style nightgown off and threw it to the floor and looked at her for permission. She pulled his face to her and kissed him deeply.

She moved to his ear and whispered, “I love you Jake, I want everything with you…”

He froze as he understood what she was saying and looked at her for confirmation, “Are you sure?”

“More than anything,” she whispered.

“I love you so much Samantha, so much,” His voice catching on the end.

“Make love to me Jake, I need you!”

He didn’t need to be asked twice and kissed her mouth then made his way down to her breasts, taking each of the nipples in his mouth sucking and nibbling each to make them hard and pebbled. Sammy was running her hands through his hair, pulling him closer and urging him on, her hormones taking over her mind. His hands started roaming lower on her body and found her warm center, already so wet and ready for him. He teased her, making her breath ramp up as he ran his fingers up and down her core, spreading the moisture all over. He unexpectedly plunged two fingers in and made her back arch at the sudden feeling and hissed out his name.

“What do you need Baby?”

“Oh god, I need you! Please Jake!”

“Please what?” He asked, keeping his hand still and licking a nipple.

“Please make me come!”

He kept his mouth latched to her nipple and started at a quick pace with his hand. He was enjoying what he was doing to her and it made him even harder, feeling her body respond to what he was doing to her. Not even a minute later he felt her start clenching his fingers, and he knew she was close.

“Come on Baby, come for me!” He urged and started rubbing her bundle of nerves with his other hand, making her feel every sensation he could manage.

Sammy felt her release hit her like a freight train and she all but screamed his name. Jake took his fingers out of her and quickly replaced them with his throbbing member in her already sopping core. He moaned feeling her warmth and tightness hug him.

“Oh Baby, you were made for me. I love you!”

“God I need you so bad Jake! Please!”

He started rocking into her, pushing himself all the way in and out, giving them both the maximum amount of pleasure. She was pulling and grabbing him to get him deeper and he could feel the need build on both of them. He laced his fingers in hers and moved them over her head to get more leverage. He was hitting perfectly in her core, deep and hard and the feeling was overwhelming for them both. He kissed her deeply as he felt his release charging ahead and hers right with him.

He was panting and Sammy’s breathing was all over the place. She shifted the tiniest bit and wrapped her legs around his waist and that simple motion sent him over the edge and he sent his release in her and the minute she felt him flex, she fell over the edge after him. He swallowed her moans with a passionate kiss and they both slowed their breathing, making Jake fall on her gently. She hugged him to her and she kissed his sweaty shoulder and chest.

“That was incredible Baby,” Jake panted, trying to get his heart to slow down.

“I agree… I know it was hard, but I am glad we waited, Jake. I feel more connected to you.”

“I know you are right. Are you ok though? This was ok for the baby?”

“Doctor said it was fine to have sex and carry on as normal. I’m totally fine,” she assured him.

He kissed her again and moved to the side and pulled her in his arms and pulled the covers over them. She snuggled in closer to his chest and whispered good night. Jake whispered it back and closed his eyes, feeling like life was falling into place.

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