Fighting for More

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Chapter 46

The next two days went by too quickly for Sammy. They went to the children’s museum, swimming and horseback riding, soaking in each available minute they had. Kevin and Ashley gave them time to be themselves and with Kevin finally having a few days off, they went to look at houses.

That night everyone came over for dinner including Lynn, Derek and baby Matthew. Jake was nervous about seeing Derek since he had left. He knew Derek would be pissed and he deserved the wrath that he was going to get. And like he assumed he would, Derek called Jake out to the trees to talk.

“I know what you are going to say Derek; I remember what you said about hurting them. I have no excuse; I know I hurt them both. And you have no idea how much I regret it and how ashamed I am of what I did. I have been talking to a therapist and know better how to handle things. I will forever be trying to make it up to them and show them as much love as I possibly can,” Jake explained as best as he could.

Derek looked at him, seeing the sincerity in his eyes as he spoke, the pain and embarrassment very evident. Derek took his hands out of his pants pocket, took a step towards Jake and without any notice, he punched him in the stomach. Jake wasn’t expecting it and doubled over, dropping to a knee. Derek stood over him and didn’t say a word, but listened to Jake cough and try to breathe through the shock.

Jake took several deep breaths and looked up at the pissed off and protective man before them and nodded, “I deserved that.”

“Yeah you do and more, but I will let the rest go for now,” Derek said and offered him his hand and helped him up, “I swear to God Jake, you won’t get a third chance. I have a lot of acreage and places I can hide your body. The only thing stopping me now is the baby you are having.”

Jake nodded his head, “I get it Derek. I know there are no words that I can say to make you believe me, I just have to show you. I love Samantha, Grace and this baby with every fiber of my being and will do anything to make their lives happy and safe.”

Derek nodded again and smacked him on the back, “As long we understand each other, now let’s go eat.”

Jake rubbed his stomach and accepted the hand that Derrick offered to help him up and walked back with him sheepishly. Kevin and Mike watched the encounter to make sure it wasn’t too intense and violent and saw them coming back with no blood coming out of either of them. Mike considered it a win.

Before Jake knew it, it was Sunday night and he had an early flight the next morning to be back for afternoon meetings before the next preseason game. Gracie was clingy and actually wanted to sleep with them tonight. Jake and Sammy had other plans on what to do with their last night together for a while.

Sammy got Gracie to agree to the plan that Jake and Gracie could be on her bed to watch a movie until she fell asleep then Jake would carry her to her bed later. She wasn’t thrilled, but accepted it. Jake put on a princess movie they snuggled in together and within half an hour, Gracie was sound asleep. Jake let her go another 15 minutes and then moved her to her room. He kissed her forehead, pulled the covers up and whispered how much he loved her. He closed the door behind him and went downstairs to find Sammy on the couch in a very skimpy piece of silk and lace reading a book.

He grinned when he saw her and was immediately hard. He sat next to her and pulled her on his lap to straddle him, capturing her mouth with his. She melted into him as he wound his hands in her hair, feeling the thick silky locks in his hands. She ground her bottom against his evident erection. Feeling like teenagers or like when they were college students, Sammy reached down and undid his button and zipper, pulling his hefty and rock hard member out of his pants. Jake’s breathing was increasing as he felt her rub him as he pushed the lace aside to knead her full breasts and played with her nipples.

“We have to be quiet Jake. Kevin and Ashley are at the top of the stairs,” Sammy reminded him in a whisper.

“Then be quiet Baby,” Jake whispered back, making her eyes roll back in her head, never stopping his touching of her body.

She couldn’t take his touching anymore and Sammy repositioned so he slid in her wet core making them both moan. He grabbed her hips and helped guide her up and down creating the friction they both so desperately needed. She rode him hard until they both fell over the ledge, gasping and moaning quietly.

“I’m gonna miss you so much Baby. It’s gonna be a long two weeks until I come back for Gracie’s first day of school.”

“I know Jake, maybe one night we try phone sex!”

“God I love you! When did you get to be so naughty?”

“I’ve told you many times before to never underestimate a redhead!”

“You’re right, I forgot-Sorry! But any time you want to have naughty thoughts, let me know! I would be more than happy to listen and help you out!”

She giggled, “So why don’t you take me back upstairs and we can do this again.”

“You don’t have to ask me twice!” he said as he picked her up and carried her back upstairs where they continued their adult fun until almost 1:00am.

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